I have severe writers block on my other fic so I decided to put this one up.

Disclaimer: I do not own Alpha Force; however, I do own Ben, Eliza, Tim, Tom and Alex. I also own the plot.


Meet the team:

Ben: A bookworm and a human dictionary, Ben has genius IQ and knows a bit about nearly anything. Although he is an asthmatic and had to have an operation at a young age, years of skateboarding have enhanced his reflexes and his fitness.

Eliza: Nearly always to be found hiding from chores underground, Argentinean Eliza is an expert caver. Her skills don't stop there though – her experience on her family's ranch has made her the team's medical expert.

Tim:A Maori from New-Zealand, Tim is a person the others picked up on the way. He is their survival expert, knowing how to survive in any bit of his native countries rugged terrain. The sea holds no fear for him either, as he has been sailing small yachts since before he could walk.

Tom: The electronics expert of the group, Anglo- Chinese Tom can make anything out of anything. Also an ace inventor, his gadgets have come in useful a number of times.

Alex: Expert in Lock Picking and disguise, there is not a security system that Northumbrian Alex and Tom can't get past together. Her agility and strength comes from years of gymnastics and martial arts, and they come in handy for annoying her brother – and more illegal activities.

As you've probably guessed, I'm trying to make this look as much like the Alpha Force books as possible. Sorry if this doesn't have much in it but the next chapters will. I'll try to get the next chapter up later today.