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Story: At midnight, there is a rumor of a site that can only be accessed then and only if there is hatred and a need for revenge. Type in the name of your enemy and Jigoku Shoujo will send them to Hell. And Naruto will do so.
Set as an AU.
Spoilers: Hai, for both Jigoku Shoujo and Naruto.
Warnings: Violence, language, etc.
Pairings: I don't know. I don't really think it'll be the main part anyway.
A/n: I know I made Naruto a girl, but it's because Jigoku Shonen doesn't sound as cool as Jigoku Shoujo. Stupid reason, I know...

Jigoku Shoujo: Eikyuu no Sonzai
Chapter Three: Yuuyami no Kanata Yori

Naruto sighed, rising from the water and letting it drip down her body. She headed inside her cottage, drying herself with a tower set aside at the door.

"Obaa-san, I'm going to get some cherries."

She slipped into her seifuku before going back outside and roaming around until she spotted the cherry bush. She felt lonely. She had gotten so used to the presences of Wanyuudo, Honne-Onna, and Ichimoku Ren that she'd forgotten how lonely it was to be alone.

"Enma Ai, I'm not willing to let you go just yet. I will allow you to live as a human in your hometown, taking on your birth name Uzumaki Naruto. From this day forth, you will live a double-life as Naruto and Jigoku Shoujo," the Lord of Hell told her.

Everything became white and she disappeared. When she gained consciousness, she saw she was in a bed in a hospital. An old face she barely remembered sat next to her in a chair.

"Ah, Naruto! How are you? It's been so long. What happened to you?"

The old man Hokage. He was still nice to her. Naruto spilled out everything, weary and tired. She thought she had died after those people had attacked her after she had saved Takuma. But the Lord of Hell said he wasn't done with her just yet. And now, she had to live like a normal human while fulfilling her duties as Jigoku Shoujo.

"Naruto, would you like me to call you Ai?" Sarutobi asked her.

She nodded, "I don't have anyone else other than Obaa-san to call me that. It would be nice if at least one person would call me that so that I can remember those three that I have lost."

"Hai, Ai."

She didn't particularly care if she was called Naruto or Ai. But she wanted someone she cared about to call her Ai, just like the others used to, even though she preferred her real name.

"I like my name Naruto. It's just nice to have someone call me Ai just like they did," she whispered to herself, taking a cherry and biting into it.

"Ai, you have a request."

"Hai, Obaa-san."

She did the usual and saw who it was. She smiled grimly and teleported to her designation.

"You summoned me."

The man laughed hollowly, "Jigoku Shoujo."


"That woman lied to me. I loved her with everything I had. She never felt the same, I know now."

"Take this. "

He took the doll and gritted his teeth, feeling consumed with the thought of revenge.

"If you truly wish to eliminate your antagonist, you must pull the red string. He will be ferried immediately to Hell. However, once I have delivered the revenge, I must have you make restitution to me. When one person is cursed, two graves are dug. Your soul will also fall into Hell, forever wandering in pain and suffering. Well, that's after you die."

He flinched, "…Hell…can I think this over?"


When she disappeared, Gekkou Hayate thought about what he had just done and if he should go through with it.

Was sending Yuugao to Hell worth it?

Naruto received many requests that week. Having needed no one to turn into a straw doll for her, Naruto could easily accept more requests without restricting herself because of the number of dolls she had.

Hiashi and Hayate still had their dolls.

The team went well, going back and forth between D-ranks and C-ranks. Naruto went to work at night, entertaining people at the Opal, and then leaving at midnight to receive requests if she immediately deems them worthy. At any time, she fulfilled revenge, sometimes leaving a kage bunshin behind to do any of her team duties until she came back.

She was always busy.

That same week, Kakashi kept trying to access Jigoku Tsuushin. He even really trained his students, giving them each an elemental scroll to study on while focusing on trying to see if that site was a hoax. Every night he stayed up trying to access it, knowing that he wouldn't. He didn't hate anyone and he had no need for revenge. Perhaps he should ask Anko to try after all.

"That man…he's so like Shibata Hajime," Naruto muttered, glancing at Kakashi nodding off in a tree while staring at the scroll on lightning jutsu he had given her.

She sighed and went onto the third jutsu on the scroll, before she suddenly felt a chill go up her back. Someone pulled the string. She glanced over at Kakashi again, making sure the man was truly focused on something else, and then made a kage bunshin to replace her as she left.

