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Chapter 1- Itinerary set

He stood there with the trip itinerary in one hand and his girlfriend's hand in the other. He tried to suppress his yawn but failed- this did not go unnoticed by the director. "Mr. Kurosaki, do you have a problem with the way I run things in this band?"

Ichigo coughed slightly, letting go of Orihime's hand as he did so, "No, Kuchiki, I do not; its just that since we're all in high school I would like to think that we can all read the information that is printed on the sheet without having you spoon feed it to us... but I guess I'm wrong." The entire band turned back to the head director awaiting his reaction.

"Well, Mr. Kurosaki if that is the case then why don't you come up here and explain to us what this itinerary is all about." Ichigo began to walk towards the podium when he was stopped mid-stride. "Not you Mr. Kurosaki," Byakuya spat out the name with such contempt and malice Ichigo slightly flinched, "the other Kurosaki… your father." Ichigo watched with slight adoration and embarrassment as his father began to summarize the itinerary- exactly how Byakuya had done it." Once he was done, Byakuya stepped back onto the podium, "Now that that has been settled onto the chaperones. We will have 9 chaperones, 3 on each bus. I and Kurosaki will be the directors on this trip with you all. Mr. Ukitake, Mr. Aizen, Mr. Urahara, Ms. Yoruichi, my wife Hisana, Mr. Kenpachi, and Mr. Ryuken will also be accompanying us on this trip. Any questions… comments?" After a small silence, Byakuya continued, "Okay then… dismissed. Remember Thursday night 7pm we depart; bring your stuff with you when you come to school that morning."

Ichigo rushed to the back of the band hall into the infamous "tuba room" where all his friends would meet him. "Ichigo," a shout came from the left as he walked into the room. He spun Orihime around as she laughed and squealed with delight. "Oh my… I can not wait until Thursday… and we get to make our own food. That's going to be so much fun, right, Ichigo?" Ichigo nodded, aimlessly not really paying attention to Orihime's rambling but rather seeking a small girl with black hair and azure eyes.

"Looking for something?" The seductive voice startled Ichigo out of his search.

"Not anymore." He smiled knowingly and Rukia blushed slightly.

"Are you planning on getting us caught?" Ichigo's smile changed from one that oozed sex appeal to one that was replete with arrogance.

"No, but the way you were screaming and moaning last night left me to think otherwise." Rukia smirked slightly.

"I'm pretty sure it did, Mr. Kurosaki, now if you'll excuse me I have to find my boyfriend and you have to go back to your girlfriend." Ichigo nodded as the surreptitious couple parted ways.

Karakura's Institute for the Athletes and Fine Arts was buzzing about the band trip to Breckenridge, CO. The school's programs had always gone to Disneyland or New York City for some overrated bland concert and activity; but this year was different- they actually get to ski down part of the Summit! As Thursday approached, teachers grew weary at handing out big projects/assignments for they feared that half of the class would forget to do it.

"Man! I so wish I could go!" Keigo's whiny voice could be heard throughout the cafeteria.

"Let it go, Keigo. Your parents couldn't pay for the trip and Byakuya said you didn't qualify for the voucher." Rukia said in a dry monotone voice while feeding Renji simultaneously.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about!" Keigo jumped to his feet pointing an accusatory finger at Rukia, "I made State- 2nd chair okay? State! And he's telling me I can't go?" Rukia sighed and slid off Renji's lap, much to his disappointment.

"Look, no one is disputing your musical abilities- you're fucking great. I'll give you that but academically- you suck. You had a 53 in Advanced Calculus." Keigo shook his head.

"But that's an AP class! He should've been willing to overlook that one if that was the case."

Ichigo sat there staring intently at the couple, two tables away from him. How the hell can they be so damn comfortable doing that here? Matsumoto Rangiku sat on the lap of her boyfriend Ichimaru Gin. Ichigo presumed she took the role of a vacuum the way she was sucking his face off. He then watched in horror as Ichimaru pulled her tank top down exposing her pearly white bra. Ichigo shook his head, that girl has gone way too far. As if on cue, Matsumoto slid underneath the table and slurping sounds could be heard from where Ichigo was. Ichigo tried not to vomit on the table but it was hard not to especially since he kept seeing Matsumoto from when she first arrived to the Matsumoto now.

She came from a well off family: mother was a lawyer, father was a doctor. She had enrolled in Karakura about a year and a half ago and all the guys fell in the love with her. Her hourglass figure drew attention to her gigantic breasts- making her eye (and arm) candy for the upperclassmen. It was known, however, that she was not that type of girl (at first) - fending off guys who tried to grope her. Everyone assumed that she would end up with Hitsugaya- the guy that she followed and flirted with the most; but when he started dating Hinamori, nobody could guess the guy she would end up with. Enter Ichimaru Gin arrogant Trumpet section leader, he- unlike Matsumoto- did not come from an outlandish family, so he had to make up for that fact by being the best trumpet player in the state of Texas. He was not like throughout the school, because his omnipresent arrogance and his obtuse behavior.

Ichigo turned away, disgust etched on his face as Ichimaru's moans and groans became louder and louder- still not drawing the attention of his fellow classmates or teachers. "You seem upset." Ichigo dropped his head refusing to look ahead at the salacious scene ahead of him.

"It's just those two. I mean they're always doing something in the cafeteria. Don't we have a strict PDA rule?" Uryuu sat in front of Ichigo, who could not see Matsumoto rise up from under the table, her mouth glistening with Ichimaru's cum.

"Yes, we do but her parents have the entire district in their back pocket so the administrators are willing to overlook something like that." Uryuu said, pointing his thumb to the couple behind him. "But that is neither here nor there… so are you still fucking Rukia?"

Ichigo's eyes widened drastically, "shh…damnit Uryuu. I knew I should not have told you."

Uryuu shrugged, "It's not as though you had a choice- especially since I caught you mid-thrust." A slight shade of pink appeared Ichigo's cheeks: he did not discussing his relationship with Rukia- even though it was with Uryuu who was gay.

Uryuu Ishida- the brilliant saxophone player who was also the biggest player in the school. Known for his untraditional beauty and Gazelle-like stride he uses both girls and boys to his advantage. He usually used girls for favors- both sexual and platonic; and guys for money and sex. Ichigo often wondered openly how Uryuu had not caught anything. "Think about it, Kurosaki, my dad owns a hospital- I pretty much have all the medical files on all the students at this school." He said one day after rehearsal, when Ichigo confronted him about that issue.

"So are you?" Ichigo shook himself from his reverie.


"Are you still fucking Azure eyes or not?" Ichigo nodded, slightly cursing himself for allowing Uryuu to give Rukia that nickname as he did so.

"Yes, if you really must know."

Uryuu laughed slightly, "Well if that is the case tell Rukia to cut Renji loose so that I can have him. You know I have a thing for blondes and redheads." He then gestured to both Renji and Hitsugaya who were both frantically working on the Calculus homework that was due next period. Ichigo turned to the two and then back to Uryuu who had a devilish grin plastered on his face. Ichigo returned the grin and shook his head.

"I might have said yes- if it was not for that smile. I know you too well Uryuu, you've got something up your sleeve." He shouted the last few words over the bell, which signaled lunch was over. Uryuu smirked as he locked eyes with Renji who smirked back at him.

Oh Ichigo you have no idea.

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