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Blair had to go through hell and back with the trial. Chuck was with her every step of the way.

"I don't think I can do this," Blair choked back a sob. She was in the limo. Going to face Carter for the first time since he had tried to rape her. They were parked outside the court, Serena, Nate and Chuck. Serena who was on her left began patting her leg and stroking her hair.

"You don't have to…" Serena began to relent.

"Yes you do," Chuck stated. Blair glared at him. For a moment hating him.

"Chucks right, Blair you need to," Nate agreed.

"No, I don't," Blair's voice full of authority, and her usual bossiness.

"Yes you do," Chuck repeated.

"You can't tell me what to do Chuck!" Blair hissed towards the boy across from her.

"If you're going to be stupid then I have to tell you what to do!" Chuck growled. Blair flinched at the word stupid. Chuck immediately felt guilty, "Your not stupid Blair. Not ever. But right now you're doing things out of fear and if you live that way, you'll never be happy," Chuck's voice was suddenly light and gentle. Trying to make sure to get through to her without scaring her. She whimpered.

"But I'm really scared Chuck," tears starting to fill her eyes. He pulled her towards him. It was then that Nate and Serena took their cue to leave. Nate and Blair hadn't officially broken up, but Chuck was constantly by her side, comforting her, encouraging her, kissing her. And Nate was too worried about Blair to get angry or to start a fight at that point in time.

"I know Bubbles. I know. And it's okay to be scared," Chuck's voice soothed her, as did his gentle words.

"You hate scaredy-cats," Blair hiccupped.

"Blair, you have every reason to be scared. And it's okay. It's understandable. What I hate Blair is people who can't get past the fear. Who are controlled by the fear. People that let it paralyze them. You're so brave Blair. You're the bravest girl I know, hell the bravest person I know. Don't forget that," he whispered into her ear. She whimpered again. He kissed her jaw.

"It's you," she was barely audible.

"What's me?" he asked.

"It's you that makes me brave," she snuggled against his neck.

"No Blair. It's all you. All of it is you. I'm just here to help you along," he smiled into her soft curls.

"Thank you," she sighed and sat up, "I'm ready now."

Nate and Blair realized that they made much better friends than lovers. Serena was slowly evolving into a better person, and therefore a better friend with the help of Dan. All five were really close friends.

"Wait! What?!" Dan was laughing.

"Yeah, Serena used to run around the playground naked! Screaming, I'm a bird! I'm a bird! When we were like three," Blair was giggling hysterically.

"Shut up!" Serena was blushing. Serena Van DerWoodsen was actually blushing.

"Oh my god! I remember that! I'd like to see you do it now!" Nate teased.

"Out of line!" Dan screeched.

"Oh come on, you practically did," Chuck winked.

"Oh, yeah. That's right! You two hit it up behind my back," Blair's once bitter voice over the matter, was now light and teasing, "So did she still make the birdie noises?" Blair teased.

"Blair, I'm so proud of you Bubbles! I have been rubbing off on you," Chuck squeezed her arm affectionately.

"Well you've definitely rubbed ON her!" Dan smirked.

"Oh! Man. Please!" Nate groaned.

"Bad mental image!" Serena shrieked. Closing her eyes with her hands.

"Speaking of. I think we need to uh, get uh, going. Now. Yeah. Uh. Bye," Blair stumbled. Her eyes glittering and tugging on Chuck's scarf.

"Oh yes, we've got to go," Chuck was much more smooth with his words but practically fell out of his chair.

"Get a room!" Nate teased.

"Hello, what do you think we're doing?" Blair giggled.

"Bye you two. Get me some grandbabies!" Dan teased. Serena and Nate laughed. Blair and Chuck practically sprinted out of the room, never once breaking contact.

People were shocked when they heard what happened. And Blair was shocked by all the support she got, even from gossip girl. And when Blair and Chuck started dating, nobody said anything. They'd seen how kind he had been during the trial. How she had needed him and how he seemed to save her.

Blair and Chuck were married on Miranda and Ryan's anniversary, their 20th. Exactly twenty years ago, couple after couple predicted their wedding and they were right. It was lavish, after all it was Blair and Chuck's. Dan and Serena had followed suit. And Nate had eventually settled down with some brunette model, Brooke, who was accepted into their group with open arms.

Brooke and Nate had two children, Haley and Lucas. Lucas would go on to marry Chuck and Blair's second oldest daughter. And Haley would marry Serena and Dan's son Nathan.

Serena and Dan had four children. Nathan, Jen, Chuck, and Cecelia. They lived happily ever after, it seemed out of a fairytale book. Nathan would be a professional basketball player, and Haley a teacher. They would have two children. Jen, a lawyer, would end up marrying a man named Todd, and then divorcing him and then marrying him, about eight times before they would stay divorced. Chuck would also never settle down. He became a rock star and could never quite pick one girl. Cecelia would end up taking over her father's business. She would marry Prescott Bass and they would have one son.

Chuck and Blair had the biggest, and happiest family. Six children total. Preston was the oldest. He looked like a male version of his mother. In fact he was a lot like her too. He went to Yale and became a doctor. He married his high school sweetheart and had two children, a boy and a girl. Prescott was next, and he was a mix between the two. Chuck's dark messy hair, Blair's big doe eyes, his father's jaw, his mother's mouth, tall and muscular. He was a serial dater. From one girlfriend to the next. Smart, focused, but sarcastic and charming. His father's attitude and mother's goals. He became the top selling record producer, and finally settled down happily with Cecelia Humphrey. They had one son. Then there was Miranda. Who was all her mother. She looked and acted just like her mother. She even had a messy love square including Lucas Archibald, Jen Humphrey (her best friend) and Jake Larson (Lucas's best friend). Miranda ended up with Jake. They had six children, she followed almost exactly in her mother's footsteps. She basically threw Charity events and dinners for a living. Then there was Tristan. He was all Chuck. From his perfectly messy hair to his attitude. He and Miranda were the closest of all the extremely tight siblings, and he also was involved in a messy triangle with his best friend's girl, who he also ended up marrying and having six children with. He took over his father's company. Bonnie was a mixture of her mother and father. Her mother's hair, face and nose. Her father's eyes, mouth and smirk. She was like Blair in the way that she was ambitious and loyal. But like Chuck in her party girl ways. She became a supermodel and married an actor who she had two children with. Last but not least there was Audri. Who was definitely her father's daughter. Looks and personality came from Chuck. She made it out of school with D's and lots of 'experience.' But with her personality she was a shark and became a very famous and respected lawyer. She married and had a daughter.

Chuck and Blair ended up living a fairytale all their own.

And they lived happily ever after.