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Such a fire had never been before. The flames licked at the trees and houses until there was nothing but black ashes and thick smokes surrounding the village.

The people scrambled for cover or a means to escape, but no one was safe.

Families who were trapped inside the protection of their own homes were burned alive, and the people who escaped were later caught and consumed by the ever advancing fires.

Everywhere there was death, everywhere, except for the well.

Although anyone would see that this well was just an ordinary well, and no one paid attention to it as they ran for their lives, but this well was indeed a very special well.

No one heard the shrill cries of a baby which came from the well above the shrieks of the burning people.

To them, there was no more hope. To them, their life would end in this fire. But to a certain someone, their life was just beginning.


A blond haired woman stood in the centre of what would have been the village square.

Soot and ashes were all over the ground, and the remains of the village corpses were being piled up to be taken care of.

There was just too many to give all of them a proper burial.

The fire had been put out for a good hour now, and the only remains of it were the smokes that drifted solemnly toward the blue sky.

The woman absorbed her surroundings, and sighed.

"What a day, I can't believe that this keeps happening." The blond woman let her head hang, so her hair drooped over her shoulders and across her face.

She sighed again, unable to believe what had happened.

"Lady Tsunade!" The woman turned her head toward the voice to find a ninja at her command.

"What is it?" Tsunade was a bit annoyed with this ninja, a tad too loud for her liking, especially this early in the morning.

The ninja reported that the site was cleared for "Operation Fire", which meant that there was no one else left alive in the village.

Tsunade gave the orders to clear out and carry out their duties. The ninja nodded and left to holler out the orders to the rest of the ninjas.

Tsunade took one last look at what was left of the village, and mounted her house.

She pulled the reins, instructing the horse to leave, but the horse didn't budge.

Tsunade scowled, she was never too fond of animals. Just then, Tsunade froze.

Maybe it was just her imagination, but she could have sworn that she just heard someone crying.

"Screaming is more like it." Tsunade thought to herself.

There, she heard it again. So it wasn't her imagination after all.

She dismounted her horse and crept closer to whatever was making that noise.

A ninja inquired what she was doing, but Tsunade just shushed him with an annoyed flick of her hand.

Tsunade walked faster now, for she was sure that someone was crying.

Eventually, the cries lead her to the village well.

"The well?" Tsunade thought curiously to herself, and then prepared herself into a fighting stance.

"It had better not be some water demon; I have no time for such a nuisance."

Yet a part of her knew that it wasn't a water demon, a part of her knew that it was something far more precious.

Tsunade stretched her neck so that her head just brimmed the edge of the well.

The light made by the sunlight on the waters danced playfully around the well's walls, and inside, was a straw basket.

Tsunade gasped when she saw that there was a baby in the basket, crying its poor little eyes out.

Her maternity instincts instantly took over, and she brought down her hands to bring the crying baby out of the well.

Most everyone was around the well now, to see what the commotion was all about, and they where all very surprised to see Tsunade take a baby out of the well and into her arms.

The baby's crying almost immediately seized as the baby felt the warmth of another human being upon its cheeks.

Tsunade was speechless and stared wide-eyed at the now sleeping baby in her arms.

For the first time, Tsunade took in the appearance of the baby. It was a girl; that much she could tell. Also, the baby had the loveliest pink hair Tsunade had ever seen.

"What a beauty," Tsunade gazed, she never had a child of her own, and it looks like this would be the perfect time to have one, or to find one, in this case.

The ninjas surrounding her didn't even need to ask Tsunade to know that she was going to keep the child; the look on her face said it all.

"What are you going to name her?"

Tsunade's gaze never left the baby's face as she deliberated on what name she could give this little blossom.

She didn't want the child to know anything about her dreadful past, so naming her something like "found in a well" or "spared by the fire" was out of the question.

Then a light clicked open in her mind as she thought about the baby's beautiful pink hair.

Tsunade smiled lovingly at the little rosy child, and blessed her with all her heart.

"You will be called Sakura, for you will always be the cherry blossom of my heart."