A/N: Sequel to Others Such as me. This starts a new Story Arc in the Immortal!Dean 'Verse

Title: Nobody's Girl (1/6)

Characters : Chloe Sullivan, Dean Winchester, Richie Ryan, Sam Winchester and Duncan MacLeod.

Pairing : Well that's the story isn't it? Will it be Chloe/Dean or Chloe/Richie?

Summary : The gang returns to Seacouver, Washington and comes to the aid of Duncan's old girl friend, Anne Lindsey, whose house is haunted. At the same time, Chloe has distracting man issues to deal with and Sam gets to play referee.

Nobody's Girl

"Back home again," Duncan said as he exited the Impala. "There's an empty furnished apartment in behind the dojo that you guys can crash in." He turned to look at their female companion, "Chloe, I hope you don't mind sharing."

"Not at all, some of the hotels we've stayed in have been less than five star. I'm sure this will be fine."

Dean had walked back to retrieve their duffels. Tossing Sam and Duncan theirs, he slammed the trunk shut.

Chloe cleared her throat, "Mine too, Dean"

He glared at her, opened the trunk up again and walked away.

"Always the gentleman I see."

"You want to pull your own weight, then you can get your own luggage," Dean smirked as he followed Duncan into the dojo.

Sam threw Chloe a sympathetic look and waited for her to grab her stuff, "I thought you two were finally getting along?"

Chloe chuckled, "Not since I made it clear that I wasn't interested in his little brother in that way. I guess he figures there's no reason to be nice any more."

"Chloe, I'm sorry …"

"Hey, don't apologize for your brother." She insisted as she hoisted her duffle onto her shoulder.

"Does this mean you'll be leaving soon?"

"And give Dean the satisfaction of thinking I couldn't hack it. No way." She slammed the trunk of the Impala as if to emphasize her point.

Sam laughed, "You two aren't stubborn at all." Sam couldn't help but smile at the way Dean and Chloe danced around each other. He'd hoped she'd stick around until the two of them figured it out.

Chloe ignored his reference to Dean. Once she and Sam had realized they were best suited to be friends, Sam had decided to take on the role of match maker. Somehow he'd gotten the idea that she and Dean would be good for each other. As if! Climbing out of her head she explained, "But my editor is making noises that the series needs to wrap up. So as much fun as it is to be ignored by your brother, I will have to go soon. Maybe one more big case…who can say?"

"I hope you'll stay. It's been nice to have someone to share the research load."

Chloe smiled at him. "Don't worry. You'll know where to find me if you ever need to hack into highly secured facilities."

Following Sam up the steps, Chloe once again got lost in her thoughts. Sam was such a nice guy. Too bad she'd had her fill of nice guys with Clark. Not, Dean. Dean was the complete opposite of Clark. He was reckless and completely aware of his own sexual nature. She thought back to the kiss they'd shared only a few months ago. True he'd only done it to get her to be quiet and cooperate but she couldn't shake the memory of it. She'd even dreamed about it. If she was sure she didn't want someone safe like Sam, why was she fighting against the bad boy danger that Dean represented? It was a dilemma she still refused to voice aloud even if her subconscious kept trying to show her the answer.

She had an annoying feeling that when the time came for her to part ways with her new friends, she was going to miss Dean.

She entered the dojo to find Sam and Dean already in conversation with Richie. Duncan had retreated to the dojo's office with a dark haired woman and a young girl, "What's going on guys. Who's that with Duncan?" She asked.

Richie broke into a wide smile when he saw her, "Chloe. Still traveling with these idiots? You must have a high tolerance for pain."

Chloe returned his smile, "Now Richie, Sam and Mac aren't so bad." She looked pointedly at Dean.

"Well, it takes a pain in the ass to know one," Dean smirked.

"So Dean, you finally admit it," Chloe laughed.


"Master of the witty retort as always," Chloe finished.

"Dean, you shouldn't play if you don't have all the equipment," Richie quipped. "Chloe's obviously too much woman for you to handle."

"Dude, you want her. She's all yours." Dean shot back.

"Standing right here," Chloe spoke up, "and I am not anyone's." Though Chloe tried to be annoyed at the male posturing, she was actually a little flattered that Richie showed so much interest in her. Last time they were in town, she'd gone out with him. It had seemed to annoy Dean enough that he'd mentioned it several times when they got back on the road. Now, it hurt her brain to realize that a jealous Dean made her smile.

"Guys enough!" Sam had a low tolerance for the bickering. "Richie, finish telling us about the case."

"We have a case?" Chloe perked up.

"Yep, it looks that way and this time I get to tag along," Richie stepped closer to Chloe as he continued, "The woman is Anne Lindsey and the little girl is her daughter Mary. They came to see us because her house is haunted."

"Why don't you let the professionals decide that?" Dean snapped.

Richie looked over at his friend, "Dude, what is your problem?"

"Don't mind him Richie. It's just that time of the month," Sam laughed and threw Dean a look that said play nice.

Chloe rolled her eyes. Laying a hand on Richie's arm she drew his attention back to her and away from the strangeness brewing between the two friends. "Why would she come to Duncan?" Chloe asked.

Smiling down at Chloe, Richie laid his hand over hers holding it there. "Anne knows all about Immortals. In fact, Duncan asked her to marry him a long time ago but she couldn't handle the life. They've stayed friends and Mary even calls Mac Uncle Duncan."

"Oh, that's so sad," Chloe sympathized. "It makes sense if something strange were happening that she would come to him."

"Exactly," Richie confirmed softly. He held her gaze and Chloe felt herself blush. Richie really liked her, which only confused her, because firstly, she wasn't used to getting attention like that, and secondly, she wasn't sure just how she felt about him.

She could feel Dean's eyes boring into her but before she could call him on it or finish her thoughts about Richie. Duncan escorted Anne and Mary into their little group.

Introductions were made all around. Then Duncan encouraged Anne to relate the strange things that had been happening in her house.

Hesitantly, she told of flickering lights and strange noises coming from outside. "Then we started seeing objects move but this morning was the scariest. Mary looked out her window to see a young girl near the garage. She was bloody and…" her voice broke as she tried to finish her story. Mary was visibly scared by the memory and clung to her mother

"It's okay Anne, Mary" Duncan said. He had placed his arm around Anne protectively and brushed his other hand through Mary's hair. It was obvious to Chloe that he cared a great deal for this woman and her daughter. "We'll find out what it is and get rid of it."

"It's what we do," Sam echoed. "How long have you lived in the house?"

"Fourteen years. But this stuff just started happening last week."

"You doing any remodeling? Digging up the grounds?" Dean asked.

"The garage. We're having it expanded. Why? Is that important?"

Dean nodded, "You may have disturbed something that didn't want to be. What about the contractor. Any of the workmen get hurt? "

"Yes, one man fell off a ladder two days ago and broke his wrist." Her eyes widened as the connection was made, "You think this ghost hurt him."

"Most likely," Sam confirmed grimly.

"Anne, you and Mary need to stay here until this is resolved." Duncan insisted. "It isn't safe in the house."

Anne laughed nervously, "We've already packed a bag. We were headed to a hotel when I hoped you might be able to help us."

Duncan squeezed her to him, "I promise we will fix this. Let's get your stuff and I'll take you up stairs." He walked Anne and Mary past the rest of the group. Looking back at Dean he said, "You handle this. I'm not leaving them alone until it's over."

Dean smiled and clapped his hands together, "Okay gang let's go find a ghost."