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Chapter 9- The Ultimate Confrontation (part 1)

Yoruichi walked out into the wintry chill. A voice called out to her asking her to stop. Her legs couldn't move another inch as the bane of her existence approached her.

"Now what's the little kitty doing out here all by her little lonesome?"

She shuddered slightly, "Can it, Ishida." She attempted to sidestep him and walk away but an arm suddenly grabbed her and she was yanked back, her head connecting with the concrete wall.

"You will not walk out on me again, you got that?"

Yoruichi raised one of her finely trimmed eyebrows, "Really? I'm sorry Ishida but you're not stopping me this time." She again tried to sidestep him but this time Ryuken put his body against her, forcing Yoruichi to stand against the wall her breathing coming in shallow breaths.

"I don't think you understand me, Yoruichi Shihouin, you are not walking out on me!" He raised his hand to strike her and Yoruichi flinched back, anticipating contact but never came. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Urahara standing there with Ryuken's wrist in his hand.

"Pardon me sir but I do believe that you about to commit physical assault against this woman and I just can't walk by and allow that to occur."

Ryuken snatched his wrist from Urahara's grasp, "You," he hissed, patronizingly. He stared at Urahara for a few moments then his scowl turned into a sneer. "Urahara Kiskue." He circled Urahara, who had a questioning look on his face, around a few times. "How the mighty have fallen." He looked in between Urahara and Yoruichi, "Voted the cutest couple in high school, who knew two weeks after prom Urahara would ditch the love of his life because he was fearful of the skeletons in his closet being revealed."

Urahara glared at Ryuken, "You shut your mouth, Ishida. The reason I left has got nothing to do with her."

Yoruichi looked in between the two men, "What the hell is he talking about Urahara? What skeletons… there are no skeletons I should know about… are there?

A red tint of anger began to surface on Urahara's cheeks and neck. "…Yoruichi, I'm sorry but there are some things you don't know about me."

Yoruichi's bottom lip quivered slightly but she bit harshly to avoid showing emotion. "Well, what's so bad that you couldn't tell me?"

Urahara glanced at Ryuken for the slightest moment. Ryuken noticed Urahara's glance and put his hands up in the air as if in defeat, "Fine, fine… I'll go." He began walking back to the hotel. Once Ryuken became a small dot in the blurry snow, Urahara turned to Yoruichi.

"You remember the week before prom and how we as class officers had to help with the decorations and stuff?" Yoruichi nodded her head, her mind not figuring out why he would want her to remember that. "Okay well you know that big fight that I got in with that hotel clerk… and how I almost got suspended from all senior activities it for it?"

Yoruichi scrunched her face up in confusion and nodded her head again, "Yeah I do but Uraha-"

Urahara silenced her by mashing his lips against hers. After a shaky kiss, Urahara pulled away slightly and began mumbling against her lips. "Please Yoru, just listen to me, and don't interrupt okay?"

Yoruichi pulled away from his grasp, her eyes wide in fear, "What happened? Nothing has ever gotten you like this… what is it?"

Urahara drew a wintry breath and exhaled deeply, "You can't hold this against me Yoru… please don't hold this against me."

"What? I can't hold anything against you if I don't know what it is."

Urahara dropped his head down, avoiding her gaze for a few seconds until he showed his face again this time, his eyes were brimming with unshed tears, "I killed someone."

Yoruichi stared at him for a moment before she blinked a few times. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, the shock getting the best of her. "Who, who did you…" It was hard for her to utter that word, "kill?

Urahara sniffed deeply, the tears staining his already pale skin, "Kai… I killed Kai."

Yoruichi let out a gasp of surprise, "How could you do that Urahara? How could you have killed Ryuken's girlfriend?"

"You can not kick us out of our home, Byakuya Kuchiki!" Hisana was furious; she stood in the doorway of her shared condo with her husband and Ukitake. Byakuya stood inside the condo, hastily packing her belongings and shoving the suitcases outside of the door.

"Watch me!" The command came out as a hiss from the older gentleman.

Ukitake watched from two doors down, concern dancing in his eyes. He wanted to help Hisana, he really did, but that was not his place to step in; he had no choice but to back down.

