All Haruhi wanted to do was have a nice, quiet summer.

Do the housework, study for school and maybe, just maybe, take a break from a certain Host Club. I mean was it really too much to ask for? As much as she enjoyed spending time with her fellow hosts (although Haruhi would rather have teeth pulled than admit that in front of the twins or Tamaki) there was a certain amount of 'Haruhi time' needed to retain sanity. However Haruhi's plans were then discovered by the Host Club, and were soon to be uprooted.

"Haruhi-i-i-i-i-…!" whined Kaoru and Hikaru.

Haruhi inwardly flinched, seeing as they had their arms wrapped around her and were whining right into her ears. She gave a quick glance around Music Room 3 searching for a possible exit.

'Snatch the curtains, quick constrictor knot around the wall beam and dive out the window to abseil down the building…..No, too slow. Commandeer Mori-senpai and have him charge down to the school side exit… nope, he wouldn't leave Honey-senpai behind, and he's too far away for that to be an effective esc-'

Haruhi's thoughts ground to a halt as the twins tightened their hold around their toy, purring into her ears.

"Come with us! It won't be any fun if you aren't around! You're our toy, after all."


"Wahhhhh! Haru-chan, you don't want to be with us in the holidays?" asked Honey. A sweat drop appeared on Haruhi's forehead as her 18 year old senior looked up at her with big doleful eyes.

'You can't be serious.. .'

"Daughter MUST come to have bonding time with Daddy!" squealed Tamaki who was somewhere in the backdrop.

"Ok then definitely no." Haruhi answered truthfully.

Haruhi's eyes slowly shifted to Kyoya, who had been typing away on his laptop but had stopped as he felt her gaze on him. He lifted his eyes to hers and Haruhi spotted the small smirk gracing his features. He knew exactly how irritated she was becoming at the increasing pressure of coming on this trip. For Kami's sake didn't they just recently have some kind of talk on peer pressure? Mind you, in comparison to such a topic like the partaking of recreational drugs, the suggestion of going on holiday with the Host Club would seem innocent and good-natured.

Only to those who didn't know these crazy people. Haruhi felt that going on this holiday was right in the same league as signing up to making a birthday feast on the same day as there being a 50% sale at the supermarket. Involving a lot of drama, most likely some hair pulling, and sure to end in fatality. Haruhi would much rather stay home, and perhaps meet up with Kyoya.

"Your debt will be decreased by 10%" stated Kyoya.

Haruhi landed back in reality with a crash.

"40%" said Haruhi

A collective gasp was heard from the rest of the Host Club. No one ever argued with the Shadow King! And especially not over finance (not that any of the other hosts would have need to). The twins untangled themselves from their toy and, having given her a goodbye kiss on the cheek, started waving white handkerchiefs at her as they backed away with everyone else.

Kyoya slowly rose and walked to where Haruhi was standing.

A stare-off commenced as Haruhi waited with hands on hips, Kyoya making the effort to keep amusement from his expression as he stared down at the fiery brunette.

"15%" He raised it a little, making a concession to the fact that agreeing to this holiday might prove a little stress-inducing, but would not be without its benefits.

"30%" Haruhi stood firm. Kyoya KNEW how much she had wanted to stay at home this summer and there was no way she was going to settle for anything under 20%. That much she would not back down on.



By this time all of the Host Club had left the room for fear of the Shadow King's wrath.

Neither Haruhi nor Kyoya had noticed, their gazes trained on each other.

"20%" said Kyoya.

Haruhi thought for a while then nodded, pleased with her efforts. As she turned round to find no Host Club in sight she felt fingers grasp around her slender wrist and pull her back, finding herself staring up into Kyoya's entertained face.

An arm snaked round her waist as Kyoya pulled her closer and lent forward to murmur in her ear.

"Have you ever given a thought to being a negotiator for corporate mergers and acquisitions? Your stubbornness could catapult you to infamy in the board rooms."

Haruhi blushed slightly and felt a small shiver travel down her spine as this comment was quickly followed by a nibble of her ear. She could feel Kyoya smirk against her ear as he then travelled down to her neck where he started to plant small kisses. He slowly backed her up against the wall and continued to travel down from her neck to collarbone leaving a small kisses here and there.

Haruhi twined her hands in his hair and scraped her blunt nails across his scalp, delighting in the resulting shiver that passed through Kyoya's lean body at the sensation. Said man lifted his head so that their eyes were level, but he was unprepared for the passion he found there as Haruhi captured his lips with her own. She allowed her hands to travel down his back and massage his tense muscles as she rubbed her body against his.

Kyoya let out a groan before clutching Haruhi tighter against him.

Kyoya's POV

I couldn't help myself as I groaned from her confident touch.

It had taken us a while to get to this point in our relationship, both of us having been wary from the start as to how it could pan out. Oh, both of us felt the physical attraction, but it wasn't until we had been spending more time together did we realise our true compatibility with each other.

Both of us keen to have a partner who could keep up intellectually, our conversations found us turning not only to the latest news in politics and the economy, but also to more emotional subjects that we had dared not broach with others – her feelings about her mother's death, mine about the tight fist with which my father ruled over my family – her fears of not making it as a lawyer, mine of never breaking out of my older brother's shadow.

She knew my weak points, as I knew hers, and whilst before this would have been something I would shudder at the thought of, with Haruhi I felt safe. For once I felt like I could truly trust someone. Only Haruhi could provoke this from me as my calm, collected shell crumbled before her. I tightened my hold around her. I never wanted to let her go. She was mine and mine alone, and I will go to any lengths to make it stay that way.

Normal POV

Kyoya and Haruhi broke from their kiss and breathed heavily, whilst looking at each other. Both were content at what they found in each other's eyes, which was themselves. Neither doubted their love for each other, and knew they did not have to voice that love to make it clear.

Haruhi allowed a small giggle to escape her lips upon seeing Kyoya's condition.

His normally pristine hair was tousled, with his glasses askew, tie discarded and shirt opened at the top. Quite a yummy picture that she would file away for later.

"What, pray tell, do you find so funny?" asked Kyoya, watching his love laugh

"Look in the mirror."

Kyoya looked at his reflection and allowed a grin to break across his face as his eyes returned to Haruhi and travelled up and down her body.

"You might want to have a look at yourself."

Her eyes scanned herself in the mirror, amused to see that her blazer was discarded on the floor and her shirt had somehow made its way halfway off her shoulders. Not a state she would like many people to see her in.

She threw a rueful grin at herself in the mirror before turning round to her secret boyfriend.