Time and tide

Tiny prologue, will eventually develop to spoiler to 'Human Nature' and Family of Blood' Spoilers.

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Unashamed Rose/Ten fluff, eventually...

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Time is a thief, no one tells you that, but everyone knows, it takes your youth, the spring in your step, makes happenings into memories, and in the case of Rose Tyler, it steals your hope. The hope she felt like she had held forever. That he would come back for her, or that she would find her way back to him.

She was not ungrateful for what he'd done, because of things he'd done, she'd got her dad back, and she lived. Because of him she had seen things that no human being could ever hope to see. Because of him she had loved the most wonderful man in any of the worlds she had ever visited and she got to be the girl in the mansion with the great, rock solid family and a job in the government, exploring the untalked about arena of alien technology

But for all of that she couldn't settle because this place wasn't home, there was no place that could be home for her now, because he was gone, and when she was honest she would admit that to her, he was home.

It didn't surprise her when once again, she dreamed of Bad Wolf Bay, only as she woke, and found herself as always looking for someone who could not possibly be there, she struggled to remember why. Who was it she missed? She fought for the memory, as somehow she knew it's importance shaped who she was.

Rose got up and dressed, something about washing with a jug and basin felt strange, but familiar, and she shrugged off the feeling.

She followed the smell of breakfast to the kitchen and glanced at the newspaper on the table it was dated: 'Monday 1st October 1913'