"What do you expect me to do- apologize? I've already done enough of that." Hisana spat at her husband, malice and contempt dripping from her tongue. "You were no better than me that night: sleeping with some random whore off the street; bringing her into our home, defiling our bed… how could you live with yourself; and all the while, your wife is coming home from work- and sees that." She paused as she looked at him, tears welling in her eyes, "Put yourself in my shoes… what would you have done if you would have caught me? Laid under me and told me that you forgive me?" She scoffed as the tears began to roll down her cheeks, "That's a laugh- you would have kicked me out on the streets and don't you try and deny it!"

Byakuya turned to his wife, his eyes giving away nothing, "Hisana… I'm not kicking you out because you cheated on me- I'm kicking you because you're carrying another man's baby without telling me." He turned back around and began shoving her belongings back in there. "I mean hell… its fucking Aizen's child! I would be more forgiving if it was even Kenpachi's! You can not expect me to be forgiving when you slept with him."

Hisana was frozen mid-breath, "H-how do you know?" She attempted to step forward, but halted as Byakuya began to speak again.

"You didn't tell me… so why should it matter to you how I found out?" He spat, contemptuously.

Hisana shook with fear as her hand began to, unconsciously, rub her belly. "Aizen told you. Didn't he?"

"So what if he did…it is not as though you were going to do anything about it."

Hisana stared at her husband, "You just watch me… Byakuya Kuchiki… you just watch." She began to walk down the hall when her husband's voice called after her.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?"

"As much as you would like to see happen, you do not own me Byakuya, so please don't think that that is one of your privileges as my husband." She kept walking down the hall, out the entrance until she reached the room that was a building was away from hers. She only had to knock once.

"Come in… Hisana," Hisana pulled the door back, anger evident on her face.

"You told my husband." It wasn't a question; her anger made the would-be question a mere statement instead of an accusation.

Aizen sipped his tea with an air of arrogance around him; his eyes never glanced away from the morning news as he began to speak, "You weren't going to tell him; I thought I should be the one to tell him."

Hisana advanced on him and slapped the cup of tea of his hand; the carpet became soaked and the room began to smell of exotic Japanese herbs, "You had no right to tell…"

"Why not Hisana, you weren't going to tell him; I refuse for another man to claim a child that is rightfully mine!"

"You have no right to tell me what I can do with my child! How do you know that I'm not going to have an abortion?"

Aizen smirked, "You would have done it already; eight weeks pregnant? I'm pretty sure you would have taken care that in the first month." Aizen shook his head, "I honestly don't know who you are fooling Hisana Kuchiki—you may as well accept your fate as of now and take my hand in marriage."

Hisana scoffed in annoyance, "Is that your idea of a proposal, Aizen Sousuke; because if it is—the answer is no."

Aizen shook his head, "It is not; a simple ultimatum is being offered to you—you can either stay in the failing relationship with your husband that will obviously end in divorce or you can come stay with me, have the child, and we can live in a tolerable environment until you are on you're feet."

Hisana bit her lip in obvious concentration; her eyes never wandering from Aizen's piercing gaze, "I can not raise this child in the environment that Gin is in now."

Aizen shook his head slowly, "Gin is a senior this year; by the time you have this child, he will be long gone, so the environment is something you don't have to worry about. And if I am willing to provide you and the child with a stable environment—then you can not deny my rights once you are up on your feet."

Hisana shook her head, "I won't… I promise."

Aizen nodded again, a small smirk evident on his features, "Good… I think this can be the start of a pleasant relationship." He stuck on his hand as he spoke.

Hisana laughed, "I wouldn't go so far as to say that sir." She nodded once more as she shook his hand. Hopefully this will work out for the best.

His eyes were glazed over in rage, "Why in the hell would you tell Rukia? What the hell has gotten into you?"

Uryuu's face turned smug, "Last time I checked you did… last night to be specific as to when."

Renji's hardened gaze didn't waiver, "Uryuu, that's not funny. What the hell am I am suppose to do know? Rukia will break up with me; I won't be able to walk down the halls of Karakura with my head held high anymore."

Uryuu shook his head, his eyes darkening with sadness each passing minute, "You make it seem like being gay is going to give you the death penalty…"

"No, but I might as well commit social sucidie… I won't be able to fix this Uryuu and I need to be able to fix this—I'm dead if I don't."

Uryuu shook his head, again, his mouth twitching ever-so often. "You're overreacting Renji—social suicide? Really? I'm probably the most popular guy at Karakura and I'm gay. You'll be fine- trust me."

