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Warning: Contains slash. Mentions of abuse. If you don't like it then don't read.

A/N: This is my first fanfic I've ever written. I was bored one day and thought what the hell…why not. This story is dedicated to my fellow Potter addict Matt. He lost his life in a car crash on 11/11/07. This is for you!

Chapter 1: Revelations

Harry awoke on the floor of the smallest bedroom of Number 4 Privet Drive. His body ached from the beating his Uncle had given him earlier in the evening. His lip was swollen and there was dried blood on his face and hands. Harry tried to get up off the floor as his door creaked open.

"Harry," the voice whispered.

"Dudley, what time is it?" Harry said.

"Just a little after 3 a.m. He really did it to you this time."


"Here, I brought you some things." Dudley entered carrying a small bowl of water, a wash cloth, and some food.

"Thanks Dudley."

After Harry returned home for the summer, he noticed things had changed and not for the good either. Vernon had taken up the habit of drinking. Much to Harry's dismay, when he drank, he got into a rage and took it out on him.

What surprised Harry was after the first beating; Dudley had come into his room much like tonight.


"Dudley, what do you want? Want to beat me too?" Harry asked looking up at Dudley from the floor.

"No, I had time to think while you were away at school. I thought about how you really did save my life from those dementoid things. I figured you couldn't be half bad after all."

"Thanks Dudley. I think."

End Flashback

After Harry had been cleaned up and had eaten, Dudley crept back to his room.

Harry lay lost in his thoughts as he heard a peck at his window.

'Who would be sending me post this time of night?' Harry wondered.

He went to the window and let a beautiful tawny owl in. There was two letters attached to his leg. Harry took the scrolls and read the smaller one first.

Dear Harry,

Attached is a letter Sirius left in my possession. He said that if anything was to happen to him, then to send it to you. I have been busy with Order business and some other business which you will find out soon enough. Take care Harry.


Harry immediately grabbed for the other letter and quickly began to read.


If you are reading this, I had a bad run in with Death Eaters or I slipped and fell down the stairs. Either way, I am no longer here. I am going to tell you some information that could help save your life; unfortunately, since you are reading this, I couldn't save my own life. I know you are fond of and trust Dumbledore, but I warn you, you must not! Dumbledore is going to use you to defeat Voldemort at any cost. Even if it means you dying in the process. Dumbledore isn't what he seems to be Harry. You'll learn over time that he is more manipulative than Voldemort could ever wish to be. You must start looking out for yourself. I also warn you about many people you consider your friends. They have been manipulated by Dumbledore and will turn on you if asked. I ask of you to go to Gringott's and speak with the goblins. They have my will and have been told to only release it to you. One last thing, you may think that Voldemort is responsible for you losing all that you love, but if you tink hard enough about everything, it all goes back to Dumbledore and his manipulations. Harry, you must choose which side to be on. I love you Harry. Please don't mourn me. Just do what you feel is right. Take care.

Your Godfather,


Harry wiped away the tears that had formed and started contemplating what Sirius had said.

'Dumbledore couldn't be responsible for my parents deaths,' Harry thought, 'but it had been Dumbledore who sent his parents into hiding when he didn't even know who the prophecy pertained to; therefore, marking them for Voldemort. It was Dumbledore who kept Sirius locked inside Grimmauld Place when he knew Sirius hated it there.'

"Sirius is right. I must choose a side."

Harry composed a letter. He coaxed Hedwig out of her sleep and tied the letter to her leg. He whispered the destination to her and she soared out the window. He lay back in bed to let sleep take him.


Harry awoke the next day and started to pack.

Dudley came in as Harry was finishing up.

"Finally going then?" Dudley asked.

"Yeah. I'll be leaving tonight if everything goes as planned."

"I'll miss you. Too bad we spent most of our lives hating each other. We could have been friends sooner."

"I know Dudley. I'll miss you too."

Dudley left Harry to finish up his packing.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Vernon was out drinking, but Harry would be gone before he stumbled in.

It was ten minutes until midnight and Harry was getting anxious. He slipped out to the bathroom to splash cold water on his face.

As Harry crept back into his room, he noticed he was not alone.

"Why Mr. Potter. How delighted I was to hear from you."