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True Love is Blind-Chapter 4

"I wanna go with you," Jake pleaded. I was already at the door with my coat on and Beth was right behind me.

"No, you're too weak," I answered.

"You're letting her go with you." Jake gestured toward Beth and Beth turned to me.

"I would try to stop her, but I know it would be useless," I answered. A satisfied grin came over Beth's lovely face.

"Come on Mr. St. John…I want to kill this guy for taking my Emily from me," said Jake sadly. "Emily was my everything. Believe me I'm strong enough!"

I sighed. "Listen I want to let you go with me, but I'm not going to let you die too. Plus I don't think Emily would want you dead." Then I slipped out the door before he had time to argue with me.

"I've already text Sam to find out Thomas's address," said Beth. We both stepped into the elevator. I was in a hurry and she was having trouble keeping up with me. "Do you really think Thomas could have killed my sister?" she asked.

"Well he's the only suspect we have for the moment," I answered. With my peripheral vision I could tell she was still glaring at me. After the talk in the car earlier I had kind of been giving her the cold shoulder. Hopefully her need to find her sister's killer would keep her off my back.

The elevator door opened and the both of us rushed out to the car. This was beginning to get old, but with any luck we wouldn't have to go anywhere else. Beth's phone rang with a text from Sam as we got into the car. "Awesome it's not too far," she exclaimed pointing in the direction I needed to go.

Both of us were silent for a moment. "You know I'm surprised at how well you've been taking your sister's death," I mentioned not even taking a moment to glance at her.

"Well we've got work to do. I've got to focus on the job at hand before I can mourn her death," explained Beth.

"Still she was your sister, and you have hardly cried."

"Believe me I've cried my fare share, but it's hard for me to be sad when my heart's filled with too much hate. I can't cry and do nothing while her killer is out there. I told you I really want to be Emily's hero for once. "Wow was the only word that came to my mind from her response. I knew Beth was a strong woman, but even I couldn't have expected those words from her mouth.

With a smile, I turned to her. She was staring out her window, but I could tell she was fighting to ignore me. "You're a strong woman Beth."

"No, I've just got to be a strong woman sometimes." Still she did not look at me.


Thomas South's house was a complete dump. Everything was a mess…the yard, the sidewalk, and the house didn't even look livable. Half the shingles on the roof were missing, the windows were broken, wood was falling of the house everywhere. Plus there was a horrible stench coming from the place. "Do you think he's home?" Beth asked as we reached the door. I could hear a heartbeat coming from the place, but there were no footsteps or noises. Something was wrong, terribly wrong.

"Stand back Beth." I took the gun out of my jeans and held it up, ready to shoot. The paint chipped front door was cracked a little bit, but then I noticed on the doorknob something that frightened even me. There was a small gold locket hanging around the doorknob. "He planned this," I muttered.

Slowly, I pushed opened the door. Immediately the smell of blood became evident, it was stale blood mixed with a horrible stench. There was a dead body in this house and it had been dead for awhile. The inside of the house was completely dark and I scanned the nearby wall with my hands looking for a light switch. Finally I found one and turned the lights on. Inside the house looked slightly livable, but it still was an awful place to live. Quietly, I turned to Beth and motioned for her to be quiet. She nodded and we both ventured further into the house.

The first room was the living room which appeared normal, and then there was the dining room which seemed fine as well. As we got closer to the kitchen, however, the smell of blood became stronger. We entered the kitchen slowly to find blood scattered all over the cracked tiles, and there was bloody water in the old sink. I noticed that the knife holder was missing its biggest knife. Behind me I heard Beth gasp, but she remained silent for the most part.

Before us was a long hallway with two doors on both sides. The sound of the heartbeat got louder as we came closer to the hallway. I fumbled for a light switch, but it had been broken. Beth and I would have to go down the hallway in the dark. Slowly, I put my ear to the first door. There was no heartbeat.

I put my ear up to the second door. Inside the room, the sound of the heat pounded like crazy, and I could hear the soft breathing of a man. He had to know I was outside the door. I went into my vampire form to help me see in the dark and very slowly I put my hand to the knob. Ready to fight, I threw open the door. There was a sharp pain in my chest and I realized the a$$hole had staked me. He had been waiting for me to open the door.

I fell against the wall, paralyzed. In pain, I looked up to see a young man holding a gun to Beth's head. The blood in my body surged threw my veins in fear for the woman I loved. "Ok you two were not what I was expecting," the man gasped. He looked like a complete nerd. His brown and vicious eyes were covered by a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, and his pale skin was covered with pimples. The boy seemed scared, but I knew he knew he was too deep in to stop.

