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Set as an AU.
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Jigoku Shoujo: Eikyuu no Sonzai
Chapter Twelve: Doukei (Longing)

He dully stayed in that position after awhile and even after he'd calmed down, not moving and frozen in grief and numbness. Then Sasori blinked back tears as he sat on his knees, slowly upturning his head to stare at the ceiling blankly. He thought of something and wondered if Ai would do it for him.

"Ai-sama, can you hear me? May I have a favor? Please…take his soul, but give me his body. I…I want to use it like all those times he used mine. I…I want to desecrate it like he desecrated my body!" Sasori staggered to his feet, screaming to the ceiling now.

He flinched. "Gomen, gomen, gomen," he repeated dazedly. "I didn't mean to scream at you, Ai-sama. I wasn't screaming at you. I would never scream at you. Ai-sama…Ai-sama."

Sasori shook his head and moved slowly to the bathroom, lethargically splashing water onto his face before trailing off numbly into his room. He stiffened in shock and froze at the sight of Hidenori lying on his bed, before his face twisted into an ugly look of furious rage. His whole body shook with anger and his lips twisted into a snarl, but when that man didn't move or speak, he tentatively walked over.

He was obviously dead.

The teen backed into the wall and stared, before he started laughing in relief, tears alternately streaming from his eyes. He slid down the door and sat against it, clutching at his head as he had another crying fit, less hysterical but the relief filling him was also suffocating. And the pain of everything he'd gone through, he remembered and lingered through his body and his mind.

His hands had gone from clutching at his head to clutching at himself, as he wrapped his arms around himself in a desperate embrace, still crying and laughing in hysteria.

"He's gone, he's finally gone. He's finally away from me and never coming back…" he sobbed.

But it was over. It was finally over…

"Why…why didn't you ever kill him yourself?" Itachi cut in.

Sasori blinked and suddenly realized he'd been lost in memories, and that he had ended up telling the younger man how he'd come to contact Ai anyways.

"I didn't want to touch him," Sasori muttered darkly. "It's a silly thing. Really, it was. But I just didn't want to touch him. I swore to myself since the first time he touched me that I would never willingly touch him, not unless he was dead."

"But now you ended up with his body. What did you end up doing with it?" Itachi was curious.

"My prized puppet…" Sasori murmured, with a fond smile that held more than a bit of vindication as well.

Itachi couldn't help his eyes widening, but he said nothing and kept the rest of his face stoic, as was usual.

"Was it then you left Suna?"

"Yes, yes. I…"

Sasori reached out and tried to touch the corpse of the man who had abused him all these years, but when his fingertips were about to touch it…he stopped and his hand shook. He quickly backed away and practically glued himself to the door, staring in horrified fascination and still a little bit of fear at the body.

"Sorry, Ai-sama, so sorry. Even though he's dead, I still can't bring myself to touch him," he muttered, slowly rocking himself. He didn't want to be ungrateful, but still the thought of touching Hidenori made him cringe.

He closed his eyes, missing the lights flickering and turning off before turning back on. When he opened his eyes, he blinked in confusion to see Hidenori's body gone and a small scroll on top of his bed, a familiar flame-crest emblazoned as a seal in the middle.

He staggered to his bed and grabbed the scroll, staring at it expressionlessly before lying down on his bed in exhaustion and now choosing to stare off to the side vacantly.

"Sasori, if you're still awake, I'm home," his grandmother called out distantly, from the front of the house. He didn't answer and kept staring off, only closing his eyes and feigning sleep when Chiyo opened his door silently to check in on him. His eyes opened once more when she closed the door and let him be.

When he was sure she was finally asleep, he quietly crept out of his room and headed to his private workroom, locking the door. He single-mindedly started to rearrange it, before he started onto his work, ignoring the passing of the hours. He worked and worked, unheeding of the numbing pain of his hands or of the strain of his eyes, only continuing to carve. His hands delicately painted each of his new masterpieces, until he focused on his wall.

He created a large palate of paint to begin his mural, mindlessly working and unknowing of the time reaching midday outside of the tiny room he was making a shrine out of. Tiny figurines, puppets, and engraved wooden platforms showcased only one person –Ai.

The mural he'd begun was a multitude of Ai blends, sad gazes all in different angles, and red eyes gazing soulfully in every direction, with the painting stretching from one end to the other.

