Kings and Aces


And so just like that it was over. Camus' body deteriorated rapidly, leaving only a faint stench behind. The conjured zombies once again became spirits that would continue to roam the earth. And Lord Isaac Camus' men fled with terror. Some of Josiah, Levi, and Xavier's men ran after them- yelling taunts and cheering. But for the most part the Kings and Aces stood still or collapsed in a heap of exhaustion.

"Dominic would like to see you," Mr. X said dryly to Josiah, Dominic's biological father. But Josiah shook his head.

"No, you'd like to see you, Lord Black," Josiah answered. The comment caught the attention of not just Mr. X and Levi Lex, but of their men as well.

"Lord'? What-" Xavier Black asked incredulously. Josiah held up a hand.

"You earned it, Black. You defeated Camus and now it is you that shall take his place as Lord," The King Leader answered. But Xavier shook his head in denial.

"It wasn't me. There is only one being with the power that you speak of," Xavier informed the gaping men.

"Go get your boy," Levi told him, shoving him in the shoulder encouragingly. Black nodded, looking towards the prison that had housed his son for too long. He took one last glance at the men behind him, and then, he ran.


Nicky felt weak and dizzy. He also felt relieved and more joyous than he could ever remember. He had done it. He had overpowered the evil tyrant and now he could finally rest. Nicky sat up slowly, his arms shaking under his weight. His whole body trembled with pain. Pain.

Nicky swiped a hand across his mouth, staring in wonder as he realized he continued to bleed. But how was it possible? Camus was dead. The spirits were gone. And yet…there was still blood. And pain. It was the most beautiful sensation he had ever felt. He relished in it. The feelings of humanity. Or being human. The feelings he had almost forgot.

"Dominic!" Nicky's eyes grew wide at the sound of his father's voice. He tried unsteadily to get to his feet when his father was within seeing distance, but Mr. X was over to his side in no time.

"No. Rest," Xavier ordered, but that didn't stop him from wrapping his son in his arms tightly.

"God. I've never…I've never been so scared before in my life," Xavier said into Nicky's hair. Dominic returned his father's embrace.

"Father. I missed you so much," Dominic answered. Mr. X pulled away from his son, not bothering to hide the warmth he felt by being called 'Father'. It was short lived however when he got a look at Nicky's face.

"Nick…you're…" Mr. X found himself unable to finish his statement.

"Bleeding. I know," Dominic answered. Mr. X took notice of Nicky's color. His eyes. His pained expression.

"It can't be. It's impossible," Xavier whispered. If his son was bleeding then that meant…but it couldn't be true. Being a vampire wasn't reversible.

"I'm human. I feel pain," Dominic confirmed.

"How? How is it possible?" Xavier asked. Dominic shrugged. He didn't know either. He had a feeling they would never know. Perhaps bringing the spirits back from the dead had transferred his immortality forever. Or perhaps…

"The zombies. Not all of them turned back. Some were strong enough to retain the immortality," Nicky mused out loud.

"But that means…until will kill them all…" Black responded. Nicky nodded.

"I'll remain human," Dominic finished.

"You'll remain human," Mr. X stated for his own benefit. His son was human. He would be able to grow up. To be a kid for the first time in so many years.

"Take me home?" his son asked, pulling him out of his thinking. Xavier smiled and easily scooped the child up in his arms, carrying him out of the prison.

"I can walk you know. This is embarrassing," Nicky whispered once they were in sight of the other men anxiously awaiting the arrival of the boy-vampire who had killed Lord Camus. Xavier laughed to himself, liking how his son sounded like a typical twelve-year old.

"I want to carry you," Xavier answered. "Listen . They're cheering for you."


Josiah and Levi listened as their men cheered for their new Lord. The boy that looked so small being carried in his father's arms.

"He's bleeding," Josiah said with awe. But Levi just nodded.

"Yes. Of course. Our new leader couldn't very well be another vampire. Not after Camus," Levi answered as if it were obvious. Josiah looked shocked.

"He's human?" Josiah asked. Levi winked.

"For now."


Dominic wasn't foolish enough to think that the war was over. It would never be over. But for the time being he had more important things to worry about.

Like his thirteenth birthday.

Author's Note: Well, this is the end. Thanks to everyone who has followed and reviewed this story.