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Story: At midnight, there is a rumor of a site that can only be accessed then and only if there is hatred and a need for revenge. Type in the name of your enemy and Jigoku Shoujo will send them to Hell. And Naruto will do so.
Set as an AU.
Spoilers: Hai, for both Jigoku Shoujo and Naruto.
Warnings: Violence, language, etc.
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Jigoku Shoujo: Eikyuu no Sonzai
Chapter Five: Garasu no Fuuken

Naruto moved quietly with her team, searching for others with scrolls that they needed. She remembered now where she had seen Kabuto before. It was surprising that Kabuto would be here now, and she could probably guess he was working with Orochimaru.

A young silver-haired boy hurriedly typed in the name, worried he would be caught at any moment. The hospital was eerily quiet, but he knew that his adoptive father could catch him at any moment. He clicked the submit button and anxiously waited.

"You summoned me."

8 year old Kabuto stood up abruptly, the chair teetering to the ground behind him. His glasses almost slipped off, but he pushed them back up as he gaped at the apparition before him.

"Jigoku Shoujo!"

She stayed silent, staring at him unblinkingly.

"That man took me in, but he has done nothing but hurt me! I hate him! I don't ever want him to hurt me again," Kabuto yelled. His tiny frame shook with silent sobs.

"Take this," Enma Ai said, handing a black straw doll to the boy.

"If you truly wish to eliminate your antagonist, you must pull the red string. He will be ferried immediately to Hell. However, once I have delivered the revenge, I must have you make restitution to me. When one person is cursed, two graves are dug. Your soul will also fall into Hell, forever wandering in pain and suffering. Well, that's after you die."

No one had ever explained the concept of Hell to Kabuto before. It didn't sound pleasant, but it seemed like it described his situation now already...

"It feels like hell already," Kabuto said, looking down.

Enma Ai looked at him and then tilted her head, "Do you want it to stop? Do you want the pain to stop?"

"Yes," he whispered.

"I will exact your revenge."

Kabuto looked up, seeing her face right in front of his, her red eyes boring into his own. He didn't even feel himself move to pull the string.

She stared a little longer into his eyes before saying, "I'll make things better. Don't worry."

Later, Kabuto blankly stared into the mirror, seeing the mark on his chest. He didn't realize the significance of it, but he had the feeling that it had something to do with Jigoku Shoujo.

"I guess I'll go to Hell now," Kabuto said, looking at the mark. He felt scared at the prospect, just as he had been scared about meeting Jigoku Shoujo. But he was happy too. He was free.

Little Kabuto's grown up, she could see. No longer was he the hapless child whose adoptive father abused. Now he was a follower of Orochimaru, still getting revenge on a village that had allowed him to endure that suffering. It vaguely reminded Naruto of her own past and present.

She quickly shut off those thoughts before they could evolve and bring out her emotions. It wouldn't do to let her emotions run her.

"Anou, Naruto, I never said it before, but thank you for saving me from Zabuza," Sakura told her as they continued running through the forest.

Naruto glanced at her, hiding her surprise.

"You're welcome," Naruto said shortly, speeding up. Still, Sakura smiled even as she was left behind.

"When we meet with Kabuto, we will join him," Naruto said from out of the blue, startling the other two.

"Why?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her.

She gave him a meaningful look that he understood. Sakura knew she had been left out, and felt upset that she didn't understand what her two teammates had been talking about. Didn't they trust her?

"Sakura, with me. Sasuke, go behind," Naruto immediately ordered, and the two went into position.

"Why are we in line position, Naruto?" Sakura asked, wandering why she was ahead with Naruto.

"Since it's just the three of us, it's easier to maintain. Also, we can easily move into any of our formations this way. If there were more of us, it wouldn't work out as well," Naruto explained, staring ahead. She felt a presence she didn't like.

Scowling, she sped up, forcing the others to speed up as well.

She knew she needed to get to Kabuto before that presence reached them. That presence felt oily and dark. It brushed the fringes of her senses, making her feel the same anger that had plagued her at her death.

