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Story: At midnight, there is a rumor of a site that can only be accessed then and only if there is hatred and a need for revenge. Type in the name of your enemy and Jigoku Shoujo will send them to Hell. And Naruto will do so.
Set as an AU.
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Jigoku Shoujo: Eikyuu no Sonzai
Chapter Ten: Seijaku no Majiwari

Itachi stoically stood by her side, tilting his head in hidden amusement. Konan trembled in anger, hearing her beloved Pein had been sent to Hell by Jigoku Shoujo…by Zetsu.

Which wasn't quite true, seeing as how Zetsu had sent Kisame to Hell, and Kisame had been the one to send Pein to Hell.

But Itachi weaved his own tale, of how Zetsu was unhappy with the way Pein had done things, and had decided to contact Jigoku Shoujo. And Itachi even added his own touch by showing her the events with his Magenkyo Sharingan, altering it so that it was Zetsu who had been there and not Kisame, and he removed anything of his own presence.

"So that bastard thinks he can get away with this? Not while I'm alive," she growled, hands clenching by her side.

Blue hair swaying, she strode away from him in quiet anger.

Itachi smirked. He was on his way to fulfilling his task given to him by Jigoku Shoujo.

Later, as midnight approached, Konan's confidence wavered.

"For Pein-sama. For him. On his behalf, I shall get revenge. For myself, I will not allow Zetsu to get away with this. For taking away Nagato…." Drops of tears fell from her eyes, onto the keyboard. The chime of the old grandfather clock she'd kept sounded at the stroke of midnight, and she refreshed the page.

The ominous black screen appeared before a flame appeared in the middle, and then the white box appeared with the words 'We shall exact revenge for you' showed above it. Gritting her teeth, she typed in Zetsu's name and waited.

It wasn't long before she felt a chilling presence suddenly appear in the same room. Reluctantly, she turned around and saw the silent figure of Jigoku Shoujo.

"You called."

"You're…the Kyuubi jinchuuriki," Konan said dazedly.

"I am Enma Ai," Naruto waited.

"Doesn't really matter anymore. Kyuubi jinchuuriki or not, it doesn't matter. Not if Nagato isn't here now. Send that man to Hell, Enma Ai. Make him suffer," Konan's bitter voice was tinged with a bit of wildness.

"Take this. If you truly wish to eliminate your antagonist, you must pull the red string. He will be ferried immediately to Hell. However, once I have delivered the revenge, I must have you make restitution to me. When one person is cursed, two graves are dug. Your soul will also fall into Hell, forever wandering in pain and suffering. Well, that's after you die."

Konan scowled, "He is already in Hell, waiting for me. I will join him soon."

She took the black straw doll that was offered to her, took the red string and pulled.

Zetsu disappeared along with Jigoku Shoujo, and Konan laughed hysterically to herself.

"Raikage-sama!" Jiraiya exclaimed upon seeing the kage of Cloud.

"No longer, Jiraiya-san. Please, just Reiji. I am accompanying Jigoku-hime to her home and will continue the rest of my life in her service," Reiji stated solemnly.

"Aa," Jiraiya sweatdropped, amazed at the dedication directed at the ill-omened girl from Hell, not to mention the following she seemed to be accumulating.

"Jigoku-hime?" Tsunade mouthed to him. He shrugged.

"This is the girl?" Naruto stared at a nervous Yugito.

"Hai. It's Yugito," he reminded her.

"Yugito…I am Jigoku Shoujo, also Enma Ai. People also refer to me as Uzumaki Naruto. If you prefer, you may call me Naruto," she intoned, no change in her face or voice.

"As you wish, Naruto-sama," Yugito said with wide eyes. Reiji lightly tapped her shoulder to bring her out of it, rolling his eyes in the process.

"Are we all leaving together then?" Shizune cut in.

"We must leave now," Naruto narrowed her eyes, staring at a man sitting by himself in the corner, hiding in the shadows.

"Is he a threat, Jigoku-hime?" Reiji narrowed his eyes as well, reaching for a hidden kunai.

"Iie. He is an old client," she revealed, turning on her heel and seemingly gliding away.

"Jigoku Shoujo," the man suddenly murmured, looking up and straight at them. She didn't even pause, still moving away nonchalantly. Unfortunately, the rest of the inhabitants in the hotel's lobby heard him, and once again a panicked crowd stampeded out.

