Here's my first D.Gray-Man fanfiction. I love the manga and anime so much, I had to write a fanfic.

No Pairing in this. Maybe slight hinting right now, but probablt no pairing. Hm...well maybe later on there will be.

Disclaimer: I don't own D.Gray-man or any of its characters. Never had and probably never will. But then again, that's why we write fanfics.

Chapter: 1

"Lavi? Lavi, where are you?" Allen called out to the surrounding forest. Not getting an answer, Allen was beginning to feel a little panicky.

"Lavi! This is not funny! Answer me already! Lavi!" The forrest around Allen remained silent. Something was wrong here, and it set Allen on edge. He grabbed the small bag that sat at his foot, and began to set off into the gloomy forest.

Every little sound Allen heard made him jump. Being alone had always made him nervouse, escpecially in a dark forest like this. The fact that Lavi was missing as well just made things worse. A small sound to his left and the snapping of a twig sent Allen into a run.

He ran through the forest, not daring to look back incase there was someone following him. Small branches that reached out in front of Allen's path, scratched against his arm and face. Another snapping sound was heard behind him, sent Allen into even more of a panic. He finally decided to look back behind him to confirm if there was really someone there.

He looked.

No one.

Allen gave a soft sigh, and realizing he was still running, he decided to stop. But as Allen set his foot down, his legs got entangled together, sending him tripping and flying into a tree. He slammed his face hard into it, and a dull thud came from the impact. He slid down to the ground, facing the tree, and rubbing his face. He whimpered at the slight pain as he swore to himself that the tree hadn't been there a second ago.

"Tee hee" came the soft laughter from behind him. "I knew you were a tad clumsy, buy I still can't believe you ran into a tree!"

Allen spun around and came face to face with Road.

"Ah…um Road!" Allen sputtered. He was surprised at her appearance and was at a complete lost for words to say to the young Noah before him. He racked his brain for something to say to her, but she beat him to it.

"Don't worry Allen, I'm not here to fight" she spoke with a large and cheery grin on her face. "I simply came to have a little…fun"

Allen forwned at this for he remember last time Road wanted to "have some fun", Linali got captured, and he was stabbed in the eye with a candle.

"What are you talking about Road?" The usual cheerfulness missing in his words. "It may not look like it, but I am rather busy right now"

"Yes, busy" Road agreed "Busy looking for you friend right? That red haired bookman am I correct?"

The frown on Allen's face deepened.

"Road…" Allen spoke threateningly.

"Don't worry. He is perfectly fine. In fact he is right here if you would like to see him." A large grin was plastered on Road's small face as she pointed to a group of trees across from where she stood. Lavi stepped out from behind them.

"Lavi!" Allen exclaimed. Relief was slearly present in his voice. "You, you just disappeared when I turened around, and I didn't know what to do, and I was calling for you, but you didn't answer, and I couldn't find…." Allen stopped speaking as he realized something was worng. He looked at Lavi's usually cheerful face and noticed that it completely lacked emotion at the moment. His eyes were also half closed, as they didn't seem to focus on anything, and just stared out into space.

"L..Lavi….Road! What have you done!" Allen roared at the young Noah. Allen's hands were clenched into a tight fist, and it shook as he spoke.

Road sighed as if she was trying to explain something to a small child. "Oh Allen, he's perfectly fine. He's simply taking a visit in my dream world. And seriously, you need to calm down"

Allen scrunched up his face at Road's comment. He didn't trust her one bit.

"Besides" continued Road "I needed him to get to you, my dear Allen" Her eyes narrowed as she grinned mischiviously at him.

Allen eyed her cautiously. "What do you want…with me?"

Road shot a quick glance at Lavi. "Well I was thinking of talking somewhere more, well, I don't know, cleaner?"

"Fine. Where?" Road laughed. It was high pitched and care free.

"Why don't we go through my door? Maybe there will be something nice there?" Allen frowned.


It's done! I'm probably only gonna do a few more chapter. It will be a short story. Hope you guys had enjoyed it. Please review!