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1: Promise


Lawrence shuffled forward by his hands. The bleeding stump that once was his foot didn't even hurt anymore, it felt like a paper cut that you can lick on, and it would stop bleeding. He didn't want to look at it.

He was a doctor, he knew how patients reacted when they saw their own wounds. When they saw the read flesh glisten, the blood flow, the bone shine, white through all the red.

Lawrence scraped his hands on the dirty floor. And his head was heavy by the thoughts of everyone he had to save.


Allison stands at the altar, she wears a beautiful, white wedding dress, she says 'I do', her eyes sparkle, her lips are soft…


Diana shows me the drawings she made while I was at work, she points to one of them and says it's a horse, Diana cries because I can't be home for her birthday…


The tears burn in Lawrence's eyes.

Oh God, Adam!

Adam tries to reach the tape recorder in the dead body's hand, Adam says he doesn't care if I cover myself in peanut butter and do a fifteen-hooker-gangbang, Adam cries, he screams that I shouldn't leave him…

Adam… I'll bring someone back, I'll bring someone back…

I promised, Adam, I will bring someone back, and I will save Allison and I will save Diana, and I will save all three of you, because I love you, I love all three of you…

I will save you…

Lawrence screamed into nothing in despair, pain, fear, rage and continued to heave himself forward. He heaves himself on his own anger, his own fear.

I will…

And all the sudden –


Lawrence fell down, turned into a pile of blood and pale skin on the floor, because the blood poured from the cut in his foot, his used-to-be foot, but he didn't notice. The hopelessness and the tiredness from today's labors washed over him like giant wave.

Oh well.

Here came Jigsaw.

Now he would die.

Allison. Diana. Adam. And him.

They would die. All three of them. Because of him. That fucking bastard.

Lawrence's hands clenched into fists on the floor. A low growl rose from his throat.

That fucking, goddamn bastard!

But the movement didn't come from an old man. Even Lawrence could hear that, even though a close unconsciousness lured behind him.

It wasn't movements from fragile feet. It wasn't swooshing from Jigsaw's cloak.

It was thumping from heavy boots, it was rattling from big weapons, it was squealing from sirens and beeping from machines.

Lawrence moaned and rolled over to his back. He didn't know whom found where-ever-he-was, and he didn't want to know.

He wanted to sleep, faint, die.

He wanted to get away from the pain, away from the dirty concrete floor, away from the sorrow, away from everything…

But just when Lawrence actually felt death's big, black liberation devour him, a big, black boot instead appeared next to his head, and brought him back from the grim reaper's skeleton embrace.

"Lawrence Gordon?"

A face floated in and out of Lawrence's vision. Was he Lawrence Gordon? He didn't quite remember… Maybe he was? The name sounded familiar…

Lawrence answered with a soft moan.

The policeman aimed his flashlight to Lawrence's foot. His stomach turned when he saw the fleshy, bleeding wound, but he stayed together. He knew it was Lawrence Gordon, he'd left a shooting-victim at his hospital once. But that the pale, fainting, dirty man that lied in front of the policeman now was the same person as the respectable, calm doctor he'd seen then, was very hard to believe.

The police lowered to his knees and grabbed Lawrence's head between his hands.

"Doctor Gordon," he said as clearly as he could. "Don't pass out. Don't pass out, do you hear me? You can't do that, then we're not sure we can wake you up. Stay with me, okay? You're wife and you kid are at the hospital, they're fine. Now, we just have to get you there, too. Do you understand me, doctor Gordon?"

Lawrence kept moaning. He wanted to pass out, he didn't want to stay awake, he couldn't do it!

You can't pass out, a tiny voice inside his mind said. If you pass out, they will be in such a hurry to get you to the hospital that they'll leave right now. And then, who's going to tell them about Adam?

Adam. Yes. They had to find Adam. Allison and Diana were fine.

Now, they had to find Adam.

Lawrence tried to explain this to the police. He grabbed his arm and tried to tell him, tried to tell him about the frightened, wounded man that was just a couple feet away, but it came out as just another moaning.

"Don't try to talk, doc," the police said as a couple of paramedics laid a gurney down next to Lawrence. "We're going to get you to the hospital now."

"Adam," Lawrence wheezed, and his grip on the police's arm tightened. "Adam… You… Must…"

A tube was pushed into his arm, new blood was forced into his veins.


"Adam…" Lawrence said, and a few tears seeped out from his eyes. "You Must… Adam… He's…"

"Someone else?" The police's eyes widened. "Is there someone else here?"

"Adam…" Lawrence threw his bloodless arm out against the black corridor. "Further down… In the hall… A bathroom… Adam… Find Adam…"

"Guys!" The police yelled to some people Lawrence couldn't see. "There's someone down the hall! There's supposed to be a bathroom!"

Lawrence could almost smile weakly when he felt the gust of wind from a few policemen that rushed past him. Towards the bathroom. Towards Adam.

The new blood was pumped into his veins. He felt life return to him.

I kept my promise…

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