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Story: At midnight, there is a rumor of a site that can only be accessed then and only if there is hatred and a need for revenge. Type in the name of your enemy and Jigoku Shoujo will send them to Hell. And Naruto will do so.
Set as an AU.
Spoilers: Hai, for both Jigoku Shoujo and Naruto.
Warnings: Violence, language, etc.
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Jigoku Shoujo: Eikyuu no Sonzai
Chapter Nineteen: Amai Wana (Sweet Trap)

It was almost time. They knew it, and they were preparing for it. Naruto was prepared to go head to head with Uchiha Madara. At the heart of things, his karmic energy and his actions and decisions had rooted from the past, and come back to haunt not just Konohagakure, but also the rest of the world.

He was the one to suggest building Konoha on the grounds of her cursed village.

He would rue the day he decided to mock his ancestor. Unlike the Shibatas, she would destroy him and take him straight to the bowels of Hell, where he belonged. They just needed to lay a single trap and it would be all over…

She took a deep breath and looked back at the hut.

"I will miss this," she murmured. "It was simple and peaceful."

"You're welcomed back any time," Nagi smirked slightly at her, shoving his hands in his pockets.

She gave him a small smile before she turned to her companions.

"It is time," she said softly, and Sasori stepped forward.

"Naruto," Nagi called out.

She turned her body halfway to look at him.

"Thank you," he said gently.

How familiar…She gave a slight smile before turning back to Sasori, placing her hands over his and her forehead against his. She closed her eyes and concentrated.

Within moments, her body crumpled almost to the ground, only to be caught by the First and Second Hokage, while Sasori reverently held onto the glowing orb in his cupped hands. Hashirama and Tobirama respectfully carried her over to Nagi, who took over and placed his arms under her neck and knees, carrying her bridal style.

"Take care of Ai-sama's body for me, sempai!" Sasori called out, already starting to move.

"Hai, hai," Nagi quirked his lips up, looking after the retreating figures sadly.

He adjusted his hold on the empty but beautiful body in his arms. Looking down at her, she almost looked like she was just sleeping peacefully, rather than just being a shell without a soul. He sighed and secured her more in his arms, holding her closer.

"Let's get you settled comfortably, alright?"

He went back into his hut, which was quiet and lonely once more.

In the meantime, Sasori and the other two had appeared in Naruto's apartment, startling Reiji and Yugito with their sudden appearance.

"What's going on? Where have you all been? Where's everyone? Where's Naruto-sama?!" Yugito asked, growing more hysterical with each question.

"Long, long story," Hashirama muttered, while Tobirama declared, "Too many questions!"

However, Sasori patiently caught the two up, while still holding carefully the essence of Jigoku Shoujo. He'd been steadily feeding it energy, and he hoped that soon she would have form once more.

"What about Kakashi and them?" Reiji inserted, while Sasori frowned.

"They've essentially been taken hostage and are currently bound to Ai-sama's home. Last I heard from Orochimaru, who is watching them, they've been put to sleep and won't awaken until someone with enough power can do so."

"So what should be done then?" Yugito asked hesitantly.

"I will contact Uchiha Itachi and see what his progress has been with the last members of Akatsuki," Sasori informed them. "From there, we'll make our move. In the meantime, I will continue to feed Ai-sama energy until she can form her own temporary body."

"I was thinking…I know that the Mizukage has suddenly stopped the bloodline hunt and civil war over there," Yugito started, "but I've also heard that there were rumors that he was controlled. Maybe there's a connection to that and this Uchiha Madara that you all seem so worried about?"

Sasori frowned, but they all considered it. It was a daunting prospect and it would definitely make things difficult…but it wasn't farfetched and probably likely Madara had his hand in things.

"I will ask Itachi-kun if he knows anything," Sasori decided.

"I can infiltrate the Mist," Yugito suggested. "I know I won't have any trouble, and my demon and I can handle any stragglers. The only one who I'd have trouble going up against would be Yagura, but he's who we want to talk to in the first place."

"It's a good idea, but it's best to be discreet so no one catches wind of our intentions," Reiji supported her.

"Yes, discretion is our best option. You must try to avoid detection at all costs, until you reach the Mizukage," Sasori agreed and gave the plan the okay.

Yugito gave an acknowledging nod, and Sasori went to contact Itachi using one of the ravens that the Uchiha had lent to him. While he did so, the rest of them were outlining a good stealth plan for Yugito to enact as she got into the Mist.

It wasn't long until Yugito was sent off and she was quietly and stealthily traveling through the lands, and eventually into Mist territory. She was careful and on alert; it hadn't been that long ago where a full-fledged civil war was raging through the land. But everything seemed eerily quiet, and the skies and the scenery was just a vast splatter of gray, with no other color to be seen except muted and blending with the gray majority.