A week later, Hiashi and Hayate still had their dolls. People all over requested revenge, and as usual all of them pulled the string. It was always a rare case when a client decided not to get revenge, but it did happen at least a handful of times. Trouble still came to them most of the time.

Someone pulled the string again.

She teleported there and inwardly was surprised to see Hayate. So he had pulled the string after all.

The jounin coughed harshly into his hand, "I tried to see if she was sorry. She wasn't. At all. I loved her, but I guess I wasn't enough. I don't understand why she even bothered with me."

Naruto watched Hayate talking to himself in pain and a tinge of regret. She normally didn't see the client after they'd pulled the string, but Hayate seemed such a lonely soul…


"Stupid monster!"

Naruto tightened her jaw a little, and then remembered her place. She teleported to her home and put on her outfit before setting out. She had researched Yuugao, and the woman wasn't the least bit remorseful. She would also learn her place…in Hell.

Naruto had faced something like this before. Many times before. But the type of woman she was struck by Yuugao as was reminiscent of a sort of recent case of Yasuda Haruka and Todaka Namiko. It didn't seem like she was going to get much rest tonight.

"What is this?" Yuugao scowled, finding herself in a boat with a beautiful strange girl ferrying it.

"I shall carry this revenge to Hell," was all that Naruto would say.

"N-no…it can't be!"

As much as Naruto had thought of torturing her before sending her to Hell, Naruto had this feeling she was going to be called on. It felt like maybe Hiashi…she should've checked on him, even if she'd had no time. She finished the case quickly and then teleported to the Hyuuga estate. She saw Hiashi miserably bent over on his desk, hovering over the straw doll in his hands. He was trembling all over.

"Just pull this string, huh? Pull it and he'll be gone forever, never to bother my family again," Hiashi muttered, glaring at the doll as he addressed Naruto.


"Fine…" he reached for the string at the same time as his door burst open.

"Chichi-ue! No!" Hinata sped inside, interrupting Hiashi. "I heard, I heard all about it, Chichi-ue! I was listening in on you the first time. I'm sorry, I'll try harder, but please don't do it! I don't want you to go to Hell!"

Hiashi stared in surprise at his daughter, but then quickly turned serious. "If he's gone, Hinata, he can never bother this family again. You'll be safe. And I can finally go lax on you and not have to worry about you getting kidnapped."

"Chichi-ue! I don't care, I don't want you to go to Hell!" Hinata stated stubbornly, throwing herself at her father and encompassing him in an embrace.

Hiashi flinched, "A-alright, Hinata."

He moved to pull away and give the doll back to Naruto when it caught and began to loosen. Both Hiashi and Hinata's eyes widened and then Hinata slammed her hands around the doll, not letting the string loosen any further. They sweated and looked at Naruto, who looked stoically at them.

"You have the choice, Hiashi. The string is halfway off, but is not completely taken off. You may continue to pull the string or give it back to me," Naruto intoned.

Hinata licked her lips nervously, relieved that the deal wasn't fulfilled because of an accident, and stared expectantly at her father. Hiashi hesitated, but his eyes watered.

"Please, take it. I don't want my daughter unhappy anymore."

Naruto nodded and the straw doll disappeared, along with Jigoku Shoujo herself.

"This is most unyouthful, Kakashi! Revenge is horrid!" Gai proclaimed.

"But we don't want revenge. We want to see if Jigoku Shoujo is true," Asuma said, lounging on a sofa.

They were all gathered to see if Jigoku Shoujo was true, hovering around a laptop in the jounin lounge. Anko sat in front of the laptop, waiting for midnight to come so she could call up Orochimaru's name. As much as she hoped the site was true, she didn't have high hopes.

Orochimaru deserved death, but she wanted more. She wanted him to suffer.

"It's midnight!" Asuma pointed out and Anko quickly refreshed the page. A flame erupted in the middle of it and then a box appeared with the words 'We shall exact revenge for you' atop of it. Anko grinned manically, so far so good. She typed in Orochimaru's name and clicked submit. The hourglass appeared and turned, fizzling out.

"Did it work?" Genma asked, chewing on his senbon nonchalantly.

"Anko?" Kakashi asked.


She sat there staring at the screen, eyes unblinking and body stiff. She didn't respond to any of them.

A minute later, she snapped out of it, shaking.

"Anko, what happened? You just blanked for a second," Kurenai asked her friend with wide eyes.

Anko trembled, fumbling as she got up from the chair and began walking away. She refused to even look any of them in the eye, staring at the ground and just silent. The door slammed shut behind her.

