Ask the Gang

Ramirez Wolfen Today, I rounded up everybody from Star Fox and got them here for this questionnaire.


Falco I thought you said this was a Barney movie!

Fox: …..

Katt: Homo.

The Rest: Weird.

Ramirez Wolfen: Um, okay. Let's get started. Also send me your questions and I will ask them for you. So let's get my questions set up.

Ramirez Wolfen's Questions

To Fox: How come you won't tell Krystal you like her?

Fox: Uh, what do you mean by "like"?

Ramirez Wolfen: I mean love, you gutless animal!

Fox: (cries) did you have to say gutless?

Ramirez Wolfen: YES!

To Leon: Are you gay?

Leon: I have no comment.

Falco: Freaking weirdo.

Leon: Annoying bird, I am the great-

Wolf: Don't even say it.

Slippy: I'm hungry…

To Slippy: Why do you suck?

Slippy: I DON"T SUCK! But I do feel hungry…

Panther: Panther think froggie is a fatty.

To Panther: Why do you talk in third person?

Panther: Panther don't know why, just do.

Falco: I think he was dropped on his head when he was a baby.

Panther: Panther no baby. You hear Panther, stupid chicken? (grabs Falco and shakes him) PANTHER NO BABY! PANTHER NO BABY!!!! ( foams at the mouth)

Falco: WTH(What The Heck)!?

Ramirez Wolfen: Security!!

(Security comes and beats Panther with their baguettes)

Fox: Why did they use baguettes?

Ramirez Wolfen: Did I Tell you we are in Paris, France?

Slippy: Can I have some Filet Mignon?

All: Fatty froggie.

Ramirez Wolfen: Well that's it. I didn't ask that many questions because you might think of it later. Don't forget to send me questions!