Renji's face became pained with denial as his worst nightmare was slowly becoming a reality, "You can't be so sure, Uryuu; Rukia will make my life a living hell because of this—I highly doubt that even you will be able to stop the rumors."

"But they won't be rumors Renji— we are actually together," Uryuu said, using hands to show the relationship between them, "Why do I get the feeling that you aren't going to stick it out, though?"

Renji's face broke: a single tear ran down his left cheek, "I'm sorry Uryuu but I can't: my life will become hectic even for me to deal with."

Uryuu nodded once, "You honestly think Rukia will take you back after this?"

Renji shrugged, "No, I don't but I can only try—she cheated on me with Ichigo; eye for an eye right?"

Uryuu shook his head, "You're being too naïve about this—you fucked another man Renji Abarai!" He paused when he saw Renji flinch at his harsh words, "Look," Uryuu's voice grew soft, "I've never felt this way about another person. I've stopped sleeping around—even though we were never in a fully committed relationship. I never tried to force you out of your relationship with Rukia—I stood by your side. Hell I'm still standing next to you."

"And yet you didn't tell me of Rukia's cheating ways: Why not? What was the point of keeping that away from me?"

Uryuu closed his eyes, his level of frustration very high as evident in his body language, "When I caught Ichigo with Rukia, he asked me not to snitch on him: there was nothing I was going to gain if I did snitch, so I decided not to. However when we got together a motive slowly became evident. I didn't decide to act on it until now because I took into consideration everyone's reaction. So," he took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes, "I made the bet with Ichigo."

Renji's eyes widened in shock and confusion, "What? What bet? What the hell are you talking about?"

Uryuu held his hand up to stop Renji's rant from going any farther, "I betted that Ichigo would have Rukia break up with you before the end of the trip, that way I could claim you as my own and Ichigo could do the same for Rukia."

Renji's hands flexed quickly as he tried to control his anger, "I'm not some piece of me that can be tossed around Uryuu Ishida, and neither is Rukia. Have you thought about what Orihime would say to this?"

Uryuu shrugged slightly, "Yeah, she's the reason I didn't go through with it when I first found out; after that song she sang tonight…" Uryuu sighed dramatically while running his hands through his hair, "Well I'm pretty sure she knew something was going on between those two— she'll be fine Renji. If she wasn't then I doubt she would have confronted him like that."

Renji just shook his head, "You can't just mess with people's emotions like that Uryuu," Renji was trying to control his anger but was having a hard time doing so, "You have to consider other people's feelings before doing something so stupid…"

Uryuu looked at Renji as if he had three heads, "How come I get the feeling that this is going beyond the bet? Don't try to reprimand me for something that you openly participated in too, Renji. Hell, the bet wasn't even that big of a deal. If Ichigo had come through with his end of the deal we wouldn't even be having this discussion." Uryuu paused as he looked at Renji, who was avoiding his gaze; Uryuu began to chuckle, although the laugh did not meet his eyes, "You want to end this, don't you?"

Renji then looked up at that request, "Look Uryuu…"

Uryuu held up his hand, "Honestly Ren—I don't care what you have to say," Uryuu blinked back tears as he gritted his teeth together, "I hope Rukia takes you back—I honestly do; if she doesn't then I don't think I could ever forgive you for fucking up a great relationship. Uryuu exhaled deeply, and walked out the shared condo with a slam of the heavy door.

Renji sighed deeply before pulling out his cell phone and typing a frantic text message. You can't take Ichigo back. He's ended up fucking both our lives over in a matter of less than four days. Call me when you get this—I need to talk to you. Renji was reluctant to push the send button, so he closed his phone instead. He walked out of the now empty condo and began walking outside looking for a particular someone.

He wanted to say something—truly he did, but the words failed to leave the tip of his tongue.

She stared up at him, her hands numb from the mind-blowing cold, "You knew about them didn't you?" He shifted his gaze towards the snow-covered ground, her question going unanswered. "Didn't you, Ichigo?" He did not look up from the ground but murmured an audible confirmation, "How long have you known?" Rukia tried to keep her anger in check, but every time she looked at him, her anger grew even more so she decided to keep her gaze past time: towards the snow-capped mountains.

"I just found out: after that night Byakuya caught you and I."

