Haruhi took a deep but shaky breath as she leaned her forehead against the kitchen cabinet for support. Her hands tightened on the counter as she tried to calm her rapid heartbeat. If she didn't her knees would surely give out on her, and everyone would find her as a shaking mess on the immaculately cleaned floor.

Risky, Haruhi, risky she scolded herself.

A moment passed.

But oh, soooo worth it.

She thought back to just moments before as she had watched Kyoya squirm in obvious discomfort from her teasing. However her attention was attracted elsewhere as Haruhi's ears picked up the subtle sound of the kitchen door opening and closing with a soft 'click', and soft soled loafers making their way across the tiled floor.

Before Haruhi could react, she felt Kyoya's arms wrap themselves around her torso and rest just beneath her breasts.

His hot breath caressed her neck and she shivered.

"Now Haruhi..." Kyoya's voice rumbled from behind her.

He spun her around quickly so that she was now facing him, her hands captured between his own large ones as he pinned them against the cupboard above their heads. Haruhi's body stretched out in front of Kyoya, struggling to somehow make an escape from what would be her inevitable punishment, yet she was held firmly in place by the power in Kyoya's muscled arms and hands.

"Since when have you been such a tease?" he asked huskily, his black onyx eyes boring into her own.


Haruhi knew she was in trouble; deep trouble.

With all the others in the room next to theirs, and a wall separating them, although she could cry out for help Haruhi doubted that any of the Host Club would dare come to help her escape, knowing that she was in the strong grasp of the Shadow King.

Stupid, cowardly, rich bastards…

Haruhi tried to search her supposedly smart brain for a way out and couldn't come up with anything other than doe eyes, or better yet, persuasion. Her large hazel eyes peeked up seductively from beneath her long dark eyelashes, trying to persuade him silently to let her go, with a promise of a reward. However, when this didn't work Haruhi merely opted for the truth. Lord knew she loved it when Kyoya was in the sexual driving seat, so having him pin her down and have his way with her was a fantasy that she had hoped they would fulfil at some point or other.

Kyoya tried to make his gulp less audible as he drank in the beauty before him.

"I guess since I have found someone worth teasing" Haruhi murmured sweetly, noticing the bulge in his pants as her eyes wandered up and down his lean muscular form, before her tongue darted out to moisten her lower lip.

Kyoya could feel his arousal rock hard in his trousers but tried to regulate his breathing. He was NOT going to lose control, especially when all those other morons were just in the next room.

Instead, he was going to tease.

Kyoya leant in and captured Haruhi's lips with his own in a slow and sensual kiss, before breaking it to move his lips moving to Haruhi's throat. He sucked gently on her neck, gently at first but then harder, using his teeth to scrape gently over the lovely column of her throat before soothing the sting with his tongue. He repeated this, creating a delicate torture that drew a small moan from Haruhi's mouth.

Kyoya revelled in that sound, that moment when Haruhi gave herself completely to him without any inhibitions.

There had been too many nights when Kyoya would awaken alone in his bed, surrounded by his silk sheets that had slipped and slided over his body giving the illusion of Haruhi's soft milky skin. His body would be as hard as a rock, that small breathy sound still echoing in his mind and bringing an ache to his heart.

Oh god, that's going to leave a mark Haruhi thought, until all thoughts fled her mind as one of Kyoya's elegant and dangerous hands wandered.

His long slender fingers trailed gently down her neck, tracing the dips and hollows of the slim body, almost as if to commit them to memory, causing a tingling sensation spread from the contact.

Kyoya's hand then dropped lower still till he grazed the underside of her left breast. Haruhi tried to angle herself to let his hand cover her fully, desperately needing some sort of contact before she went insane from his ministrations. Finally his hand palmed her breast, massaging and fondling before his thumb feathered gently over the nipple, causing bolts of lighting to go streaking through Haruhi's body. The natural host arched her back, grinding herself against Kyoya's muscled form, seeking the friction that they both needed.

Haruhi felt Kyoya gasp against her skin as his entire body trembled from the strain of trying to hold back, to prolong this delicious torture.

Then, snatches of laughter floated in from the other room.

What the hell am I thinking, everyone is next door for goodness sake! Haruhi thought, remembering where they were and just how far away the other members of the Host Club were located. Her hands twisted and turned in his iron grasp, desiring to be free however his hold was permanent, his other hand latching onto her hip to still the twisting body.

Kyoya tore himself away from the swan-like neck as he gazed into those chocolate eyes, his own smouldering with hunger.

"'Not just yet, dear one. I want to have some more fun with you first."

Haruhi kept struggling against him, trying to free her hands as a plan began to form in her mind.

Do it, just forsake your pride, beg him and get it over with! If I promise him whatever he wants then perhaps he just might see reason and we could continue this…later. In a more… private location.

Oh yeah, that would be fun!

"Haruhi" he whispered warningly.

"Please" She whined softly. The begging tone surprised him.

Haruhi leant forward so she could speak directly into his ear.

"Please Kyoya, just let me…." Haruhi trailed off coyly, leaning back to see his expression.

A mixture of lust and want took place on his handsome features, before giving way to a smirk.

"Not a chance" he chuckled quietly.

He leaned forward, as he was about to resume his former torture before the door to the kitchen swung open.

Kaoru and Hikaru stood there, mouths opening and closing as whatever words they had been about to say died in their mouths.

Salvation! In the form of the twins! That's it I am definitely paying them back somehow.

However Haruhi's eye started twitching as she imagined the compromising position they had been caught in.

"What are you guys doing?!"

"How unsanitary! That is not something to do in the kitchen!"

Both reprimands came at once from the Hiitchan boys, and Haruhi took Kyoya's brief surprise at their courage to even consider coming into the kitchen, to break free and rush to the twins' side.

She squeezed in between the two of them, protecting herself from Kyoya whose aura had started to darken dramatically as his 'teasing time' had been interrupted.

"Run!" she whispered fervently as they all looked at each other and dashed into the main room, the devil on their heels.