Ramirez: Yep, I'm back to this again.

Wolf: Last chapter you said this was coming at a more reasonable date. It's been THREE YEARS. Where were you?

Fox: Besides, no one cares anymore.

Ramirez: Well, that's what you guys think. I bet someone cares.

Krystal: Don't you think this is too old?

Falco: Aren't you too old?

Krystal: (slaps Falco)

Falco: OW!

Ramirez: Okay guys and gals, let's get back to where we left off. I might have skipped a few, so if I did, I'm sorry.

Elliomartino's Question

To Wolf: You are awesome on so many levels but I hate having to shoot you down as Fox. Can you kick Fox in the nuts for me?

Wolf: Heck yeah, I'll do that.

Fox: What? Get away from me! (Runs from Wolf)

Panther: Panther thinks Wolf is a tool.

Peppy: He pretty much is one since he always does what someone else says.

Falco: Hey, Wolf? Go jump off a cliff.

Wolf: (kicking Fox in the nuts) You're next, bird brain.

Krystal: Next question, please?

Kitmaro's Questions

To Krystal: What's up with those tail rings and why do you have them?

Krystal: Well, I-

Falco: Don't really care so let's move on.

Bill: Let her finish, dude.

Leon: Silence, hippie.

Bill: Chill, man. It's all cool here.

Krystal: Ahem. As I was saying, I-

Falco: No one cares, Krystal, don't you get it? We didn't care about your past in any of the games, much less your hideous fashion.

Peppy: Why did you say that?

Fox: Yeah, Falco, you're being a prick right now.

Falco: Fox, you call me another name and I'll show everyone those pictures from that 2009 Christmas party we had at Katt's house.


Falco: (whips out pictures)

Fox: NO! (tries to take pictures from Falco)

Krystal: I'll answer this while they're both preoccupied. I mostly wear them as a fashion statement. Also, they keep my tail from being too bushy.

To Wolf: How did you lose your eye?

Wolf: 'Cause Panther's a pointy prick.

Panther: Wolfie is mad because Panther slashed him with my claws in a fair game.

Wolf: Rock, Paper, Scratches isn't a fair game, doofus.

Panther: Panther thinks Wolfie's a doofus.

Peppy: Calling him "Wolfie" is kind of gay.

Fox: You're against gays, Peppy?

Peppy: What? I didn't say that.

Falco: Fox is taking up for gays? Haha, faggot.

Ramirez: Speaking of which, I got a lot of messages from people calling me names because I used a lot of gay jokes. Instead of calling me names, people, why don't you just give me suggestions so I can use them? Also, I'm not anti-gay, I just find the jokes funny.

Katt: Yeah, you losers completely filled up his inbox with hate mail.

To Fox: Why didn't you keep Krystal's staff?

Fox: Actually, Krystal has it.

Krystal: I have it in my quarters on the Great Fox.

Falco: She faps to it all night.

Krystal: Falco, seriously, what is your problem?

Leon: You, obviously.

Krystal: bite yourself, Leon.

VampireAngel's Question (sort of)


Falco: Dang that was harsh.

Panther: (remaining silent)

Fox: Wow, he's not saying anything.

Wolf: Nah, he's just calming himself from going on a rampage from those insults.

Slippy: LOLZ.

SkullFox's Questions

To Fox: What's the deal with the Mohawk? Seriously, grow some hair, man…

Fox: Hey, I like my Mohawk!

Falco: So does Elton John.

Fox: So does your mom.

Falco: So does Clay Aiken.

Fox: So does Ricky Martin. WAIT! That's not what I meant…

Wolf: So you do like boys.

Fox: No I don't!

Falco: Yeah, you do. You're totally a homo.

Ramirez: Guys come on, knock it off.

Leon: I think you're gay too, Ramirez.

Ramirez: First, screw you, Leon. Second, how can you talk? Your pants are probably the tightest of anyone in here.

Peppy: Moving on…

To Wolf: You're an a**… but, I don't think you're gay?

Wolf: Of course I'm not gay.

Peppy: But you are an a**.

Wolf: And you're a big-toothed, big eared, prick.

Peppy: Still better than being an a**hole.

Falco: You know all about buttholes, don't you?

Peppy: I knew about your mom's.

Falco: Watch it, carrot brain, or I'll put a slug in your head.

Fox: Wow, that was an awkward statement.

Ramirez: Try to keep it clean, Fox.

Krystal: Like anything on here is actually clean.

Falco: You obviously aren't. I heard you were "pleasing" Wolf at this year's Christmas party.

Katt: Someone else besides me knew about this?

Fox: (heartbroken) KRYSTAL? HOW COULD YOU?

Wolf: It's not like you two were an item, pup.

Fox: We're through, Krystal. I'm never talking to you again!

Falco: Fox, you're a faggot, anyway. Go listen to some Justin Beiber or the Jonas Brothers.

Leon: Of course you know about those two.

Peppy: and of course you know about Chippendales.


Panther: Panther no homosexual, though Panther finds the love passion in both male and female.

Wolf: So, you're a bisexual faggot?

Falco: What a cupcake.

Peppy: Figures.

Katt: That's kind of hot.

Fox: (still heartbroken) who cares?

Ramirez: I figured you went both ways. There was no way you were 100% straight.

Krystal: Are All Cerinians as hot as you?

Krystal: I'm the hottest, so no.

Falco: The ugliest, too.

Krystal: (slaps Falco)

Fox: She's also the b****iest, too.

Slippy: Aw, come on, Fox don't say that…

Fox: Screw this. I'm leaving.

Ramirez: You can't leave, dummy.

Everyone (except Falco): Would someone PLEASE kick that f***in' bird in the head?

(Everyone looks at Falco)

Falco: (sweats) Uh, guys?

(Everyone chases Falco)

Falco: GODDA-

Ramirez: I think I'll stop here for now. It's a New year, so let's have a new set of chapters! Until Next time!