Chuck Bass was in his limo driving to the Plaza. He was contented, due to his womanizing ways back in Monoco. He had a great vacation, helped him forget Blair at times. He could be Chuck without dealing with his stupid "feelings" for Blair. Just the fact that he had "feelings" disgusted him. He's Chuck Bass, and now he's back.

Chuck walks down the hallway to his door, and bumped into his father.

Well your back. How do you feel?

Ah just great, it was a refreshing time.

Good to hear, but I'm on my way out to see Lily, but somebody is waiting for you in your room.

Chuck's smirk fell. Crap. He breathes out a heavy sigh and nods without acting suspicious.

Have a good time

Yeah, I'm glad your back.

Chuck's father leaves as Chuck walks into the living room putting down his suitcase and scarf. His dark blue shirt was unbuttoned wearing black slacks. He opens the door to his room, and finds her fingering through his random things with her back facing him. He looks her up and down, her legs, butt, back, and her luscious curly brown hair.

"Im not surprised. You just crave for me more and more. But hun, you gotta get going, I have plans."

Blair turned around startled. Why does he have to read my mind all the time! What plans? she wondered. She rolled her eyes

"Could you get any more arrogant. Please. I just came by to talk about…" She sat down on the edge of his bed, and crossed her legs. She was wearing a gold dress with a mini black jacket. Her legs came in view as Chuck puts his hands in his pockets uncomfortably.


Chuck chuckled, he knew what she meant by that.

"Listen if you are going to ask me if I told to Nate, then no. You know me better then that Waldorf, money and Nate is my life."

Blair breathed out a sigh of relief.

"How was your trip?"

Chuck smirked, knowing the exact words to say.

"It was a blast, I hung out with different girls, and well. You get the picture."

Blair felt a pang in her heart. What the hell? She wasn't supposed to feel like this. She got back together with her future husband, her prince.

"You are disgusting Bass"

Bass felt a little angry and raised his voice

"Oh please Blair. It wasn't as disgusting as I saw you and Nate groping each other. Nate had to tell every little detail what you guys did. Do you think you want to hear what I did with the beautiful and god, mindblowing girls?"

Blair glared at him and stood up.

Of course I don't, this is ridiculous. You have plans and I'm leaving. Blair walks by Chuck

Chuck grips her elbow, and whispered next to her ear, trying not to breathe in her hair "Don't even think about running back to me for more. I'm sick of running behind Nate's back, we're done. You got what you wanted Waldorf, and I intend to keep my friendship with Nate."

Blair loved his breath on her ear; it turned her on so much. However on the inside, Blair trembled and hurt. Is she falling for the womanizer of NYC?

Blair looked straight ahead and bit back

"Don't even worry about it. See you around". Chuck loosened his grip and Blair walked out.