"What the hell just happened?" Asuma asked for all of them as they stared at the closed door.

Naruto's visage disappeared from the window's reflection.

"W-what the hell is this?" Anko said, finding herself in a strange place. The red skies seemed to creep her out.

"You summoned me," Enma Ai appeared before her.


"I am Enma Ai."

"You're Jigoku Shoujo. I recognized the name Enma Ai, that famous whore. But you look like Kakashi's kid," Anko narrowed her eyes at her.


"What the hell am I doing here?" Anko snarled.

"You summoned me."

Anko drew back a little, remembering. "Will you exact my revenge?"


"What?! Why'd you even bring me here then?" Anko glared, feeling hatred build in her.

"Because someone else has already targeted him."

Anko stopped short, "What did you say?"

Enma Ai held out a black straw doll, "Someone has already made a contract and is planning on pulling it soon. Orochimaru is already fated to fall."

Anko froze up, her eyes wide, "Who? Who else would want revenge on that snake?"

"Many people. Only one has succeeded before all others."

"What will happen to Orochimaru?"

"There's no more time. You must go back."

And Anko found herself shaking, snapped back to where she remembered last being, surrounded by the others.

Naruto could've dealt with that in numerous ways, but she chose to just bring Anko into her world via her mind. At any other time, she could've just waited a while until Anko was alone and then bring her to Naruto's home, but Naruto chose to just do what she did. Naruto could've even taken Anko's body from that room with the others watching and then brought her back, but she didn't want to be too obvious.

But now Naruto felt like she had to deal with two avengers that had their vengeance taken from them. At least, Naruto hoped it wasn't so.

An hour later, Anko came back with Mizuki in hand. She dragged the chuunin to the others, who were still lounging around and wondering what had just happened. This time, Anko was a lot more composed.

"Alright, explain."

Mizuki kept his mouth closed, but flinched when Anko shook him hard.

"How'd you know anyway?" Mizuki glared spitefully at the tokubetsu jounin.

"Because I just remembered you muttering about Jigoku Shoujo weeks ago," Anko glared back.

Mizuki roughly yanked himself away from her and then straightened up, looking back up to face multiple curious jounin. Knowing he wouldn't be able to get out of this, he began to talk.

"You've heard the basics, but the legend around the kids is a site called Jigoku Tsuushin. It can only be accessed at midnight by those who want revenge and have the hatred for the person they want revenge on. Once you type in the name and submit it, Jigoku Shoujo comes and gives you a black straw doll. She tells you this,

'Take this. If you truly wish to eliminate your antagonist, you must pull the red string. He will be ferried immediately to Hell. However, once I have delivered the revenge, I must have you make restitution to me. When one person is cursed, two graves are dug. Your soul will also fall into Hell, forever wandering in pain and suffering. Well, that's after you die.'

"And then you have the choice to go through with it or not. In exchange for revenge by sending the one you hate to Hell, your soul is automatically fated to go to Hell also, after you die."

"That's not what I've heard," Asuma said, "My kids talk about that legend also, but they've only mentioned the site and how to access it. How'd you know all that?"

Mizuki sighed and unbuttoned his button-up shirt to his middle. He grabbed his collar and pulled it to the side to reveal a flame-crest mark.

"This is the mark of the condemned. It's the sign of the covenant I made with Jigoku Shoujo."

They all stared shocked at the mark.

"You…you met her? You actually met her? So she's real?" Gai asked stunned.

Mizuki nodded sharply.

"So I wasn't dreaming," Anko said.

"What do you mean, Anko?" Kurenai cornered her friend.

"I-I met her too. I wanted revenge, but she said someone else had made a contract to send Orochimarut to Hell. Hell…so that's the revenge. I hope that person pulls the string soon."

"Can I go now?" Mizuki backed away.

"Go," Anko snapped at him, and he turned tail.

"Well, we have some info now," Asuma put out his cigarette.

"But who is Jigoku Shoujo and why is she doing this?" Kakashi said to himself.

Anko unnoticeably flinched, having some idea about the first half of Kakashi's question.

Started 11/24/04 –Completed 11/25/07

Client: Gekkou Hayate
Target: Yuugao
Status: Fulfilled

Client: Hyuuga Hiashi
Target: the Raikage
Status: Cancelled

Client: Anko
Target: Orochimaru
Status: Turned down

Client: Unknown
Target: Orochimaru
Status: Pending