The Ai in the middle was nearly finished; he only needed to add a bit of color on her face. As he did that, it mimicked crying and he paused, his own glazed eyes tearing.

"You would cry for me when your eyes shed tears for no one? Why am I special, my princess? Why would you do so much for me, who is no one but a puppet making puppets?" his smiled brokenly at the painted image.

"Because I wish to, my puppet master," her soft voice echoed hauntingly through the room.

"Sasori, are you in there?" Chiyo's voice was muffled through his door.

"Hai, baa-chan. I'm working," he answered back distractedly.

"…Alright then. Have you any idea where Kazekage-sama is? He hasn't been seen since last night. I thought you might know something, since you usually visit Kazekage-sama often."

"No. I have no idea," he answered softly.

'He's somewhere in Hell,' he spoke in his head.

She left soon after and he began to finish up. By the time he was gone, it was dark once more. He hummed the song she'd sung to him over and over, differently from the eerie silence he'd worked through in the beginning, though he'd clung to the second part of the song more. Afterwards, he'd finished setting up the room and walked out, locking it with no other way to get in but his key, the seal he'd placed on the room assuring that.

He pocketed the key and went back into his room, patiently writing out two scrolls. He pocketed those aside the key and walked out. He noted a party seeming to be at the center in one of the homes he was passing by, and was about to walk passed it when a figure inside caught sight of him and rushed out to stop him.

"Hey, little Sasori! Join us for a little bit," seemingly déjà vu, Nagi once again called out to him.

He hesitated and the weight of the scrolls and key pressed against him glaringly, but his mind flashed back to all those times Hidenori had held him back from socializing with anyone but him, and had refused to let him get closer to anyone other than the Kazekage. Eyes darkening in remembrance, he masked it with a serene smile and eyes closed to his companion.


Surprised but pleased, Nagi waited at the entrance for Sasori to come over, before leading him inside.

"Karura's been asking about you, you know? She's been worried," his fellow red-head noted casually.

"Has she? I'm sorry to worry her. Congratulations again on your engagement," Sasori said with a little more warmth than he had the first time.

"Thanks again. Anyways, that means you have to see her before you head off again. Otherwise, she'll pout at me the whole night for missing you," Nagi teased.

"I'll be sure to see Karura-san to ease her mind then," Sasori smiled a little more genuinely than he'd been prone to.

Nagi led him to the main group after that, where Karura was mostly with. For the first time, Sasori enjoyed himself, just hanging around others and not holing himself up somewhere with his puppets. But again, his burdens were pressing against his side in stark reminder of the tasks he still had to do.

"Nagi-sempai, I have to leave now. I have a favor to ask though," he tapped the man's shoulder.

"So soon? Oh, alright. What favor you need, huh little Sasori?" Nagi ginned at him, arm slung around his shoulder.

"May I kiss Karura-san?" he asked quietly.

Those around and had heard started catcalling while Nagi's eyebrows flew up. Karura was nearby and heard the request, a light blush decorating her face.

"Huh, uh, what?" Nagi was more than a bit startled and caught off guard by the favor.

"I would like my first female kiss to be with someone I trust," he answered simply.

"First female kiss, eh?" he teased. Nagi's grin turned a little awkward. "I suppose that's a good reason. I guess, since I'm not really all that bothered by it, what with it being you. Uh, I'm not really the one you should ask though."

Sasori turned to the blonde woman, smiling gently. "May I, Karura-san?"

"Sure, Sasori-kun," she smiled delicately, her voice as kind and sweet as he'd last remembered hearing it.

But he missed the soft, haunting voice of his Ai.

He leaned over and kissed the older woman firmly, politely keeping his mouth closed. He pulled back after a moment, giving a small smile to her gratefully.

"I think, to make it fair, that I should kiss you as well, Nagi-sempai," he smoothly said next, catching Nagi off guard again and causing more catcalls and whistles.

Karura giggled beside him and Nagi turned flustered.

"Uh, nah, that's okay, Sasori. I don't swing that –"

Before he could finish, Sasori leaned forward and determinedly pressed his mouth against the older man's, closing his eyes. A flash of Hidenori's face went through his head, and then he was pressing up against Nagi more forcefully in response to the image. His tongue snaked into Nagi's, swiping in aggressively and making his already startled sempai instinctively respond before Nagi froze in shock and stood still.

He pulled away, breathing heavily and inwardly upset at his loss of control, though outwardly he was calm and smiling as serenely as always. He nodded politely to his hosts.