Naruto disappeared with the rest, leaving her traveling group behind with the mysterious man.

"Who are you?" Tsunade barked out, glaring at him.

"Who I am isn't of any consequences. You travel with the harbinger of Hell? How interesting. I wonder what use you are to her if she is willing to let you stay by her side."

"Use? She doesn't care. She allows us with her as she wished," Yugito sneered.

The man started laughing, the others looking incredulously at him.

"What are you laughing at?" Shizune asked, bewildered.

"What a naïve girl. You think Jigoku Shoujo actually cares for you? She only keeps what is of use. She discards the rest. It's in her nature. She does her duty, and does it admirably at that. She has no time for foolish mortals like us, no time for any attachments."

"How do you know her anyway?" a tick was developing in Tsunade's temple.

"She helped send my brother to Hell," he smirked.

That quieted them down, though Reiji sniffed and didn't really seem like he cared.

"Someone sent him to Hell and now you're bitter about it," Yugito concluded.

He laughed again, "I sent my brother to Hell. Well, step brother. And over her."

"What? What blasphemy do you speak of?" Reiji hissed out, suddenly next to the man and holding a kunai next to his neck. By tilting his head that way, with his throat bared, Reiji was able to throw the man's figure slightly into the light. His eyes were shown and they shivered at the look in them. His eyes looked dead.

"She was undercover, researching her current client and probable victim. I saw her. Fell in love with her. But so did my brother. And it wasn't long until we became obsessed to the point that we began to hate each other. She played along with us, as part of the undercover, but when her client finished his deal, she disappeared. We had no idea she was Jigoku Shoujo then, and by that time, we were so rooted in our hatred for each other that it didn't matter. I contacted her first, found out the woman we first started hating each other for was also the woman who was going to grant us the very vengeance we craved for, and we didn't care. Not by that point. In the end, she had discarded both me and my brother, even as she was the cause for our hatred and need for revenge.

"I told you. She would not keep you around unless you were of use to her. And then she'll discard you because she keeps no attachments."

"Who the hell are you?" Yugito asked shakily.

"My name is Murai Kotoki and I sent my brother Ono Takabayashi to Hell because he's a vain piece of shit that I should've gotten rid of earlier."

The females gasp, recognizing the name. Ono Takabayashi was a famous model, a beautiful male that had mysteriously disappeared some years before. No one had any clue as to where he'd gone, and his whereabouts had stayed unknown to all until them.

"He had everything. I couldn't let him have Enma Ai as well," Motoki muttered darkly to himself, seemingly lost in his own little world by then.

The group hesitantly backed away and left the imbalanced man by himself.

They met up with Naruto outside of town, after making sure they had everything.

"Was he truthful, Jigoku-hime?" Reiji asked in a strained voice.

Naruto glanced at him coolly. "Yes."

She didn't say any more, but the group started to feel uneasy and a bit disheartened.

"Forgive me, Jigoku-hime. I wasn't questioning you. I meant no disrespect," Reiji finished saying.

She stopped and half turned to face them, "I…have gained attachments to all of you. Now it is not at all like then, so don't be foolish and assume so. It was much different then…I was much different. But you are all people I have come to care for."

She continued her walk on, leaving them behind, but they were a much happier group.

"Besides, none of you are useful to me anyway, so his argument is flawed."


"Ren," she murmured, not turning to face him.

The sword spirit turned man smiled slightly and sat down next to her, facing the water. Her red ball was gently floating on it.

"The ball fell in again."

She didn't answer him.

"Ojou, what did I say? I told you it was fine to come get me. I don't mind retrieving it for you."

She still didn't answer, but he stood up and went into the water, getting up to his knees in it as he walked across and calmly grabbed the ball. He trekked back and gave it to her, letting her slowly reach out to accept it.

"Thank you."

He smiled and kissed her lips lightly, before patting her head and then heading inside.

"Of your old companions, were you…especially close to any of them?" Yugito asked, being the first watch as everyone slept. Naruto never slept, so she stood silently on guard next to the Nibi container.

Naruto glanced at her and she flushed red.

"I mean…I read the book Reiji-sama found by that Shibata man. I, um, had the sense –well, thought really –that there might've been something going on between you and Ichimoku Ren. Uh, I'm not trying to be too forward or anything!"

