Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Wake up Rose Tyler

The rest of Rose's day went slowly, as unbeknownst to her the Doctor became ever closer to one of his human co workers, Matron Joan Redfern. She had shyly accepted an invite to the dance at the village hall the next night from one of the farm lads, more because she felt drawn to the place than because of any desire to accompany the poor boy. She just felt that she needed to be there. That it was important to attend, and not for the reason her friends felt it was important to. She had no interest in the dancing, or the potential beau's that might be there. She never knew where to put her feet in the waltz, but she was fairly sure she could kill someone with her thumbs. The men here talked down to her, but in the back of her mind she knew she could hold a gun better than any of them.

From her window she watched a shooting star fall, and as it hit the ground something changed. She screamed and pressed her hands to her temples. Her mind filtered images, memories and sounds.

'This is Torchwood, authorisation, Tyler 5745. Tell them I'll do it'

'Rose the risk…what it'll do to your mind…what if…?'


'Yes Ma'am…and your family'

'Tell them…I went to save the world, and I love them. Is the device set?'

'Yes Ma'am, the threat has been located in 1913, the family of an agent from that time are set to take you in…your memory and capabilities should return at the trigger point.'

'And if they don't?'

'Then you better hope The Doctor's as good as you say he is'

'He is…and Tosh, give the guy a chance, he loves you.'

'I know Rosie'

Then she remembered blinding pain, and then this…becoming Miss Tyler of 14 Ascot Lane. Too knowledgeable to be a decent marriage prospect, too conflicted and lost to be any use to her new 'family' and too forward to make friends easily. And still, with enough recoding retconn in her system to make an elephant forget she'd grieved his loss. She hadn't been able to remember his face or his name, but there had still been a hole where he should have been.

That made her angry. She should have missed her friends, her family, the people she'd left behind, who had been with her while she grieved and rebuilt her shattered life.

That realities wonderful Tosh, who had looked on bemused as Rose had clung to a familiar face on her first day at Torchwood, in spite of the fact that Rose had met a Tosh rather than that Tosh, but they'd become friends quickly, and unconditionally. Tosh had helped her grieve; Rose had encouraged Tosh's romance with Adam. She had survived because of them, her new team, and changed beyond recognition.

Was she still the Rose Tyler that had loved The Doctor…yes. Would she fall again? No, because she'd never stopped falling in the first place.

With that thought in her mind she blacked out.

'Time to save the world again, Rose Tyler…he needs you.'