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Just a little background on the story- Some perp would only meet with Alex on the pier before turning himself in. It was really hard to make that part interesting so I just skipped it. Well, we pick up on the ride to the pier.

Alex took a deep breath as she rode along in the back of Elliot and Olivia's squad car. "So you're both going to be there?"

Olivia turned in her seat, trying to look as confident as possible to Alex, "Yeah. We'll be right with you."

Elliot pulled to a stop next the pier. "There he is." Travis was waiting on the end of the pier. The wind was blowing his short hair every direction.

Alex opened her door and got out of the car. Elliot and Olivia followed Alex onto the pier.

"Alex!" Travis called, "I knew you'd come."

"What do you want?" Alex asked coldly.

Travis tilted his head, "Don't be like that." He looked past her to Olivia and Elliot, "What's with the cronies?"

Alex shrugged. She looked out past Travis and noticed the beautiful shade of dark blue above them as it neared sunset. This would be a romantic spot under different circumstances.

Travis took a step toward them as a freezing wild blew. Alex wrapped her arms around herself, watching him closely. He had menacing eyes. She'd seen them hundreds of times before on cold-blooded perps.

Something glimmered in the fading sunlight as Travis pulled it from his coat. Elliot and Olivia stepped in front of Alex and drew their guns.

"Stop right there," Elliot warned him.

Travis was an arms length away from them. He smiled an evil smile and played with the knife in his hands. "Scared, Detectives?"

"Drop it," Olivia warned.

Travis held the knife out at his side and raised an eyebrow.

Suddenly, he lunged at Olivia and caught her in the stomach with the knife. Elliot started shooting and Travis fell to the ground.

Olivia's gun clambered to the ground as she stumbled backwards. Elliot reached out to catch Olivia before she stepped off the pier, but he was too late. Olivia plummeted into the water below.

Elliot was taking his jacket off to go in, when Alex dove into the water after her.

Once she hit the water, her lungs seized up and a sharp pain ran thought her chest, but it didn't compare to the pain she felt when she saw the knife plunge into Olivia.

It was getting so hard to swim. The wind was blowing, that water was choppy and it was freezing cold. But she was reminded why she dove in in the first place, when Olivia's body bumped up against her.

Alex wrapped one arm around Olivia's chest and swam as hard as she could towards the shore. She could see Elliot standing knee deep in the water, yelling into his radio.

She pulled an unconscious Olivia to Elliot as sirens appeared behind him. He picked up Olivia and carried her to dry land.

Alex heaved herself out of the water and knelt down next to Olivia. She took off the soaking wet scarf that clung to her and put it over the blood starting to pour out of Olivia.

Alex put her hand to her head as she started to feel dizzy. She tried to shake out of it and kept putting pressure on Olivia's wound. But soon she was overcome with the dizziness and passed out.

And this flood, this flood is slowly rising up, swallowing the ground
Beneath, my feet. Tell me how anybody thinks under this condition so
I'll swim, I'll swim as the water rises up sun is sinking down and now
All I can see are the planets in a row suggesting it's best that I
Slow down this nights a perfect shade of

Dark blue, dark blue
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room when I'm here with you
I said the world could be burning and burning down