"You know, we really need a name" reflected Tim, sprawled on a couch in his house. His parents had kindly offered to let the two girls live in their spare room as Tom and Li's house didn't have room for any more. Ben moved into Tom's room, and they didn't have to stay in any hotels. The five of them stayed at Tim's mostly, since Li's and Tom's was crowded with Alpha Force, and the four who had siblings desperately wanted some space.

"Yeah, we do." Alex said. "We deserve a name, anyway. We're a team and all. We've had our trial by fire."

Eliza nodded. "We are as much a team as Alpha Force, whatever they say."

"So it's agreed?" asked Tom. "We're going to keep on doing the job Alpha Force has started?"

"Whether they like it or not." finished Ben. "We've gone over this already, guys."

Tom shrugged. "Just seeking confirmation."

"So what are we going to be?" Tim again.

Everyone's eyes turned to look at Ben, by a sort of unspoken agreement.

"No, seriously, why are you guys all looking at me?"

"We know you, Ben" Alex told him. "You already have a name planned, don't you?"

"You know me too well. What do you guys think of Betta Force?"

"Betta Force?" Eliza felt the flow of it on her tongue and liked it.

"Yeah. See, it's like Beta, the second letter in the Greek alphabet. You know, they're the first team and we're the second. And it also sounds like better, 'cause we'll be better than them. Hopefully. Finally, if we spell it with two T's : B-E-T-T-A, it's made up of the letters of our names."

"Ben, Eliza, Tim, Tom, Alex." Alex said. "I like it."

One by one, the other nodded their assent.

"So it's decided. We're Betta Force."

"And the world had BETTA look out!"

"Wow, you're hilarious, aren't you?"

"I know!"

"Note the sarcasm, idiot!"

Ben caught Eliza's eye and grinned. No matter what happened, some things would never change. Tom would have his technology. Alex and Tim would quarrel constantly.

And through it all, Betta Force would be there, ready to help when it was needed.

Wow. It's finished. I have to say, this isn't one of my betta fics (pun intended). But I really, really wanted to get it finished. And this will probably be my last multi-chapter AF fic (The Reunion has been discontinued) although I will still work on my oneshots.

Thanks you everyone for reviewing and for liking it, even if I don't really.