Title: Nobody's Girl (6/6)
Fandoms: Smallville, Highlander and Supernatural
Characters : Chloe Sullivan, Dean Winchester, Richie Ryan, Sam Winchester and Oliver Queen
Pairing: Well that's the story isn't it? Will it be Chloe/Dean or Chloe/Richie?

Disclaimer: The characters you know and love all belong to their respective creators.

Summary: Chloe's leaving and it seems everything is still unresolved

Chapter 6

Richie arrived at the Chloe's at exactly 8PM. The door was slightly ajar and he could hear Dean and Chloe arguing inside. No surprise there. Dean acted like Chloe was his personal property and yet he constantly pushed her away. Richie was more than happy to take advantage of Dean's stupidity when it came to Chloe. He had no problem admitting that he liked her. She was smart, funny and incredibly hot. He had every intention of developing a real relationship with her, if that's what she wanted. Deep inside he suspected that what she really wanted was Dean. He hoped she'd give him the opportunity to change her mind.

Richie paused outside wondering if he should knock. He decided that a stealthy entrance was his best option. He slipped inside and moved beside Sam who was standing out of the line of fire in the living room. They both stood listening to the voices coming from the bedroom. From this vantage point, Richie could see that Chloe was in the midst of packing.

"This guy calls and suddenly you're packing." Dean snapped.

"Again, none of your business." Chloe said. She was busy stuffing her things back into her duffle and trying unsuccessfully to ignore Dean.

Dean hovered near the bed and continued to needle her with questions. "It's late. What if we were busy with a hunt, you were just going to take off?"

Chloe paused in her packing and she shot daggers at Dean. Holding up her hand she began pointing fingers at the air emphasizing her points "One, you had no right to look at my cell phone. Two, we are not in the middle of a hunt and three, not that I have to justify anything to you, he's my friend and he needs my help."

Richie nudged Sam and mouthed, "What's going on?"

The exasperation on Sam's face spoke volumes about how tired he was of Dean and Chloe's squabbling. He leaned over and whispered. "Oliver Queen called and asked for Chloe to come right away."

Richie was surprised. "The Oliver Queen; of Queen Industries." When Sam nodded, Richie let out a small whistle. Oliver Queen was one of the biggest of the big shots and, it appeared, a friend of Chloe's.

Chloe had finished her packing and stormed out of the bed room. She skidded to a halt when she saw Richie and Sam in the living room. "Richie! Oh god I'm really sorry but we are going to have to reschedule."

The word reschedule left a smile on his face. Reschedule meant staying in touch. It meant that this wasn't the last he'd see of the fiery blonde.

Still smiling, Richie reached for her duffle and hoisted it onto his shoulder. "That's okay. You can explain everything next time. So, where to m'lady, your iron horse awaits?" he added with a gallant flourish

Chloe smiled at him and shot a look at Dean that said he could learn some manners. Richie chuckled. Dean had no idea how to deal with Chloe. While it wasn't a contest because Chloe wasn't that kind of prize, it sure felt like one today.

"So, you're really leaving?" Dean asked simply; his bluster all spent.

Chloe's tone softened. "Yes, I have too. I can't really explain except to say my friend needs me."

"Well, let me drive you then. Don't want you falling off the back of Richie's bike on the way."

"Hey! Not funny Dean." Richie paused. This was no time to get into it over Chloe. He and Dean would have plenty of time to work this out over those free beers at Joe's. He didn't doubt that's where they'd be headed once Chloe was gone. Instead he agreed, "We'll all take you where ever you need to go and say our good byes then."

Chloe nodded and led the way done stairs.

In the apartment, Chloe had been screaming inside her head for Dean to just shut up. He had no right to know all her secrets when he had secrets too. True she'd been made privy to most of them but why couldn't he just trust that she knew what she was doing. He had no right to interrogate her like the Spanish inquisition. But she should have expected it.

When Richie had shown up and offered to take her where ever she needed to go no questions asked, it had been a relief. Then, Dean had finally gone quiet, accepting her leaving and now she wasn't sure she didn't prefer him yelling at her.

They piled into the Impala and she directed them toward the heliport address that Oliver had given her.

Sitting in the back seat Richie reached over to squeeze her hand and raised a questioning eyebrow in her direction. She waved him off silently but didn't move her hand. She found it strangely comforting.

Eventually she would tell him she was a meteor freak and could heal like him, but not now. She still didn't understand why she couldn't tell Dean.

She shook off these musings and focused on the next leg of her journey.

Dean had pulled the Impala into the lot and parked. Richie grabbed her bag and escorted her toward a waiting helicopter with the Queen Industries logo. Dean and Sam followed.

Chloe saw a lanky blonde man emerge from the transport and realized that Oliver Queen had come to collect her himself.

"What didn't trust me to come without a personal escort?" She laughed as she approached him

"Side kick! I was en route to our target and decided I had time to collect you myself." Oliver smiled and gathered her up into a warm embrace.

Sam looked at Richie and Dean and mouthed 'side kick'. Dean responded with 'target'

When she'd pulled away, he continued. "Ready to leave your vagabond ways behind for a classier venue?"

Dean growled, "I think he just insulted my car." Sam put a hand on his chest to keep him from moving.

