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It hadn't been a particularly eventful year so far.

Until I met him.

He annoyed me so much, and yet…he made me feel good. Whenever I was sad, whenever I was on edge…even if he didn't know it… he always made me feel better.

He was the first person on the "outside" I ever told about…Akito, and my parents… The way he just nodded and said everyone had their burdens to bear made me a little annoyed; the way he said it like it wasn't a big deal and it wasn't worth the worry. It even made me feel a little stupid. And yet…it made me feel like I could go on. Like what I went through wasn't so bad… Like it couldn't hold me back anymore.

It was because of him…that I began to feel like a real part of the rest of the world. And the reason I let go of my old emotions that were holding me back.

Because of him…I began to move forward.

It all started when I realized that I didn't "like" Tohru in a romantic sort of way. No matter how I thought about it, I couldn't see her that way. I could see her as a mother, as a friend, as a companion, but not a…well, a girl.

I didn't see the real reason for this back then. It was just one of those things…

But now…it seems like it should have been painfully obvious. I don't know…I was sheltered in the mainhouse for so long, of course it would've been hard for me to know, or even consider such a thing. I had other things on my mind back then…

I wonder sometimes if I went back-if I hadn't been on student council, if I hadn't told him about everything, if the situation had been different…would I still have fallen in love?

A few days after I'd told him about my parents abandoning me, he started paying more attention to me. It was an annoying sort of attention, the way I always thought his was back then, but it was still attention.

I guess I started realizing my feelings a couple months after that. I never thought about doing anything about them, though. I felt stupid and ashamed. I just felt guilty, I guess. I wanted to crawl up and die. I really did. I wanted everyone and everything around me to go away and stay away. But, then I'd think about how I'd just be left with myself. Which would also be agony. I really did just want to die and end my pathetic existence.

Looking back on it, I can cut myself some slack. I was already hanging on by a thread, and I suppose my feelings for Kakeru that I was sure would never be returned were the second to last straw. I say second to last, because if they had been the last, I probably wouldn't still be here.

I guess I should've tried harder not to look as bad as I felt. I think it worried some of the people around me. It even worried him.

"Oh, Princess Yun-yuuuuuun!" he yelled, smiling as he jogged down the hallway. It was after our student council meeting, and I really thought I'd got ahead of all of them. I didn't want to talk to anyone at the time. I just wanted to get away from all of them.

"Hello, Kakeru…" I replied.

"You've been looking pretty glum lately, Princess Yun-Yun. Something on your mind?"

I lowered my eyes a little bit.

"No…Thanks for your concern, though…"

His smile vanished.

"I really do want to know if there's something bothering you," he said. He suddenly looked enlightened and started smiling. "You're having romantic problems! Am I right, am I right? It's romantic problems, right?!?"

I wondered why he was so happy to come up with a hypothesis. I also wondered how he guessed right.

"You could say that…" I replied, looking away.

"Sooooo, who's the lucky girl? Does she like you, too? Are you dating, yet?" he nudged me in the side with his elbow.

"Erm…. 'she' has no idea. And I'm certain she doesn't feel the same way."

"Well, who is it? I'm not okay with anyone who makes my little Yun-Yun this upset!" he joked, even though he was serious about the question.

It's you, Kakeru…it's you…


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