Naruto interrupted her calmly, "I was close to all my companions. But I held a special fondness for Ren. We had…a sort of silent relationship. After Sentaro, I hadn't felt for anyone as strongly as I could until I met Ren."

"I see…" the young girl stared at her in awe, but she looked to skies and studied the bright stars, lost in thought.

'And after Ren, I felt nothing for anyone…until I met Hatake Kakashi. How strange is this.'

And a strange smile crossed her lips as she thought that both Ren and Kakashi were men who used only one eye.

"I think Konan has snapped," Sasori watched the female member of the Akatsuki warily.

Deidara nodded and watched her as well, knowing now wasn't a time to grin and joke around.

Mysterious things had been happening. Pein had disappeared, so had Zetsu and Kisame. Konan was acting strangely, grinning crazily and muttering to herself. Sometimes they caught some mutters, a lot oddly about the Kyuubi jinchuuriki. They knew she and Pein were very close, and it was a questionable sort of closeness where one had to think about just what sort of relationship the two had (though they did not share it with the others and it was a private relationship that was kept quiet), so it wasn't all that absurd to see Konan seemingly snapped without her Pein-sama's presence.

And then there was Itachi.

The Sharingan user was quiet nowadays. Very quiet. Didn't talk to the remaining members, kept to himself…

Itachi didn't even seem all that worried about Kisame's disappearance. Then again, he never did show any emotion.

So they were surprise when Itachi came up to them, surprisingly looking unsettled.

"Isn't this a surprise, Itachi," Sasori commented.

Itachi ignored the comment, "I am worried about Konan. She seems unstable."

"Mmhm? That's not new."

"I mean, I have heard her muttering about Jigoku Shoujo."

Both Sasori and Deidara froze, stiffening at the mention of Hell Girl. They, of course, knew of the legend and believed in it.

"Are you sure?" Deidara muttered, frowning for once.

"Yes. Once I heard her, I subtly delved into her mind. She sent Zetsu to Hell because she thought he sent her Pein there through Jigoku Shoujo. She murdered Kisame because he accidentally found out about it, and she doesn't care anymore since she'll be going to Hell."

"She could send either of us to Hell as well. She's used her services once already, who is to say she won't use them again?" Sasori scowled.

Itachi inwardly scoffed. 'Baka. You can only use Jigoku Shoujo's services once, and after your contracts fulfilled you are on your own.'

"Perhaps one of us…should send her to Hell first?" Itachi suggested.

The other two were quick to agree and while Itachi was satisfied with pulling their strings to that point, he found it amusing that Sasori manipulated Deidara in the end to be the one to send Konan to Hell.

Truly a Puppet Master.

Too bad Itachi was better and had the backing of Jigoku Shoujo herself.

"This is ridiculous. They're taking too long," Kakashi frowned to himself, pacing in the jounin lounge.

"Would you quit that?" Anko asked annoyed, viciously taking a bite out of her dango stick.

"Yeah, Kakashi. What's with you?" Asuma asked after.

"Nothing's wrong with me," Kakashi snapped.

"Calm down," Kurenai ordered calmly, but Kakashi didn't stop his frantic pacing or his angry muttering.

"Your brat is Jigoku Shoujo, baka. If anyone can take of themselves, she can," Anko snorted, polishing of her snack and reaching for another stick.

"But –!"

"We understand you have feelings for Jigoku Shoujo, Kakashi, but don't think that just because you do means you have to be the one to protect her. She's quite capable protecting herself," Kurenai interrupted.

"Kakashi what?" Asuma gaped, along with everyone else.

Kakashi glared at her, but he'd stopped pacing and his glare was wavering.

"So?" Kurenai hid her smirk.

"Shut up," he muttered and resumed pacing.

But at least he was quiet.

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"Otou-san! Look at the sales from your book! They've suddenly skyrocketed," Shibata Tsugumi exclaimed.

"What?" Shibata Hajime gaped at the figures his daughter suddenly shoved in front of his face. He grabbed the paper and his eyes scanned it quickly in amazement.

"Oi! But that book slowly died out. The book is out of print, so how the hell did it suddenly start selling again?" Hajime's eyes widened.

"They said something about the only copy out there was being passed around and now people are demanding for it. They ended up reprinting the book and now people are buying fast. It's going out of stock and they have to make more copies."

"Tsugumi," Hajime said seriously.

His daughter leaned forward anxiously, all ears.

"We have to go celebrate."

She sweatdropped and then bopped his head.

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