I do not own any of the characters from the show Moonlight. They belong to Moonlight on CBS which I am not apart of. This was written just for fun.

This is going to be a short story maybe two or three chapters. Enjoy!

True Love Is Blind

Love is a truly remarkable thing. In all my years love is the only thing that never ceases to surprise me. It can happen at any moment at anytime and with anyone. When it hits you it's like a fire that will never leave and never diminish. Love is something that prints itself in your soul and never leaves you alone because true love is truly magic.

It was a warm summer day. The sun was shining brightly and I noticed because it was annoying the hell out of me. Summer is the worst part of the year for a vampire with the heat and the awful sunlight. Plus there's the fact that all the kids are out of school. That never helps things. I've never really liked kids. They always seem to make the worst decisions and they can be completely selfish. Before I go off on a rant let me just say vampires don't look forward to winter just because of Christmas.

So on this dreadful summer's day I took a seat in front of the computer with my usual glass of morning blood. Taking a sip of it, I turned the computer on and went to my favorite site, BuzzWire. Beth had a new report out today and it was my duty to watch it.

"They young body of a girl was found late last night in her parent's home. The victim's name has not yet been realized by the police, but sources say the victim was a young white female of eighteen. Such a short life for this poor girl." She paused for a second. I could tell something about this was bothering her. Her eyes were moist as if she were fighting back tears. "I'm Beth Turner for BuzzWire."

As soon as the video stopped there was a knock at the door. It wasn't Beth or anyone I knew so quickly I cleaned the glass of blood and went to the door to the office. I opened the door to see a small older lady with tears surrounding her swollen eyes, but my heart almost stopped when I recognized this small woman. It was Beth Turner's mother, and it was confirmed when Beth came marching down the hallway.

"Hey Mick," she greeted with a weak voice. Her eyes were red and swollen as well. Then it hit me why she had looked so sad on the video. The murdered girl was Beth's sister.

I couldn't answer for a second. Part of me was heartbroken for Beth, but the other half wanted to yell at her for bringing her mother here. There was no telling how she would react to seeing me having not aged a day. Beth must have noticed my confusion and said, "It's ok Mick. I've explained everything to her. I had to; you have no idea how hard this is." Tears starting falling from her already tired blue eyes.

"Yeah Beth I think I do," I commented. In my long years I had lost everyone I loved. Family, friends, everyone from my human life was gone forever. Losing a loved ones was probably the hardest thing about being a vampire.

"I don't care what you are Mr. St. John," Beth's mother barely managed to say through her tears. "I just want you to find the son of a btch that killed me little girl."

I looked from Beth's sobbing mother to the tired and hurt woman that I could never say no to. Taking this case would mean helping the woman that I so desperately wanted to be mine. I sighed. How could I say no? "Come in." I moved aside and let the two come in.

Beth stopped in front of me before walking inside. "Thank you Mick. I'm sorry for doing this to you, but you are the best at what you do." She turned to her mother. "And I think you can tell we need the best."

"You know I wouldn't say no to this," I said before taking her into a hug. "I'm so sorry Beth." Never in my life had I been good a comforting others, but for some of the people in your life…you just have to try. She was hugging me as tightly as she could. I could hear the soft sounds of her crying into my shoulder. If there was anything I could do to make her happy again I would. There was just no other way to put it.

When Beth let go she looked up and smiled at me before taking a seat beside her mother. Taking a deep breath, I went to sit behind my desk. This was not going to be an easy case.

"I just want to say Mrs. Turner I am deeply sorry for your loss. I promise you I will do all I can to find whoever did this," I told her.

The old woman looked up at me. She had the same loving blue eyes as she did twenty five years ago. "I know you will. I've hired you before, remember?" She glanced at Beth who was uncomfortably quiet. I could tell she was taking this hard. "You brought my other girl back to me." Beth smiled and went in to hug her mother.

"So what was your daughter's name?" I asked.

"Emily Turner," answered Beth. "She was just eighteen years old."

I stared at Beth with compassionate eyes. "When was the last time you saw your daughter?"

Mrs. Turner sighed. "Last night at 11 or so. She had just come in from curfew. I imagine she was out partying. She had just graduated from high school and was so happy."

"What did she say when she came home?" The girl sounded like an average teenager so there was no telling what could have happened to her.

"She just came in, said goodnight, and kissed me on the cheek. After that she went up to bed," explained the old woman. "There was nothing at all unusual about any of it. I really don't know why someone would kill her. She was such a sweet young lady…She had her problems but so does every teenager." The old woman paused for a moment and her mind appeared to be somewhere else.

"Was your daughter dating anyone?" Nine out of ten of the female murder cases I got the killer turned out to be the boyfriend or husband.

"Yes I believe so. She was never straight forward with anything, but you could always tell when there was a boy. Girls just tend to be a lot happier," said Mrs. Turner.

"What was the boy's name?"

