Letters to Mom and Dad

A/N: When you last saw the Messer quints they were graduating from high school and moving away from the three bedroom, two bath Manhattan brownstone and on with their lives. Just so everyone is clear on where everyone is I'll breifly fill you in.

Heartthrob and accident prone Daniel Jay (DJ) Messer was on a baseball scholarship at NYU. His current girlfriend Jennifer Mullins is also at NYU with him.

Isabella Louise (Belle now) Messer is away at Yale in pre-law and political science. She is hoping to revamp her image and be taken seriously instead of always being the shallow, Barbie Cheerleader.

Evan Travis Messer accumulated so many science and academic scholarships he is covered at Columbia well into graduate school. Along with going to school he is interning at the crime lab.

Parker Jane (PJ) Messer is away in Africa, forging college, despite being accepted to every school she applied at. PJ is going to change the world one African village at a time.

Miracle Faith Messer is at Julliard composing her opera. It is a combanation of English, Greek and Italian. Her first music score was preformed by the New York Symphony Orchestra on the anniversary of the day she broke out of her autisim. Her parents and Stella were front and center the night she conducted it for the first time.

Each chapter of this story will chornicle a major event in each of the kid's lives while at school or in the African wilderness. Each will begin as a letter home to Mom and Dad. Our first Yahtzee letter begins now...

From the Desk of Belle Messer

Dear Mom and Daddy,

For the first time in my life I am grateful that you had all five of us share a bathroom growing up. Of course here at Yale I won't have Daddy drilling the door off halfway through a deep cleansing masque and hot oil treatment for my hair. My roommate Taya is so much like PJ it's like being home all over. Taya told me straight out that she has no tolerence of Barbies. And I thought PJ was bad...

Belle Messer stepped into her first pre-law class and was instantly looked at differently. Her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes were full of wonder and excitement while the others were busy reading their text books and studying the outlines that were sitting on the table Belle had just passed by. She had her fuzzy pink messenger bag and a large Starbucks coffee. She took a seat in the middle of the classroom and surveyed the room.

Before she left New York for school she decided that she was no longer going to be the butt of all of her sister PJ's jokes. She was not going to take another dumb blonde joke in and not say something about it. Now was the time to leave Bella Messer for good an become Belle, the best damn pre law and political science major Yale had ever had.

Class was interesting to say the least. Belle got into it with a few other students, shocking not only them but a few others as well. Upon arriving at her dorm sje was shocked to see all her makeup and hair care/styling products dumped on her bed. Taya was standing next to her bed.

"Don't leave your shit all over the bathroom counter," Taya snapped. "Next time I'll throw it all out."

Belle had to laugh. She didn't mean to but she had heard the exact same thing from PJ and the boys all her life. It was after the tenth time that the boys and PJ had gone to Danny about the same issue that he bought a large hanging basket that held all of her stuff. She had accidently left it at the home. She made a mental note to make sure Lindsay packed it in the care package.

"What is so funny?" Taya snapped.

"You sound like my brothers and sisters," Belle laughed. "They all used to say the exact same thing."

"There's more like you out there?"

"Yeah. I'm two of five."

"There are four more of you?"

"Well not of me exactly. My older brother DJ is an accident prone baseball player. He's holds my high school's record for most windows broken in a single season. My other brother Evan's the genius, my sister PJ is the activist/world changer and my youngest sister Miracle is a musical genius."

"If you were my sister I would have sold you a long time ago."

"You just don't know me that well yet. PJ was always trying to sell me. My dad actually caught her setting up an Ebay auction for me. You want to see a picture of them?"

Belle went over to the one box she hadn't unpacked yet and pulled out a large collage of pictures of her family. She was very proud of it. She had made it herself. She put the very first family photo ever taken in the center and made a sunburst pattern with the others. She loved the first picture so much becasue of the love and exhaustion on her parents' faces.

"Cristo!" Taya exclaimed. "You're a set of quints?"

"Yeah. Why does everyone think that is so strange?"

"Not strange, just very cool. Were you guys naturally quints or did your mom have medcinal help?"

"Mom was on fertility drugs."


Belle could see her roommate finally warming up to her. For the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening Belle reagled her once advesary about the trials and tribulations about growing up in such a different household. The two girls then went to dinner in the dining hall and Taya introduced Belle to the other people in her classes.

So needless to say Mom, having quints sure is an ice breaker. Oh and if you can manage it so I don't lose all my makeup and hair stuff can you send my hanging basket thing? Taya would really appreciate having some counterspace. I miss you both si much but I think Taya and I will be coming to the city for Miracle's concert. Kiss Aunt Stella for me!

Love always,