Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or even the idea of Jigoku Shoujo.
Story: At midnight, there is a rumor of a site that can only be accessed then and only if there is hatred and a need for revenge. Type in the name of your enemy and Jigoku Shoujo will send them to Hell. And Naruto will do so.
Set as an AU.
Spoilers: Hai, for both Jigoku Shoujo and Naruto.
Warnings: Violence, language, etc.
Pairings: I don't know. I don't really think it'll be the main part anyway.

Jigoku Shoujo: Eikyuu no Sonzai
Chapter Two: Sagasu

Nothing happened to disturb their mission further. In fact, it was noted that Gato had disappeared without a trace. Tazuna immediately brightened up, celebrating at night with a bottle of sake.

Team 7 was suspicious, but didn't complain. It made their job easier.

At last, they headed home. It was odd that nothing had happened, but they weren't about to curse their luck. They reported, received their pay, and went their separate ways.

The next day, their next mission was once again a D-rank. Their attitude towards one another was none better than when they'd started, and it was starting to wear the team down. Unfortunately for them, no one was willing to work towards a change.

Sakura continually focused on Sasuke, who cared for nothing but getting stronger. Every once and awhile, he'd stare intensely at Naruto, who hadn't change from her indifferent attitude. Kakashi just ignored them.

"You know what you guys need, a night out!" Kurenai recommended, the jounin sensei and students all gathered together.

Kakashi blinked.

"You know, all of us get together and eat out. A group outing with our students. We get to know them a little more and they can have a little fun."

Kakashi and Asuma shrugged, but Gai went full blast into genki mode. The students were listening interestedly, with Lee joining his sensei in rejoicing.

"Sounds like fun. Where will we be eating out?" Ino asked.

"Let's eat out at the barbecue place, and then we can decide what to do from there," Asuma suggested.

A chorus of agreements echoed around the group and everyone dispersed. Naruto stayed sitting, looking down at her lap. Kakashi, noticing her staying behind, stayed behind also.

"So, Naruto. What're you still doing here?" he asked, pretending to read his book.

"…I'm sitting down to just… relax, I guess," she answered, not looking up.

"Sou ka…are you planning on going to the outing?" Kakashi asked another question.

"Iie," she answered straight.

Kakashi blinked in surprise, "Huh. Are you ditching completely or suddenly leave the group?"

"I'll be nagged to death to come by Sakura so I'll leave the group at an opportune moment. Besides, there's free food."

Kakashi smirked, "I think I'll join you."

She shrugged.


They all ate at the barbecue restaurant, before deciding on going shopping in the shopping district. Kakashi noticed Naruto slipping off as soon as the girls got excited and began chattering loudly. The guys were just exasperated, leaving Naruto to not be noticed as she slipped away.

"Hey, told you I'll join you," Kakashi said cheerfully, easily catching up.

She didn't say anything, she just kept walking.

"So, where are we going?"

Her response was the same, but Kakashi already knew. The bright lights, loud laughter, cooing voices, and raucous noises. The pleasure districts.

"Oi, Naruto, you shouldn't be going into places like these. You're a little too young, right?" Kakashi was ignored again, and he saw that they were heading towards the number one whore house, the Opal.

"We definitely can't go in there," Kakashi winced, knowing the rates and the high-class structure of everything from the building to the whores.

Naruto suddenly smiled at him, "Yeah we can."

That was the first time Naruto had any other expression than the expressionless look she always had. Kakashi blushed a little. Naruto was beautiful otherwise, but that smile made her even more attractive somehow.

They entered the clean-cut establishment, Naruto disappearing on him. He swallowed nervously, looking around and seeing whores everywhere, attached to someone.


He looked to see Naruto, and his jaw literally dropped. Not that anyone noticed because of his mask.

Her hair was done up elegantly, her lips painted red, and she wore a navy kimono with a dragon design running from hem to hem. She was naturally tall, so she had always seemed older, but the whole getup made her look even more mature. So much so that Kakashi was having inappropriate thoughts running through his head.

"I'm Enma Ai. I'm free tonight, would you like to take my offer? I'll give you a discount of 500,000 yen," she smiled like before, making him shiver. Without thinking, Kakashi nodded and handed her the money, following up the stairs to her room.

"Is this why you didn't want to stay with the group?" Kakashi asked distractedly.

"This and because I just really didn't want to be there," Naruto laughed lightly, sitting him down on her bed and then going to her ehru.

"Relax, Kakashi-sensei. I'll play the ehru for you and you can loosen up."