The boy led Beth into the room that he had just come from which was straight ahead of me. Now I could see two pairs of bloody hands inside the room. Thomas followed my eyes, which were the only part of me that could move, and noticed what I was looking at. "That would be my parents…Lets just say they didn't share in my dream so I took them out of my way."

"What exactly are your sick dreams?" Beth asked with bitter hatred in her voice. They were standing right in front of me. He had his arms around her neck with the gun still to her head. Yet I could not even since her heart rate rising. She seemed completely calm.

"You sound just like her," hissed Thomas. "You must be Beth."

"Yep…Emily's sister, and just to let you know I'm really pissed off at you," she snarled right back. If I wasn't in so much pain and so scared for her I probably would have been proud.

"You need to keep your mouth shut…" he pushed the gun harder against her head. "Or you might just lose that pretty little mouth of yours."

"Just tell me one thing…why did you kill her? I thought you loved her…why would you hurt the woman you love so bad?" Beth questioned, still without fear.

"I wanted to break her heart just like she broke mine," he whispered in her ear with sadness and anger. So that was why he cut a heart into her chest.

"So you're a weak and pathetic loser who can't take a little heart break. How sad. Do you know how many people have their hearts broken everyday? You don't see them going on a killing rampage!" Every part of me that still had feeling ached in fear; I hoped she had a plan.

"Shut up before I blow your head off!" he yelled

"Not today jerk off!" Then she pulled something out from her pocket and stabbed Thomas in the leg. I realized that I had not gotten back the knife I had given her earlier. Thomas fell to the ground in pain. Beth tried to get away, but he grabbed her foot and she fell to the ground as well.

"You btch!" Thomas screamed. I wanted to help her so much, but I couldn't move an inch. Beth kicked him the head and crawled to me and tried to pull the stake out. Thomas quickly got to his feet and held the gun at her. Then something pushed Thomas to the floor, and Jake was on top of him biting his neck. Thomas fought and fought to get away but he was no match for Jake's strength. Soon Thomas's body went limp.

Jake turned and looked up at us. His face was covered with blood. Beth let out a deep breath and pulled the stake out. I gasped when the pain was gone and I regained movement.

Beth helped me to my feet. "Are you ok?" she asked examining the wound on my chest. It had already healed.

"Am I ok? You're the one that just wrestled with a killer," I said.

"I told you I was angry," replied Beth.

"He didn't hurt you did he?" I asked.

"No, I'm fine," she replied.

"Told you I was strong enough," commented Jake as he came to us.

"How did you get in?" I asked him.

"I followed you after you left and slipped in quietly through the window when he staked you," explained Jake. "So what happened?"

"He must have thought Mick was you," said Beth. "He had her locket hanging on the door as if he were planning for you to come."

Jake turned to the limp body of Thomas on the floor. "He sure was a sick man," Jake told us. All three of us stepped slowly into the room. Beth gasped. Not only were there three bloody bodies on the floor, but the room was covered in pictures of Emily. There were even pictures of her inside her room taken from outside the window…pictures of her taken from everywhere. This Thomas South was clearly obsessed with her.

"I can't believe he did this to her," Beth whispered. I pulled her into a hug.

"Let's just call the police and get out of here," I suggested as I led Beth out of the room.

So we called the police and left. They said they'd let us answer questions in the morning. Which I was grateful for seeing as I didn't know how we were going to explain how Thomas died, and I really wanted to get some sleep. The sun was now rising bringing the horrible heat with it.

We dropped Jake off at a hotel and then I drove Beth home.

"Thanks for everything. Hopefully my mom can actually sleep at night now knowing the killer is dead," said Beth. She was fiddling with her keys outside the door. I wonder if she knew how much I wanted to kiss her right there and how much I wanted her to be mine. She opened her mouth as if she were going to say something, but then sighed and said, "Goodbye Mick." Then she kissed me on the cheek and went inside and closed the door.

My heart sunk when she left. I wanted to spend every moment with her, and every moment without her seemed unbearable. Surprisingly her door opened again. "Oh screw it," she murmured as she grabbed my collar and pulled me into a passionate kiss. At first I fought it and then gave in to what my heart wanted.

When we were finished she was looking up at me with her big blue eyes. "What was that?" I asked, stunned.

"Well if my sister can be in love with a vampire…why can't I? There aren't any excuses anymore. If my sister and Jake can do it…so can we," she explained.

I searched for a reply. I knew that we shouldn't be together…that it was wrong, but I was in love with her, truly in love with her. Every bit of my mind knew it was wrong and dangerous to love her. Vampires and humans weren't meant to be together, but I guess when you're in love you don't think with your mind but with your heart. You don't care about what a person looks like or what a person is. I guess true love…well I guess true love is blind.