Rukia nodded, her fingers becoming even harder to squeeze as the numbness started to creep towards her arms, "Okay… what do we do now?"

Ichigo shrugged, finally looking at her, "I don't know Rukia… What can we do? Apologize?" He scoffed, "Yeah that will fix a lot of things."

Rukia bit her lip before the acidic remark came from her mouth, "Don't be so damn cynical Ichigo—hell for all we know the people in Karakura could be finding out about us via text messages."

Ichigo cocked his head, in utter confusion, "What the hell is that suppose to mean Rukia? You said that you were going to break up with Renji and me with Orihime; that way we could finally be together without the secrecy. You didn't break up with him, therefore, Uryuu ousted us."

"Don't try to blame this entire situation on me Ichigo Kurosaki… you could have broken up with Orihime before I broke up with Renji… besides why did Uryuu do that to us? I thought you and him had some sort of agreement."

Ichigo shook his head, his eyes burning in their sockets, "We didn't have some sort of agreement," he uttered the last word with a condescending tone; "Uryuu doesn't like to do business that way… he's more of a gambling man."

"Gambling? On what?" Rukia paused for a second, her mind in deep thought as an explanation for this tried to come through the surface, "What did you and Uryuu bet on? Whose lives did you end up fucking up?"

Ichigo dropped his head to his chest as an exasperated sigh ran through his lips, "Yours and Orihime's."

"What was the bet?"

"He needed a little insurance for something I wouldn't necessarily call it a bet. He wanted me to convince you to break up with Renji that way he could have him for himself."

"And if you didn't?"

"He would tell Orihime about you and me."

Rukia sighed, "But that doesn't make any sense…"

Ichigo shrugged his shoulders, "It doesn't matter… now that's over and done with we can finally be together without worry."

Rukia's eyes held uncertainty as she turned her gaze to the mountains again, "I don't know if I can do that again Ichigo."

"What do you mean 'do that again'? Do you what again? We were going to break up with Renji and Orihime and then start our relationship together, just in time for college."

"I hadn't decided on what school I was going to attend."

Ichigo shrugged, the nonchalant gleam in his eyes gone, "We applied to the same so it doesn't really matter… now does it?"

Rukia shook her head, "No, it wouldn't but I applied to a few extra schools that ended up offering me more money than the ones that we applied to together."

"Did Renji apply to those schools as well?"

"Ichigo… I don't think that—"

"Just answer the damn question Rukia—did you or did you not apply to those schools with Renji?"

Rukia bit her lip softly, before sighing, "Yeah, I did.

Ichigo nodded, a lump forming quickly in his throat, "So you weren't going to break up with anytime soon were you?"

Rukia just slowly shook her head, "No… I wasn't."

"Who's it going to be Rukia? Me or him? How long are you going to keep this up? Loving two guys? When are you going to make your decision?"

Rukia shook her head, "I don't know I still love you both. Even though you decided to jeopardize my relationship with Renji due to a fucking bet." Rukia's eyes held up a patronizing gleam as she continued to talk, "As hard as it may seem to believe I do love you… and Renji."

Ichigo shook his head as if he was trying to dispel a horrible thought from his mind, "Rukia… he slept with another man! I would be more willing to fight for you if he had cheated on you with another girl but he didn't. Since he did this the choice, at least to me, is pretty obvious."

Rukia stared at Ichigo, her eyes brimming with tears, "You don't understand Ichigo… Renji and I have been together for close to four years now… and you and Orihime What? Less than a year? Renji has bee there for me in ways that you haven't even thought of. You can not honestly expect me to throw away four years over less than three months of surreptitious sex because if the tables were turned I wouldn't be demanding you throw away yours."

Ichigo threw his arms in obvious frustration, "You know what Rukia? Screw it, since you obviously have no idea who loves you more; don't talk to me until you have made your decision." He paused to collect himself, "And I hope for your sake it's me." Ichigo snarled at her and walked away leaving a very hurt yet determined Rukia behind.

Out of the shadows, she ran back to the condos all the evidence of her promiscuous activities gone. She finally got to her room with less than five minutes left before curfew she, being one of the "holders" of the prized door key, let herself in and walked to her room that she shared with, thankfully, no one; a big smirk on her face as she did so. That smirk was wiped clean, as she saw her boyfriend sitting on her bed. "Hitsugaya… what are you doing here? Aren't you going to get in trouble if you don't make it time for curfew?"