"Arigato, Karura-san, Nagi-sempai. I must go now. Thank you again for your hospitality."

He left amongst scattered leftover catcalls, whistles, and murmurings.

"Hoho, I bet he asked Karura for a kiss more so he could kiss you, Nagi~" he heard Baki drunkenly tease the other man. "Now that was some kiss, compared to Karura's!"

"Shut up, you," Nagi's voice sounded embarrassed. "Bah, our little Sasori's suddenly not so shy anymore, ne Karura?" he sounded a bit proud though.

With a small smile, Sasori finally made it out of the building.

He walked with a purpose through the abandoned streets of a nightly Suna, heading towards the Kazekage Residence. He snuck in and easily made it to Hidenori's office, seeing his now older secretary loyally working late.

"Haruka-san," he murmured.

The older lady looked up and saw him, smiling gently.

"Sasori-kun, you're up late. Is there something I can do for you?"

"There is something I need to put into the…private vaults of the Kazekage," he murmured.

Haruka's smile faltered.

"Gomen, Sasori-kun. But no one is allowed…" she trailed off as he placed the scroll in front of her with a quiet click.

Having bent over, he hadn't meant for his shirt to dip low and the black-flame crest to show. Haruka froze and stared, before her body slumped.

"Gomen, gomen, Sasori-kun," she said in a low voice. "I should have done that first, before you had to. If I had been a little more forceful, a little more louder about him…you wouldn't have had to suffer all these years."

Sasori froze, though he had an idea that she knew something of what had been going on behind the door of the Kazekage's office, especially after catching her teary eyes looking right into his yesterday as Hidenori had momentarily slipped out of his office and Sasori lay numbly on that table and refusing to move.

"I would understand it if you hated me," she continued quietly.

He remembered her red face, the broken arm the one time she had spoken back against Hidenori when she first found out, though she hadn't known he knew. And he knew no one would have listened to her. And one word out of her lips and she would have been ruined and made a liar. So he just shook his head and gently pushed the scroll closer to her.

"Kazekage-sama would like to have this put into his vaults. It's his personal notes concerning his successor," Sasori replied with instead.

Haruka turned her stare to it. "…A forgery?" she whispered.

He didn't answer.

"I won't say anything," she continued to whisper, hand reaching out to grab the scroll determinedly.

"And this key. I would be grateful if you were to keep this safe for me…When the time comes, you'll know when to give it away. Until then, please safeguard it and keep it secret," he handed over the key, chain already looped in.

She took it unwaveringly, straightforwardly taking the chain with both hands and putting it around her head and letting it hang around her neck. She put it under her shirt and nodded to him.

"I will just take a second for this, in the Kazekage's office," Sasori showed the other scroll, and walked away without another glance or word behind.

Heading for the desk, he searched for the hidden seal passed down and known only to the Kazekage. And to Sasori, of course. He located it and sent a shock of his chakra through, slipping the scroll in, with it passing through the wood and disappearing inch by inch until it was gone from sight and sealed in.

When he came back out, Haruka was nowhere to be seen. He travelled back to his home and slipped into his room without alerting his grandmother, before he began to shove his things into scrolls and bags in a mad rush, eyes suddenly wild and movements jerky.

"You'll never be able to leave Suna so long as I'm alive."

Hidenori was dead and there was nothing to keep him there.

He quickly saw Nagi, Karura, and Baki's faces in his mind.

He'd already said his goodbyes.

It wasn't long before Sasori was hurriedly rushing out of his home, out of Suna, and into the desert. He ran freely, a mad grin starting to stretch across his face.

"I'm free. I'm out of that hellhole and I'm finally free!" he shouted, running and taking a leap in his run for freedom.

It was the first time in years he'd felt so alive.

"And so sparked the Third Shinobi World War, with Sunagakure searching for their missing, beloved Sandaime Kazekage. Your forged scroll was what made Sabaku no Nagi the Yondaime Kazekage, wasn't it?" Itachi inquired.

Sasori smiled calmly. "He was already a top contender. I just merely made it assured."

"I see," the Uchiha murmured.

"Itachi-kun, I think it's time I finally go to see Ai-sama," Sasori said suddenly, longing clear in his voice. "I want to see her. I'm…done. I just want to be by her side now. You can handle Hidan on your own, can't you? Just use Tobi."

Itachi nodded, though inwardly he flinched. No one other than him knew that Tobi was actually Uchiha Madara, but he would not fail his Hell Princess.

