Okay so I finally decided to update this tory. Truth be told I kind of forgotten about it, and besides, I didn't really think it would be that great. Well I changed my mind and decided to write it anyways. The story will be fairly short with only a few chapter, so it won't actually be much. Oh well.

The moment Allen stepped through Road's door, he noticed that he was standing in a long corridor, plush red carpet on the floor, half used candles hanging from the walls, and doors lining up on either side.

Allen squinted his eyes a little to try and spot the end, but he was unable to. The door seems to continue forever, as so did the hall.

Allen took a few cautious steps forward, as if not fully relaxed about where he was, and he had perfect reason not to be.

Allen looked back to see if the door was still open just in case he had to escape, but unfortunately it was gone, and all Allen could see was the continuing doors.

Not good.

"Looking for someone?" asked a cheery voice.

Allen spun around only to come face to face with Road again, although this time she was only inches away.

Road couldn't help but laugh at the surprised expression on Allen's face.

"So were you looking for me, Allen-kun?" she asked the white haired boy.

Allen stared back at her, a slight look of frustration on his face.

"No. I was looking for Lavi"

Road blinked, surprised by the young boy's reply.

"Well you're not going to find him that way" stated Road as she noticed Allen had started walking away.

Allen instantly spun around at Road comment.

"Fine. Then tell me where he is now" demanded Allen, not in the least bit amused by the young Noah.

Road smiled, despite being slightly upset about the white haired exorcist's actions.

"Not so fast. You have to be properly dressed before you can see him"

Allen raised a delicate white eyebrow in question.

"What do you mean?"

"I prepared a special dinner for you and the Bookman Jr., since you are my guests" giggled Road "But of course I can't have you come looking like that, especially after running through the forest like that"

Allen looked down, suddenly realizing what his appearance must be like at the moment.

Road giggled again as an Akuma maid suddenly appeared at her side.

Allen's eye immediately activated, and he invocated his innocence, ready to take on the akuma.

"No, no" scolded Road, wagging her finger at Allen as if to scold him "You can't do that right now. This akuma is to show you where you can clean up and change, than they will lead you to the dining room. If you destroy it before then, you'll never see Lavi now will you?"

Allen said nothing as he followed the akuma, leaving Road behind. They soon stopped at a door that looked much the same as every other one, though Allen wasn't about to say anything. The akuma silently opened the door, and held it open for Allen as he entered.

Once it noticed that Allen was inside, the akuma spoke.

"Master Walker, the bathroom is to your left, and there are fresh towels for you to use. Clean clothes are lying on the bed before you. Mistress Camelot has made a special request for you not to wear your exorcist coat while you dine, although she has no issues with you taking it with you. If there is anything you wish for or request, please feel free to ask me, as I will be waiting for you right outside the door" and with a low curtsy, the akuma turned around and walked out.

Allen sighed as he looked around him. The room was very elegant, the fabrics in the room were no doubt made from silk, and just as the akuma said, the bathroom was to the left.

Allen went into the bathroom, and simply washed his face, cleaning off any little dirt patches o his face. He then picked out all the little leaves and branches that had gotten entangled in his hair during his search through the forest for Lavi.

Allen went to the bed and examined the clothes that had been set out for him, a white dress shirt, a black vest, black pants and shiny black shoes. There was even a coat to wear over everything.

Allen changed into his new clothes, and looked around him. He stopped when he noticed a red ribbon sitting on the small wooden desk in the room. He walked over to it and picked it up. He used the ribbon and tied a small little bow around his neck. He gave himself one quick look in the full body mirror near the bathroom door, and pleased with his appearance, he picked up his exorcist jacket and walked out the room.

The akuma gave a slight nod of its head before walking away. Allen followed closely behind.

The akuma soon stopped at a door and turned towards Allen before speaking.

"Mistress Camelot and guest Lavi is in this room. Please enter if you are ready. Mistress Camelot also gave you permission to exorcise me if you so please"

And almost as soon as the akuma finished speaking, Allen drove his innocence arm through the akuma's back.

The akuma collapsed to the ground and immediately began turning into dust. Allen silently watched as the akuma's soul, a young boy that couldn't have been more than ten, slowly drifted away.

Allen sighed, a hand on the door knob.

'I'm coming for you, Lavi' thought Allen as he opened the door.

Ya, I know. Short. But I thought this was the best place to stop. Hm...nothing else to say...eh...