Hitsugaya flashed a piece of paper in front of her, "Not to worry… the chaperones know where I am, but lets not talk about me just yet—where have you been for the last two hours?"

Hinamori stood there, shock beyond anything as a believable excuse refused to find its way to the surface, "I was, um, I was, er, out."

Hitsugaya rolled his eyes, "Really? I can tell from your attire that you haven't been curled up near any couch recently… I know that you were out, but where and with whom? And how come I wasn't invited?

It was Hinamori turn to roll her eyes, "Because I needed a girl's day out with my closest friends."

Hitsugaya nodded his head slightly, his bottom lip jutting out ever-so slightly, "I can understand and respect that—however, last time I checked… Kira wasn't a girl… and I didn't think that making out with your friends is something that you just do. Unless, of course, there's something I don't know about?"

The lingering question made Hinamori pale significantly, "What the hell are you talking about Hitsugaya Toshiro? I was with my girlfriends all—I haven't even seen Kira since we left for Colorado!"

Hitsugaya shook his head, his eyes showing nothing but contempt and malice for his girlfriend, "Okay for one you have seen Kira since we've left; he sat right behind you on the bus—remember that? And two: pictures never lie."

Hitsugaya took out a manila folder and dropped it on the bed in front of them- some of the pictures slipping out in the process. Hinamori gasped: in those pictures were her and Kira in some not-so-compromising positions. Her gaze wavered from the pictures to her boyfriend's anguish ridden eyes.

Hitsugaya was the first to speak, "I thought I would want an explanation as to why you did this—but the longer I sit her and watch you open and close your mouth like a gaping fish—I'd rather not. We're done, don't try and talk to me."

Once Hinamori head those words, her worst nightmare became a reality; she jumped into action. "It was a mistake Hitsu… It was all a mistake. It was supposed to be one time and then…"

"It became a month or so ordeal?" Hitsugaya suggested, and then he snorted, "See I might have bought that if you were willing to apologize for your actions, but you aren't. I'm leaving Hinamori—enjoy the rest of your trip."

Hinamori stood there in shock; shock that quickly turned to anger, "You can't do this to me! You just can't! You are a nobody without me; all of your friends will disown you if you breakup with me."

Hitsugaya stared at Hinamori for a few seconds before bursting into an uproarious laughter, "You have got to be joking Hinamori! Is that your best shot at wanting me to stay? Again, I mean I would've at least thought about my decision some more if you had shown some fucking remorse—guess that isn't going to happen now is it?"

Hinamori's bottom lip began quivering, "You can't do this to me Hitsu… you just can't, what will your friends think?"

Hitsugaya scoffed, the sound unfamiliar to Hinamori, "You can not be serious; you of all people should know that whatever people have to say doesn't mean a damn thing to me."

Hinamori stared past him; eyes drying up quickly as anger began to burn through her orbs, "This is about Karin isn't it? She's the one that has convinced you to break up with me hasn't she?"

Hitsugaya shook his head, "No, Karin has not made me do anything when it comes to this relationship—I came to this decision on my own. So;" He stood near the door with his hand lingering on the handle, "I guess this is the end Hinamori Momo." He closed the door softly and before he could get out of the hall, Hinamori's curses erupted inside the room.

Karin walked into the condo, her note from her father still in her grasp. She walked inside and began to take off her snowboarding boots, when she was Hitsugaya walking out of Hinamori's room. Her face became scrunched in confusion as he almost walked past her without a simple acknowledgement. "Hey Hitsu… what's eating you?"

Hitsugaya stopped at the door, his fingers grazing the gold-plated handle, "Karin… I need to speak with you… right now, if it's okay with you." Karin's gaze jumped from the back of Hitsugaya's head to her watch which showed that it was fifteen minutes after curfew, "I promise I'll get you back here before it's really late." He said, as if reading her mind, "If this issue wasn't a pressing matter then I would wait until tomorrow but it is, so the sooner I speak to you the better."

Karin's curiosity piqued, What the hell does he need to talk to me about? Karin nodded once to herself before opening her mouth, "Okay Hitsu... I'll hear you out."

Hitsugaya turned to her and closed the distance between them; his warm breath tickled her cheek as he took her hand and escorted her outside. Neither of them saw, however, the pair of prying ears and eyes that observed every part of their conversation.

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