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Kit : Hinata Hokage !

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Chapter 1

"What ?!!?", Naruto exclaims as he read Tsunade's will. He had expected that he would be the next Hokage , but she chose someone else. "Apparently she handed it down to one of her aprentices.", The silver haired Jounin said looking at the will. "What ?! Let me see !", the annoying pink haired kunoichi demanded snatching the will awa from Naruto. " 'It is on my own free will to give the position of the Hokage to ...' ", Sakura says, " 'Hyuuga Hinata' ". Everyone turned to look at Hinata , who's face was in pure shock. "So Hinata-Chan is ... Hokage ?!", Naruto exclaims. "Yes, That is if she accepts.", Kakashi said turning to Hinata , who wasn't there anymore. "Where'd she go ?", Naruto asked. "I'm not sure , Maybe to think about the position given to her.", Kakashi said.

With Hinata

"So you think I should take the position ?", the midnight haired beauty asks the demonic avenger. He looks at her with his dark orbs. The were having a picnic , You know as friends. "Yes. You would make a great leader for this villiage , Hinata-Chan.", Sasuke says taking a bite of his Onigiri. "How would I be a great leader ?", Hinata asks taking a bite out of her hand roll. "Well lets see ... Your sweet , Compationate , Patient , Determined and not to mention your very ...", Sasuke said trailing off. "Very what ?", Hinata asks as Sasuke takes a bite out of a cupcake. "Nothing.", Sasuke says looking away. Hinata giggles. "What ?", Sasuke asks her. "You've got icing on your nose.", Hinata says leaning over and whiping the icing off his nose with her finger and licking it off her finger. A light blush apears on Sasuke's pale skin. "Thanks for the addvice , Sasuke. I think I will become the sixth Hokage.", Hinata said cleaning up . She puts it in the picnic basket. "Your a really great friend , Sasuke.", Hinata says with a small smile. Then she walks away with the basket in her arms.

Later that Day

"I accept.", Hinata says before the elders. The oldest of the elders places the Hokage hat on Hinata's head. Another one of the elders place the Hokage robe on her. "Welcome Sixth Hokage , Hyuuga Hinata." Hinata opens her eyes and stand up. The elders smile warmly at the young woman. "Hokage-Sama , Would you like us to help you bring your things into the tower ?", one of the ANBU asks her. Hinata looks at the ANBU and smiles kindly, "No thank you. I'm fine." "No I insist.", the ANBU says with a small smile.

Kit : Yippee !!!!

Naruto : -glares-

Sasuke : -glares-

Gaara : -glares-

Hinata : Why are all of you glaring ?

Naruto : NaruHina

Sasuke : SasuHina

Gaara : GaaHina

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