my first love

DISCLAIMER: The characters do not belong to me…they are all the creations of the wonderful Stephenie Meyer.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's Bella's Birthday. She is turning seventeen and Edward is also seventeen. Edward and Bella knew each other for three years. Edward wanted to get her something but she doesn't like gift and people buying her stuff. So Edward Decides to find something to do instead.

I woke up early then I normally do and got ready for school. I was trying to forget today was my birthday.

I wish I could stay home. But my Dad wont let me miss school. I know Alice she would have gotten me something. Edward will probably find something for me that was his mothers or just find something for us to do.

I walked down stairs thinking Charlie had already gone to work. But he was in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

" Hi dad" Bella said

" Oh hi there Bella. Do you want some pancakes?"

" No thanks I'm not hungry. I will grab something before I leave."

" Kay...just as long as you eat."

" I will dad." Charlie walked out of the room. A few minutes later he came back in caring 3 boxes.

" Whats that." I asked

" These are yours. One is from me and the other two are from you mother."

" Oh...Do you want me to open them know?"

" Yea."

Bella open her moms gifts first. It was a laptop with printer and all. Then she opened her dads gift it was a cell phone. I didn't know what to say. So I said the only thing that came to mind. " Thank you dad But you guys didn't have to get me anything."

" Bella...we alway get you something for you birthday."

" I know."

I looked at the clock and still had a few minutes before I had to leave. So I grabbed a breakfast bar and said bye to Charlie. I grabbed my jacket, backpack and key. Then I got into my truck and started the truck and poled away from the carve.

When Igot to school Edward and Alice was waiting for me. I get to turn off the truck before Edward opened the door for me. Edward reached over the steering wheel and turned of the truck. Edward then helped me out of the truck. When I was out of the truck Edward gave me a kiss and a hug. Alice ran over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek Alice was singing happy birthday.

Alice handed Bella her gift. I told her not to get me anything but did she listen. No thats Alice for yea.

" Alice I told you not to get me anything."

" I know but I had to it's your birthday. so open it please. "

" It's from Jasper and me"

" ok...I will open to make you happy."

I opened Alice's gift, There was a couple of sketchbook, art Pericles, paint, and a camera. I like to draw and take pictures. ( yes... i made her a photographer and a artist.) Sense Edward broke my other one because he was mad at me for taking pictures of him. He said that it was an accidentally.

" Thank you Alice. But you still didn't have to get me anything."

" I know but you will be needing the stuff really soon. So I just figured I would get them for you."

" Thank you again Alice." I turd to Edward. But he just was standing there had a weired expression on his face like he dose when they are having a decision with out talking.

" Edward are you ready to take me to class?"

" Yea lets go."


Today was Bella's birthday. I was going to get her something but she don't like presents so I just planed a day in the meadow and she was going to spend the night with me.

When I seen Bella pull in to the parking lot. I couldn't wait to see her so I walked to her truck and opened the door before she could turn off the engine. I reached over and turned it of for her and help her out of the truck. When she was finely out of the truck I kissed her and hugged her.

Just then Alice ran over and gave Bella a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Alice started singing happy birthday to her but only loud enough for us to her. Bella would not like it if everybody new it was her birthday. She handed Bella her gift. It was from her and Jasper, Bella told us not to get her anything but you can't tell Alice that. I could see the look on Bella's face she was not happy that Alice got her something.

Bella opened the gift that Alice handed to her. Her face lite up. At lest Alice got her thing she will need to draw and take pictures. I accidentally broke her other camera. But she think i did it on purpose because i was mad at her for taking to many pictures of me, But I just like it when shes in the picture with me.

" Thank you Alice. But you still didn't have to get me anything."

" I know but you will be needing the stuff really soon. So I just figured I would get them for you."

" Thank you again Alice."

" I told you Alice not to get her anything,"

" I know but its her birthday and your supposes to get presents on your birthday."

" Are you going to call Charlie at lunch?"

" yea...But what are you going to tell Bella?"

" I'll tell Bella you had to go home to get something for your next class"

" Sounds good to me."

Just then Bella turned around looking at me. She must have sensed that I was talking to Alice. She always seemed to know when we were using are minds to talk.

Edward are you ready to take me to class?"

" Yea lets go."

I walked Bella to her first class. Then I went to mine.

The day flew fast it was lunch time. I had to pick Bella up for lunch. . After lunch we have History together. The day flew fast it was lunch time.


The first five periods seem to pass by fast. Next thing I know it was lunch time. I walk into the lunchroom looking for Edward and his family. I seen Edward, Emmet, Rosalie, and Jasper. But where was Alice. I walk over to where Edward and his family where and I sat down by Edward.

" Hey there." I said

" Hey Bella."

" Where is Alice?" I asked

" She had to run home to get something she need for her next class. Why?"

" Nothing I was just wondering where she was thats all."

" oh." I sat down and ate my lunch quietly. After lunch Edward and I walked to history.

The day past fast. I walked out to the parking lot. I stared walking over to my truck when I seen Edward was lining on the back of my truck. when he say me he started walking towards me. when I made it to him he hugged me and kissed me. I didn't know what was going on. Then he started talking.

" Hey there."

" Hey there yourself."

" Bella do you want to go somewhere with me today? If you don't have anything planed?"

" Yes I would love to and No i don't have anything planed."

" Where are we going?"

" To my meadow."

" But I thought you never took anyone there."

" No I don't. But I want to take you there."

" ok...lets go then. I have been wanting to see your meadow."

" okay... But Bella can I drive?"

" Yes you can drive." He open the passenger side door for me and he helped my onto the truck. I sat down and put on my seatbelt. Then he got into the driver seat. We didn't talk. We just stayed silent the hole way there.

When we made it to his meadow. His Favorite place to be. He told me about the meadow but never took me there. He told me to get on his back. So I did. Then Edward started running up a path.

We made it there in 10 minutes. when he put me down I look around me. Edward meadow is so Beautiful. I couldn't say anything. Edward was just staring at me to see what my reactions was. All I could say is " Edward this place is so beautiful." T

" I'm glad you like it.

" Oh...Thank you Edward for bringing me here."

" Bella I always wanted to bring you here and Bella know that you seen the meadow its are place."

I couldn't find any words of how I felt so I did the only thing I could think of. I kissed him. when I came up for air I didn't know how we ended up on the ground. There was a blanket under us. I didn't even see the blanket when I was looking around.

Edward was on top of me just staring at me. Then he said " Bella I love you." I didn't know what to say. this was the first for Edward telling me he loved me.

" Edward I love you to. I always had." He didn't say anything he just kissed me.

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