"I never met him…She always hid who she was dating from me. I never knew why and I guess I'll never know now." She paused. "Listen Mr. St. John. I didn't go to the police. They'll never solve this murder and I know you're the best. You've helped me before and now I know you will help me again. Find this killer…" She slid a picture of a young girl that looked just like a younger version of Beth. "Do it for my little girl."

I took the picture from her and examined it. My eyes went to a pale faced Beth. She looked so sad and depressed. Yes I would be doing this for Mrs. Turner's little girl. It just wasn't the little girl she thought.

"Listen Mick I'm sorry about telling my mother about you." We were walking to the crime scene. "She just doesn't trust the police after what happened to me, and when she mentioned hiring a P.I. I just knew it had to be you." We stopped at the front gate to the old house. The whole place was blocked off with police tape.

Beth was looking sadly at me with her bright eyes. Even at night they seemed to glow. "Listen Beth. I'm not mad as long as your mother keeps my secret a secret. I imagine she didn't take it very well though," I assured her with a smile. She smiled back and I was glad to see it. The world wasn't right when Beth Turner was depressed.

"Actually she was overjoyed to hear you were still a P.I. It just took a moment for her to except the whole vampire thing. I did make her swear to never tell a soul though. Even if she did who would believe her without proof?"

She took out a small key and opened the large iron gate. It was a really bad neighborhood. There was no telling who could have killed the girl in a place like this. "Well she believed you without proof didn't she?" I stepped inside and held the gate open for her. The house was small but it looked like it was once a nice place. It was all white but now the paint was chipping. There was a nice porch covering the one story house but time had caused most of the boards to break.

"That's different," she replied.

"Why?" We made our way toward the front door which had bright police tape in front of it as well.

Beth stopped and turned to me once more. "She trusts me. My word is all my mother needs." Then she opened the door. Inside the house looked much more livable. A staircase sat in front of the door. To the left there was a small living room with ok furniture, and to the left there was a dining from with a small table and old chandelier. It was a nice place. Not my taste, but then again I was nearly ninety years old.

"Emily's room is upstairs," mentioned Beth. I turned to her. Again she looked like something was bothering her.

"Maybe you should stay downstairs Beth. You shouldn't have to-"

"No, Emily was my sister. I have to be strong for her," Beth said trying to keep her voice stern. I smiled a bit and took her in for a hug.

"I'll find whoever did this Beth. I promise you I will," I guaranteed her. She nodded.

"I know you will." I let go of her and walked quietly up the stairs. She followed closely behind me. As we got closer and closer to the room the smell of vampire got stronger. Beth led me to a tall white door with chipped paint and dirty handprints all over it from time. The vampire smell seemed to radiate from the door. A vampire had been here before and it wasn't Coraline from twenty five years ago. It was recently and I was willing to bet that poor Emily Turner was the victim.

Beth stepped aside. "You first," she said weakly.

I turned the knob and stepped inside the room. With the lights out it looked like a normal room with the silhouettes of a bed and nightstand as the first things you saw. When you're a vampire you can tell things aren't always as they seem though. This small bedroom was loaded with the smell of blood, female blood. For Beth's sake, part of me didn't even want to turn the light switch on. There was no telling what this room looked like in the light. "What's the matter Mick?" she asked stepping in the doorway.

"Beth I'm not so sure you should be here," I warned.

Beth sighed. "Mick I know you're worried about me but I'm stronger than you think. I wouldn't have taken this story if I didn't want to find out who killed my sister." She stepped in and turned on the lights before I could stop her.

"Oh my gosh!" she screamed. On the bed were scattered sheets covered in dry blood. The walls and floor around the bed were covered in blood as well. The whole thing looked like some horror movie nightmare except every bit of this was real. Just by one whiff of the air I could tell it was all Emily's blood. I turned to Beth who had a stunned look on her face, but she appeared to be holding up.

"Are you ok?" I know it was a stupid question, but by the look on her face I couldn't tell. Her heart beat had sped up a little, but who could blame her for that?

"Yeah I just…I just didn't know it was this bad." She took a gulp and stepped a little closer to me. I placed my hand on her shoulder which seemed to loosen her tension a little.

"You know Beth you don't have to prove anything to me. If you want to wait outside I won't think any less of you," I told her.

"Mick just shut up ok. I told you I'm gonna help solve this case." She paused quietly. "Emily always called me her hero. I guess now I really get the chance to be her hero."

I smiled weakly and rubbed her shoulder. "Well look for anything suspicious or out of place," I ordered. She nodded and we both got to work. First I went to the bed seeing as that's where the crime likely took place. Beth went to the nightstand first.

Slowly, I traced my hands over the bloodstained sheets. Blood was a really good witness because it never lied. I could see the girl from the picture terrified flat on the bed. She had a hand around her neck and she was fighting the man holding her. Then she was stabbed. The visions the blood gave surprised me because if they were true it meant the killer was human, and that left me with a big question. Why was the room reeking of a vampire's scent?