Sensing the storm gathering around Dean, Chloe quickly began the introductions. "Dean and Sam Winchester, Richie Ryan. This is Oliver Queen."

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Chloe's mentioned her little adventures and I'm sure they were loads of fun." Ollie hadn't moved his arm off of her shoulder.

"Chloe was doing just fine with us," Dean said as he took a step toward the billionaire.

Ollie met his challenge and moved closer leaving Chloe behind, "Yes, and thank you for taking such good care of her but it's time for Chloe to get back to the real world and its bigger problems."

She was not in the mood for a macho show down. And given Dean's proprietary nature and Ollie's self importance, it was inevitable unless she stopped it now.

"I can take care of myself boys." She grabbed Ollie's arm and pulled him back "Ollie, I'll be there in a minute please just go wait by the helicopter."

"No problem Chlo, say you goodbyes. Don't take long we have a timetable to keep. Oh and I have your uniform. No getting away from it this time." He smirked as he walked away.

Chloe rolled her eyes. Ollie seemed to have this fixation on dressing the Justice league in form-fitting costumes. Which only served to make her curious about his fixation with leather.

"Who the hell does he think he is ordering you around like that?" Dean asked.

Chloe just stared at him while Richie and Sam burst out laughing, "I don't know Dean," she said sarcastically. "Who else thinks they know what's best for me in our little group?"

Dean sputtered as he realized what she meant.

Chloe ignored Dean for the moment and gave Sam a hug. "Watch out for him will you? He may be Immortal-"

"But he's an idiot. Yeah, I will." Sam confirmed as he returned her embrace. "Take care of yourself."

She nodded and could feel the tears welling up. Damn she hated goodbyes.

Richie embraced her next and he whispered in her ear. "You owe me one secret and one date. Don't think I won't come to collect."

She let loose a small laugh which was muffled as she leaned against his chest, "I always make good on my promises." As she pulled back, the tilt of his head indicated he wanted to kiss her good bye. She felt herself drifting toward it when Dean cleared his throat behind them. The moment broken, embarrassed, she pulled away. She noticed the miffed look Richie sent Dean but he just smirked. Sometimes she was seriously confused by the little contest being played out between these two. But now… well…she was just glad to be escaping it.

Dean stepped up to face her. "You have a uniform. You in the some secret military organization?"

She resisted the urge to tease him with the truth. "No Dean."

He cocked his head in Oliver's direction. "You gonna tell us what fly boy needs you for that involves timetables, targets and uniforms? Who does he think you are Sydney friggin' Bristow?"

He had no idea how close to the truth that was. Damn Oliver for playing fast and lose with the secrecy in front of her friends. Chloe forced a laugh. "Maybe. I know you don't believe it but there are people in this world who think I can take care of myself and that I have useful skills."

Dean looked at her curiously. Something unfamiliar played across his face. Chloe's heart sank. He wouldn't believe that of her ever, would he? She was just some civilian to protect or a girl to bed. And that, ultimately, was why they would never work. She would always be the weak damsel in need of protection in his eyes. But for her it was equal partners with mutual respect, or nothing.

Best to admit it now; with Dean it would always be nothing.

"I don't trust him," He stated, finally.

Chloe sighed. "I've known him longer than you Dean and I'm the only one who can help him with this." She really didn't want this to end on a hostile note. "Look I know we've had our differences…" She began.

Dean put up a hand to stop her. "Let's just say good bye and avoid the chick flick moment alright."

"Fine. See you 'round, Dean." She could be stubborn too. She grabbed her duffle and walked away. There was a part of her that wondered if Dean would stop her and there was a part of her that really didn't want him too.

She heard Sam's voice behind her, "Smooth Dean, real smooth."

"Shut up Sam!"

Then she heard Richie. "Dude, if you're not gonna do it them then I am. Who knows when she'll be back?"

Chloe felt a presence come up behind her. She smiled. She'd been wondering what it might be like to kiss Richie. Maybe he could knock down those confusing thoughts about Dean. She allowed herself to be turned around by a hand on her arm. He was kissing her before she realized it wasn't Richie.

Dean! Her mind was reeling as she melted into him. She reached up to run her fingers along the back of his neck. She let her brain shut down, stopped thinking about why this couldn't work and lost herself in that kiss. Too soon, it was over. She could feel the tears that threatened to cascade down her cheeks as she looked up to meet his gaze.

Without a word his eyes told her how much he was going to miss her. She bit her lower lip to keep it from trembling and nodded. Then he was backing away.

Moments later she found herself seated in the helicopter with no idea how she had gotten there. She pressed her face to the window and watched them get smaller and smaller. Now, the tears were sliding down her cheeks. I'll get back soon. She thought I have too.

Richie, Sam and Dean watched the helicopter take off.

Richie clapped Dean on the back, silently conceding him the victory.

Dean smirked. "I told you. You never stood a chance against the Winchester charm."

Richie laughed, "I guess not but you can't blame a guy for trying."

They walked back to the car. Richie slid into the back seat. "How about we head to Joe's? I think a certain Highlander promised to buy us a beer."

Sam chuckled as he dropped into his customary shot gun seat, "Actually, I think Mac promised to buy us a lot of beer."

Dean leaned over the top of the Impala, watching until the helicopter disappeared into the night sky. She'll come back, he thought, she has to.