Title: As Long As You Love Me So
Author: Kate's Master, aka Emma
Summery: Response to TheOriginalHufflepuff's Twelve Fics challenge. Twelve brief glimpses into the lives of Percy and Penny Weasley. Because we didn't get enough.

Prompt Twelve: All Was Well

We're Happy Tonight

Nighttime. It is how Percy likes Hogwarts best, he often thinks. Towards the end of patrol, when even the most amorous students have disappeared to bed, and there is nothing but the soft whisper of an occasional ghost and the sound of his own footsteps to disturb the air.

Penny meets him on the second floor landing – they always spilt up to cover that one, its size, coupled with the abundance of useful hiding places, mean it would take them years to cover it as a pair – and he takes her hand without a word. The year is nearly over now, but Percy will never forget how close he came to losing her during it.

"All quiet?" she asks, and he nods. They walk in silence for a while, Percy quietly contemplating to himself how lucky he is to have a girl who shares with him an appreciation for silence when it is granted, until Penny stops at their usual parting point, where the corridor splits to take each prefect to their respective tower.

The moon is pouring in through the window on the wall opposite, and instead of parting, the stand together for a while, his arm around her waist and her head resting on his shoulder, gazing out across the dark grounds. The night is warm, smelling of summer, Ginny is safe, and his Penny is standing next to him, alive and breathing and wonderfully real.

Percy smiles to himself, and sighs contentedly. All is well. And tonight, that is enough.

Cripes. Well, that turned into more of an on-going event that I'd planned. Not even sure I've got anyone left still reading, but never mind. Finished, at last! Maybe I can finally start working on something new without feeling guilty about things left unfinished...