Kakashi nodded, laying down on her bed and listening to the beginning notes of her playing. It was beautiful and had lulled him to a feeling of laxness. Soon enough, he had drifted off to sleep with a smile.

When Kakashi awoke, the sun was streaming in and hitting his face. Blinking away the sleep and confusion at where he was, he sat up and saw a plate of toast and a pot of tea set out for him on the low table. Remembering the events from the night before, Kakashi went over and began eating and drinking.

The door clicked open and Kakashi instinctively knew it was Naruto.

"Enjoying yourself, Kakashi-sensei?"

Kakashi shrugged and then joked, "I don't know, maybe I need a little persuading."

Naruto laughed, "Right, whatever."

"Why didn't you kick me out earlier?" Kakashi asked curiously.

"I never kick out my clients. In respects to them and reputations, I never do. If I did, then the rest will tease them to no end about how I wasn't satisfied with them or something. This way, rumors like that are avoided and no one's embarrassed."

"You didn't have to charge me, you know. I'm your sensei after all," he hinted.

Naruto snorted, "I have to charge. I make exceptions for no one."

Kakashi sighed, "Oh well. At least I tried."

Naruto rolled her eyes, "If you'd forgotten, we have training today since we don't have a mission."

Kakashi groaned, "Dammit. I really did forget." He viciously took a bite out of a toast, munching annoyed.

"Say, when they say this is high-class, that means, most of the girls here entertain guests like you with the ehru, right?"

"Sort of. You see, there are two divisions here. One is where the girls aren't willing to use their bodies and the other section is the girls that are. It doesn't mean that one side is totally just for sex. Both sides just entertain. However, the side that is willing just means there's a possibility that the customer might want to have sex. For example, I'm on the willing side. I entertain my customers however they want, playing music or massaging them or whatever. But when it comes down to it and the customer wants it, I'll be ready to have sex with them."

"That was blunt," Kakashi deadpanned, though his face looked pinkish.

Naruto waved a hand in a 'oh well' gesture, "Well, that's just how it is. By the way, the opposite section is basically the same without the sex."

"Huh…well, ready to go train?"

"I guess."

Naruto sighed inwardly, wondering if paying homage to Honne-Onna this way was okay. She missed the woman, but Naruto knew she was in the past. If the former geisha saw her now...


"Enma Ai, huh? I heard of her. Perfect, beautiful, charming, and irresistible. So she's our Naruto-chan…" Kakashi muttered under his breath, ignoring the genin trying to better their teamwork.

Naruto had gone back to her regular uncaring self. It was strange seeing the two different personas and knowing they were the same person.

He glanced at them, satisfied with the progress, and then went back to his thoughts.

"Kakashi-sensei! When are we going to do a harder mission again?" Sakura yelled at him.

Kakashi shrugged, not really paying attention to what she was asking.


Sasuke stopped and just walked away suddenly, Sakura stopping her yelling and staring in surprise at him.

"Oh, Sasuke!" she yelled again, trailing after him.

That left Kakashi alone with Naruto again. He closed his book and pocketed it, turning to look at her. She was sky gazing again.

"You know, I never quite told you how I didn't appreciate you answering for the team. If we were going to continue that mission, we all should've talked it over."

Naruto didn't answer him, and Kakashi huffed.

"Come on, brat. Let's go get some ramen."

He smiled underneath his mask when Naruto followed behind him.

When they found seats at Ichiraku's and had ordered they were met by Iruka and Mizuki.

"Kakashi-san, what a surprise. And Naruto! How have you been, aijin?" Iruka hovered over Naruto, checking this and that.

Kakashi watched bemused, though a little…curious as to the relationship between Iruka and Naruto. Aijin, dearest or sweetheart; one's cherished. How very odd a title to give to someone who's supposed to be like a sister.

And Mizuki, too, gave him a peculiar feeling. It was made worse as Mizuki's intense stares directed at Naruto caught his attention.

They all chatted amicably, Iruka and Naruto directing most of the talk between themselves as Kakashi and Mizuki faced off once Mizuki caught on to Kakashi's hostile glares.

"Do you know about the rumor of Jigoku Tsuushin?"

"Hell Correspondence? Yeah. They say that you can access it at midnight if you want revenge and really hate that person. Jigoku Shoujo will exact revenge on your behalf."

Mizuki and Naruto became noticeably quiet, Mizuki even becoming withdrawn. The two girls walked away from the ramen stand, changing the subject to more common things like boys.

Kakashi was intrigued, having never heard of such a thing as Jigoku Tsuushin. It was a dark subject, but he was still fascinated by the idea.

