Things I am Not Allowed to do at Hogwarts – A Sirius Black Story

By GoddessGirl


'Saturdays were always spent relaxing by the Marauders. James and Sirius normally spent there time outside sitting and talking, maybe pranking. Peter just followed them around wherever they went. I, how ever, spent my time wisely. I read during the weekends, spending most of my time in the library. Sirius didn't approve of this, however. So he decided to do something about it…'

A scream, a shout, followed by fearful cries echoed around Hogwarts. Remus Lupin hurried down the hall, taking a sharp turn and found a large group of Ravenclaws standing around the entrance of the Library. Unlike normal, the doors were tightly sealed. A piece of elegant parchment covered in flourished writing was nailed to the front of the door. Pushing past the reckless students, Remus made his way up to the door in order to get a better look at the parchment.

By Order of the Headmaster,

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's library will be closed for an indefinite time period. Those who wish to return books, please leave them on the two bookshelves provided on either side of the door. Those who wish to take out books will have to await re-opening. Late returns will still lead to normal punishments. Notices shall be sent out and posted on all house bulliten boards when the library opens once more.

Thank you for your patience,

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

Professor Minerva McGonagall

Madam Pince

Frowning Remus sighed and left the annoyed and anxious Ravenclaws, deciding to head back upstairs to his dormitory where he had his own stash of books to choose from. As Remus walked across the bridge that connected the main building to the separate towers, he spotted James and Peter lying on the ground talking and laughing. 'That's strange…' Remus thought to himself. 'Where's Sirius…'

After echoing the same password as every other Gryffindor had for the past month, Remus entered the common room and quickly climbed the stairs to the dorms. Opening the door to his dorm, Remus practically screamed. There were his book shelves – empty. Not a single book was left. His personal shelf and his shelf for school books were both bare.

Racing up to the shelf, dropping his bag on the way, he climbed on his bed and began looking for his missing books, pulling back the bed sheets and checking under the bed. Running back over to his bag, he opened it and searched through it. All of his spell books were missing too. Just when he was about to faint from worry, Remus noticed a small scrap of folded paper sitting on one of his shelves. Unfolding it, Remus read.

'Come outside,

Enjoy the sun.

Get your nose out of your books,

And have some Marauder fun.'

'SIRIUS!' Remus shouted. Grabbing his wand from his bag, Remus sprinted down the stairs out of the common room, down the hall, through the Entrance Hall, and out the main doors.

'Where the bloody hell is Black?' Remus practically shouted.

'Uh…' James and Peter exchanged glances. 'We don't er know…'


'I'm guessing you've noticed the, uh, missing, er, books…' Peter stumbled over his words.

'Tell me, where he is. Now.' Remus said in a deathly whisper.

'I am sorry Remus, but by informing you I would be breaking my promise of silence to –' Peter began, but Remus interrupted by pointing his wand at his throat. 'HE'S IN THE ROOM OF REQUIREMENT!'

Remus let out a low growl and ran back towards the main building.

'You really do cave in fast don't you wormtail.' James said shaking his head.


'SIRIUS!' Remus shouted, banging his fists against the wooden door that had appeared before him. 'OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!' Suddenly, the door swung open, causing Remus to fall over into the darkness of the unlit room. Remus stood up, squinting around the room. One by one, the torches on either side of the room burst into flames until they finally met up at the end where a throne stood. The throne was made of books, many books. School books mostly, but also some books Remus recognized as his own. And there, sitting on the throne of literature, was Sirius, a wide grin across his face.

'So, you have found me.' Sirius said, twiddling his thumbs. 'Peter ratted me out didn't he.'

'Just give me back my books, Black.' Remus said, getting into battle stance, his wand pointed directly at Sirius' head. 'And no one gets hurt.' Sirius stood up and leaned against the back of his skillfully built throne.

'Phftt. Like you'd actually hurt m –' Sirius was cut short as a jet of light zoomed past his head with such force that it knocked him over, back into the chair. 'Ok. Maybe you would, but, you wouldn't hurt – YOUR PRECIOUS BOOKS!'

'You wouldn't dare.' Remus muttered, his eyes narrowing.

'Oh yes I would.' Sirius said standing. 'Wingardium Leviousa!' The two boys watched as the books flew into the air, and began circling Sirius. Remus looked slightly panicked for a minute, but his panic turned from afraid he would damage the books to Sirius hurting the books. The books were zooming faster and faster around Sirius, and some were about to break free of Sirius' magic.

'Sirius…' Remus said warningly as Sirius cackled. 'Sirius. SIRIUS!' This wasn't a good idea. The shout made him jump, causing him to stop the spell completely. The books fell, crashing to the floor, most being thrown to the sides of the room due to the force of the magic and the speed of them moving. Remus screamed in horror as the books flew into the torches, catching on fire. Sirius yelped as burning pages fell around him.

'Aguamenti!' Remus shouted as several more pages caught on fire. A stream of water flew out of his wand onto the hissing flames, but he could not conjure enough water to really have any effect at all.

'Remus c'mon, we need to go!' Sirius shouted pulling Remus by the arm. Together, the two boys stumbled out of the room, coughing and spluttering, landing on the floor, by Professor McGonagall's feet.


'I was angry at Sirius for days, but it was pretty obvious how bad he felt.' Remus said as he finished his story. 'Sirius' pranks and jokes normally start out in a good light in his eyes and then fall into a bad one in every else. McGonagall took it easy on him. 150 lines, 'The Ravenclaws do not find it amazing at all for me to post a sign saying 'the library will be closed for an indefinite amount of time'. Remus will always read books on the weekend and by burning them I have gained nothing.''

'Wow, Sirius got in trouble a lot.' Harry said as he pulled out yet another card. 'Sirius Orion Black, disturbed Divination class, 175 lines.'