Everything you want


A/N: I grasp at precious creative juices as tightly as I could. So before this idea loses its zest, I might as well bring it to fruition. I know you tire of my senseless ranting and my ever-unfinished, kilometric fics which seem to run forever. Well, this one is just a short story—or so I planned unless you like the idea so much.

One-time disclaimer: CCS isn't mine—you should know that by now after more than a dozen fics. Everything You Want isn't mine as well. However, the lines I plan to use at the epilogue, alterations of said song, are made by me.

Story Background: Inspired by listening a dozen times (or so it seems to me) to Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want. The chapters are somewhat long, and my plan is that this will have less than ten chapters. Each chapter is supposedly based on the lyrics of said song, but I don't think I can pull that one off. If you'll believe me (and if I don't change my mind halfway), this fic will run a course of eight chapters and an epilogue. I also plan to finish this fic as soon as I can, not like the rest which may take (honestly speaking) years before we may see their ends. And unlike the almost epic-in-length My Husband's Wedding, I do plan to be precise and concise with this one.

Summary: A successful novelist, Sakura Kinomoto's name never fails to appear in the monthly bestseller lists. She seemingly has everything she wanted, or in any case, everything she needed—except for one thing, the one thing which made her books a huge success: full-blown romance.

Oh, she's no recluse. Don't get the wrong idea. In fact, she has a date scheduled almost every night. However, her dates end up in somewhat a disappointing manner. Usually she finds flaws in the man's character, behavior, or maybe she just finds him too flawless and becomes convinced he was being artificial. The problem, she surmised, stems from the fact that she dreams of fairy tale endings and in her mind she has a picture of her ideal prince charming.

On the verge of giving up her childish hopes, she meets Eriol Hiiragizawa—her prince charming personified, from his twinkling blue eyes to his very attitude. He was everything she could ever hope and wish for. And he seems very into her. There's only one thing that bothers her: the spark she was, indeed, waiting for, wasn't there when they touched, or when he kissed her.

He was perfect, only the situation wasn't. She supposed she could be content with that...only she wasn't.

If only she could feel for him, truly feel for him, aside from her rather calculating assessment of him...

Yet her heart betrayed her to the one man she never thought of romantically: Li Syaoran—her boss and newfound friend.

Post-A/N: I plan to finish this before the break ends. This has three chapters ready for uploading at present.