"She's in Konoha, or will be back there soon," Itachi informed him. Sasori stood up suddenly and Itachi blinked in surprise. "You are heading there now?"

"Yes. I think I would like to leave and go to her now," the older man closed his eyes peacefully.

Sasori gave him an acknowledging nod and left him, with Itachi secretly wondering how on earth he would handle Madara. Hidan, he was sure, could be handled –especially since it was now likely the man wouldn't mind going to Hell. But Madara…

Naruto coolly watched Tsunade's inauguration, mindful of some of the stares frequently being directed towards her. It seemed, while she was gone, that the news of her being Jigoku Shoujo had quickly spread to the entire village, instead of those who were in the know by using her services, the small group who'd found out through Gaara, and the jounin collaborated investigation.

"Ah, Naruto-san. Can you send someone to Hell for me?" a vaguely familiar voice asked her, and she turned to see a girl she remembered from the Academy called Ami.

"No," Naruto answered indifferently before turning back to watch Tsunade.

"Why not?" the girl fumed, the girls by her side fidgeting in fright and worry their 'leader' would make her irritable.

"The request must be made formally, as all have in the past and those in the future must," Naruto intoned stoically, her freezing blue eyes bleeding red and terrifying the group.

"A-ah, okay. I got it," the girl squeaked and left quickly, the others following just as fast.

Naruto's eyes trailed after them, though her gaze strayed to one of their group, instead of the leader.

That night, she waited and just as she thought, Souka Fuki sought her out.

"I hate Ami. She always thinks she's the leader and bosses us around like she's the only one who matters," Fuki spat out.

"Take this," and she handed the doll and spoke her words.

Fuki just smiled grimly and pulled the string.

When she returned to her home, she was inwardly amused to see Reiji sprawled all over her couch, Yugito curled up like a cat on the foot of her bed, and the unexpected addition of a familiar red-head perched serenely on her windowsill.

"Sasori, I didn't expect to see you already. Perhaps I am not so omnipotent after all," Naruto noted unperturbedly.

"Can I come with you now, Ai-chan? Will you take me with you? I want to go with you, Ai-chan. Please let me be with you," Sasori's voice was strangely childish.

Reiji let out a loud snore, which startled her slightly. Sasori looked at her in amusement, before once again looking at her pleading eyes that held a deep longing. She walked closer to him, threading a hand through his red hair. He tilted his head towards her touch, eyes closed blissfully.

"I love you, Ai-chan," Sasori leaned up and gave her a childish peck in affection.

"My poor child," she murmured familiarly.

With surprising strength, she lifted the grown man into her arms and carried him to her closet and to her twilight home. With each step, Sasori grew smaller and younger in her arms, until he was a young child again.

"Ai-sama," Senju Hashirama greeted, eyes dipping to the sleepy boy in her arms before he looked back to her face.

"Shodai," she greeted back stoically.

The First Hokage signaled to his brother and Tobirama appeared and grinned liberally at her.

"Oi, Naru-Ai!"

She visibly rolled her eyes, ignoring the new nickname.

"Wasn't he a grown guy?" Tobirama commented casually, glancing at the boy she held.

"Hai…after nine days, he will be back to normal," she loosely explained.

"Why nine days?" Hashirama asked, curious about Sasori's new circumstance.

"He is five years old, the age in which Kaguya Hidenori damaged him. In nine days, he will be fifteen –the age in which he took control of that damage," she detailed a little more. "It is nine days where he will be able to live a missing childhood that he could not have before."

"You're very…fond of this one," Hashirama noted.

"I am…partial to Sasori," she admitted, though her voice was ever unchanging. But she didn't elaborate and they didn't inquire any more, since she stopped speaking.

"I will be putting him to sleep, and granting his last wish," she declared solemnly.

"What's that?" Tobirama was curious again.

"To see Hidenori's torture."

Hashirama looked up in surprise. "You'll let the child see that?"

"He was never a normal child," and she stopped talking again, disappearing into her room.

"Damn it, I'm bored," Orochimaru's voice sounded off somewhere. "I hate this and I'm bored."

"You said that already," Tobirama snickered.

"Because I'm bored! Why the hell do I have to turn this wheel for? What purpose does this serve?" Orochimaru asked irritably.

When the others continued to mind their business and ignore him, he huffed angrily and exclaimed again.

"I'm bored!"

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