She frowned to herself, though she was at least certain that she was doing well in keeping to herself. Although, there were practically no one around. She saw some stragglers, mostly beaten down civilians, who looked far too skinny, or just as down trodden looking animals. The few shinobi she caught sight of, all looked tense and she couldn't gather anything from them about the current state of affairs.

It was like the Reaper lived here.

However, it actually didn't look as bad as the current Konoha, which was barreling down to its own end quickly enough. Dismal and depressing, maybe, but not like it was becoming a physical representation of Hell itself.

She rather wished there was some way to change things, but it didn't seem like any of that could come true. Everything seemed inevitable, when it came to Konoha. The people there were just wracked with hate and anger now, and poor Naruto was being punished, while Kakashi and the others were being held hostage. It was good that at least Sasori, Hashirama, and Tobirama were able to move around and still help Naruto out, while even Orochimaru was contributing on his end. She wanted to make herself useful too.

"My, my, what is a little kitty doing here, in the Bloody Mist?" her eyes widened and her head snapped to the side to see the speaker.

She narrowed her eyes and her lip curled, but she made no move to attack or prepare to do so.

"Utakata," she said calmly, keeping calm and not revealing anything on her face.

He blew his bubble maker serenely, watching her carefully. "Yugito, I'll ask again. What are you doing here?"

"Business," she said sharply. "What are you doing here? Aren't you a missing-nin?"

"Time's have changed," he said simply. "I am simply here, and that is fact. But you are in enemy territory, and you have no real excuse. Do I need to subdue you?"

Matatabi hissed violently inside of her and Yugito's own hackles rose. But she didn't lash out, forcing herself to tamp down on her anger.

"I need to see the Mizukage," she said honestly, surprising him. But she was sure of her decision and that this would be the fastest way to Yagura.

Utakata frowned, but didn't look against it. "Very well. I will escort you to Yagura."

It seemed three jinchuuriki were going to be united in just mere moments.

When the two of them finally reached the Mizukage's office, where she wasn't sure what she expected to see, they entered and she was surprised to see Yagura sitting calmly at his desk, though looking thoroughly disgruntled.

"Yugito," he murmured, looking straight at her, before turning to Utakata. "Utakata, what is the meaning of this?"

"I'm not sure, Yagura," he shrugged, tapping the end of his bubble blower against his lips. He glanced at Yugito. "She said she needed to see you, and that she was here on business. I detected no lie and I was curious, so I brought her to you as per her request. I'm staying, because I want to know what this is all about. Yugito?"

Yugito straightened up, getting ready to play her part. She was playing it by ear now, but she was confident in what to do and say.

"You were brainwashed, weren't you? Yagura," she said bluntly, and both men stiffened up.

"And how would you know of such information?" Yagura nearly growled out.

"You would be surprised with what gets passed around in Konoha," she said bluntly, and they stared at her.

"And what is a Kumo jounin doing in Konoha, of all places?" Utakata asked, frowning. Especially considering what was supposed to be going on around there…

"I followed Reiji-sama to Konoha," she told them truthfully. "He has always been a believer and a follower of Naruto-sama, so he came there when he heard she was there."

Yagura sat back in his chair, allowing himself to show his confusion. "Who is this 'Naruto-sama?'"

Yugito took a deep breath. "To us, she's brethren –another jinchuuriki, the one who houses the Nine-tailed Fox."

They both perked up at that and looked at her more closely, but Yugito was not done just yet.

"She is also Enma Ai, Jigoku Shoujo of Hell Correspondence."

Yagura reeled back, while Utakata hissed and narrowed his eyes at her.

"You lie," Yagura snarled. "Stop playing games."

"I am not," she said coldly. "I know her personally, and am in her service," she said rather proudly. "It's all real and Naruto-sama truly is Hell Girl. She can grant you vengeance too, you know."

Yugito finished rather slyly, looking at solely at Yagura with meaningful eyes. A cool smirk graced her lips, and her eyelashes lowered.

"You were brainwashed. Do you not want to send whoever it was to Hell?"

"Wait a second here," Utakata interrupted, even as Yagura sat up and looked intensely at Yugito. "What are you talking about? What are you playing at?"

Yugito shrugged indifferently, but she knew she'd already caught her prey.

"You know how Jigoku Tsuushin works, don't you? It is real, and it does work," she said, calmer than ever.

"I know there is a site at midnight you can access to get revenge on someone, but that is all," Yagura admitted, cutting off another protest from Utakata.

Yugito nodded. "If you hate someone enough, if your grudge is truly great…you wait until it's midnight, access Jigoku Tsuushin, and she will appear to you. She will hand you a straw doll with a string around its neck, tell you the terms, and you will have to decide whether or not to go through with it. If you do, remove the string and she will grant your vengeance."