Iruka huffed, "It's ridiculous. It's just an urban legend and yet everyone seems to think it's real. Or hope it is."

Mizuki didn't reply to that and neither did Naruto.

Kakashi noticed, but didn't say anything. It probably meant nothing. Naruto was always silent like that and he didn't know Mizuki that well.

But he was curious about that site.


"Why? Why didn't you do it?" Sasuke cried out angrily.


"You were supposed to send Itachi to Hell! I don't care if I do too, as long as he goes with me! He has to pay for his crimes!"

"Itachi, too, will go to Hell," Enma Ai said plainly.

"Then how come he's still here?! I heard! He's still out running from Oinin!"

Enma Ai shook her head, "Because he used my services to get rid of Uchiha Shisui. Itachi has my mark. He will go to Hell when he dies."

Sasuke was quiet, "Then he slaughtered the clan because he knew he was going to Hell anyway."

"Hai. If you still want to get revenge on him. Pull it…but it will be a wasted effort. You're condemning yourself for a condemned man. Pull the string if you want me to send him to Hell. You're hesitating because you don't want to. You say I was supposed to send him to Hell and yet you couldn't even pull the string all the way. It is still tied loosely around the doll."

Sasuke flinched. He stared at the doll in his hand and bit his lip. He shoved it back towards her.

"Fine. I will train to become stronger and kill him, so he can go to Hell early. I may not want to use your services, but I will use the results of your services to my advantage."

She disappeared just like that.

Waking up in a sweat, Sasuke recalled that experience as if it had happened just at that moment. He remembered the shock and surprise when Naruto entered the class the next day, loud and annoying as usual, but he now saw the resemblance to Enma Ai. Naruto didn't have the red eyes and Enma Ai didn't have the whisker scars, but they looked too alike for it to be a coincidence. He knew they were the same person, especially feeling the same ominous feeling from Naruto that he got from Enma Ai when his classmate looked over to him with a smile.

If he hadn't been so upset, he would've recognized Naruto as Enma Ai the moment he summoned her.

As it stands, he now had Jigoku Shoujo on his team.


Kakashi waited until midnight came and then he refreshed the page. Nothing.

"Huh. I guess it was just a rumor after all."

Then he thought back to what else was needed to access the site. Hatred and the need for revenge.

He joked in his mind about asking Sasuke to access it, but then his mind seriously considered it. He flinched, thinking he was thinking stupid, but then he thought about something else.

Someone else.

He resolved to ask her tomorrow and see if all the jounin wanted to see if Jigoku Tsuushin and Jigoku Shoujo were true.

At the same time, at another place, a man looked straight at the computer and clicked submit. The hourglass appeared, turned, and then fizzled out.

"You summoned me."

Hyuuga Hiashi smirked sardonically, "I always knew there was something about you, Naruto-kun."


Hiashi sighed and turned in his chair to face her, "He deserves to die. He ordered them to kidnap my daughter. That is unforgivable."

Naruto took out a straw doll and handed it to him, the red string tied around it seeming to draw in Hiashi.

"If you truly wish to eliminate your antagonist, you must pull the red string. He will be ferried immediately to Hell."

Hiashi wearily reached for it and stared down at it, "Hell…"

"However, once I have delivered the revenge, I must have you make restitution to me. When one person is cursed, two graves are dug. Your soul will also fall into Hell, forever wandering in pain and suffering. Well, that's after you die."

Hiashi kept staring at it, thinking it over.

"You shouldn't be so harsh on your daughter, Hiashi," Naruto surprisingly said, stepping out of her role.

"I don't want her to get kidnap again. I am hard on Hinata because I want her to become stronger so she will never be easy to kidnap again. I can't go through it again, the pain of a father losing his child. I almost lost her, I will not let it happen again," Hiashi tightened his jaw, his hand determinedly reaching for the string.

"You would go to Hell. Hinata will not be happy about that," Naruto actually tried to convince him not to, never letting her emotions get in the way before.

Hiashi looked hesitant, but reluctantly grabbed the string.

"At least think about it first."

Hiashi sighed, his hand recoiling from the doll.

Naruto disappeared, leaving Hiashi to himself and the black straw doll that stared ominously at him.

Started 11/21/07 –Completed 11/22/07

Client: Uchiha Sasuke
Target: Uchiha Itachi
Status: Cancelled

Client: Uchiha Itachi
Target: Uchiha Shisui
Status: Fulfilled

Client: Hyuuga Hiashi
Target: the Raikage
Status: Pending