"What is this vengeance?" Yagura was starting to look eager, eyes feverishly bright as he leaned towards her, over his desk. "What are the terms?"

She frowned, refraining from biting her lip. "I don't know how the words go. I wouldn't be able to say them to you –Sasori-san and Reiji-sama would probably be the best ones to do so."

"Sasori-san?" Utakata cut in.

Yugito really did scratch her head at that. "Akasuna no Sasori. That Sasori. Apparently, he used Naruto-sama's service a long time ago and is one of her most loyal and faithful followers. He practically worships her. Actually…Naruto-sama even seems equally as fond and has a soft spot for him too…"

That surprised and somewhat disturbed the other two, but they kept it to themselves.

"You do not have to tell us it word for word. Simply just tell us what happens," Yagura urged Yugito. "Having to be able to have more time to think about it will help me right now as well."

"Well basically, she makes the offer to grant you vengeance. She'll send your tormentor to Hell, but when you die, you will also be sent to Hell. If you go through with it, she will come after the person, and usually tortures them a bit before sending them to her boat, where she ferries them to Hell."

Utakata frowned as he thought of it, but Yagura looked thoughtful. Partly disappointed and wary of the terms, but the idea of sending whoever the bastard was that had taken control of him for so long, and had caused such ruin to his village and its people…

"I'll probably go through with it," he quietly spat out to himself, though the other two heard and looked at him in surprise.

"Yagura, please think about it more," Utakata urged. "There is no rush to decide. We have plenty of time until midnight."

"Utakata is right," Yugito said hesitantly. "Please think about it more. It's very serious, and not a light decision."

Yagura scowled. "Even with more time, I am sure of what I'll choose in the end. The more I think of what happened and remember everything, and see the aftermath of it all, the more rage and hate I feel. And I know that this is what I want and would choose. It's been on my mind for awhile anyway…After I'd 'woken up' and realized what has been happening, and learning of what was supposedly happening in Konoha, I've been thinking of using Hell Correspondence. I'd been afraid of the hate and anger I felt before, fearing it too much of what plagued the Leaf…but I cannot help those feelings now, and I want to use them against whoever it was that had ruined me and my village."

"I wish Sasori-san was here. He is much more informed and involved with the whole thing," Yugito confessed quietly, partly more for herself.

As if summoned, the red-haired man suddenly appeared in their midst, startling them. Sasori still held the glowing orb, which was pulsing brighter than before.

"S-Sasori-san," Yugito nearly gaped.

He blinked. "Hm…I think you called. It seems I might have temporarily gained Ai-sama's powers. What needs my attention?"

Yugito caught him up to the proceedings there, and he nodded in thought.

"I see. Most likely, the one who was controlling you is Uchiha Madara," he told Yagura seriously. "According to Itachi-kun, the Akatsuki member Tobi was actually Madara in disguise. The other Akatstuki member left, Hidan, is currently whining about trying to find someone to send him to Hell," he finished rather nonchalant.

They sweatdropped at both his attitude and the last part of that report.

"Is Konoha really going crazy?" Utakata hesitantly asked him. "We know that things have been…destructive around there, but not what's real. The other villages have various information and certainty, I'm sure, but we are currently out of it and are trying to settle things on the home front as well."

Sasori nodded, and told them of the massive Hell Sendings, and the general vibe of hate, anger, and distrust in the village. He also spoke of the cursed grounds the village was built on, and how even Ai was uncaring and even looking forward to Konoha's end, due to the Fourth Hokage's actions, as well as the cursed grounds it was built on.

"The Yondaime Hokage had more than balls to try what he did," Utakata muttered, both in awe and pity. "Lot of good it did in the end though…"

"And now we have a fellow jinchuuriki in an omniscient harbinger of vengeance from Hell," Yagura flinched.

And then they were waiting time out, sitting around until midnight. To pass time by, Sasori told them who sent who to Hell in Konoha, especially the massive Hell Sendings' chain, and how and why. He even told them of the time prior to the explosive burst of negativity in Konoha, back before Ai was revealed and even when she was a "simple" genin. At the question of Yugito, Sasori hesitantly even told them about his own Hell Sending request, and the events surrounding it. Needless to say, shock was an understatement afterwards.

Midnight came, and a computer had been set up and the cursed site was found. Yagura angrily typed in Uchiha Madara and they all waited. Suddenly, the orb in Sasori's hands gave a bright pulse and the orb began to morph and first a hand and then an arm of light was made, before a head followed, and then the rest of a body. Soon, a ghostly form of Naruto was formed and they watched her with baited breath and awed gazes.

"You have summoned me," she murmured.

And Yagura took a stumbling step towards the avenging angel, never taking his eyes off of her.

"Send Uchiha Madara to Hell for me," he said softly, gazing at her reverently.

Naruto smiled grimly.

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