"Yakushi!" she called to his attention, their destination found. The other two with Kabuto were surprised but went into battle stances. Kabuto stayed surprised, but all three of Naruto's team could tell that even Kabuto had shifted so that he was ready to attack or defend at any moment.

"Anou, Naruto-chan…what's wrong? Why did you follow us?" Kabuto smiled pleasantly.

Naruto cocked her head to the side and examined him. She said only one line.

"I will exact your revenge."

Kabuto's eyes widened and he stepped back uncertainly, losing his subtle stance. Instead, he stared at Naruto with a frightened and awed gaze, so very similar from long ago.

"Ai-sama," he gasped.

"Kabuto-kun…whose allegiance does yours truly lie?" she murmured purposefully, staring soulfully into Kabuto's gaze.

"Yours. Always. Gomen nasai, he –"

Kabuto's teammates cut him off.

"What are you doing, Kabuto?! Are you stupid? When he hears about this –"

Naruto frowned and her eyes turned red, eliciting another gasp from Kabuto. She teleported to his teammates' destination and created a dark, crackling energy blast.

"How would you like to try dying this once?" she said softly, her deadened eyes staring at the doomed shinobi.

Without being able to scream, Naruto killed the two with the blast.

"Sakura and Sasuke's chakra will be disguised as your teammates. I will mask my own chakra. We'll travel together to the tower. Kabuto, you will give your scroll to us and report to me as my spy," Naruto moved her head slowly to look at Kabuto, staring unblinkingly at him with red eyes. The same red eyes he remembered when he was young.

His hand trailed onto his chest, on the same place he knew the mark would be. The same mark he now recognized from her chakra card.

"Hai, Ai-sama."

Naruto nodded and started the way.

They reached the tower and both Sasuke and Sakura seemed subdued. Kabuto dutifully followed the stoic leader of the group, who had not said another word after they had left.

At the tower, Naruto nodded to Kabuto. He waited outside for the three to come into the tower first. He handed the scroll to them as they moved forward, but kept his mouth shut as well, only addressing Naruto with a respectful nod.

"We open the scrolls together at the same time. Sasuke, Sakura ," Naruto ordered.

The two nodded and took the two scrolls in front of them. At the count of three, they opened the scrolls which opened with a blinding flash and smoke billowing out. When it all cleared, Iruka stood in front of them.

"Well, look who made it! Congratulations! It looks like you're the first," Iruka grinned and then Naruto changed.

She smiled back congenially, "Iruka-sensei, let's have ramen, ne? Since we can't leave, wanna bring it here?"

Iruka barked out laughter, "Alright, alright. As a congratulations on being the first ones to arrive, not to mention getting as far as you have on the Exam."

"Hai, hai! Let's go!"

Sasuke and Sakura traded disbelieving looks, but they followed after the two. They watched as the usually stoic Naruto chatted happily with Iruka, completely different from when they had just been running across the forest to the tower.

They headed inside the tower and all four of them heard the bang behind them. Looking behind, they saw the Suna team catching up to them. The red head's eyes were drawn to Naruto, but the other two looked surprised to see others there before them. The chuunin was Mizuki, who looked disgruntled to see them there. Or was it more that he was anxious seeing Naruto? At least, that was what it seemed like to everyone else.

"We should head in," Naruto smiled shrewdly.

All of them proceeded cautiously, even Iruka feeling the change. There, they were met by a pair of jounin who were busy talking to each other. Iruka left to go get the ramen while Kabuto joined them. They were going to split when the pair of jounin began talking loudly.

"Are you serious? Jigoku Shoujo is real?"

"Yeah, a bunch of people revealed they met her and she granted them their revenge. Anko said she met her, and you know Anko doesn't lie. She's way too blunt about things."

"Damn, I want to try it. How do you contact her?"

Kabuto reacted, his mouth moving into a snarl and he started forward. However, Naruto's slender hand stopped him and he took deep breaths to calm himself down.

"You can't just try it. You need to hate this person. You need to want revenge."

"Oh…but how does it go anyway?"

"At midnight, if you really hate this person and want revenge, you go to a website called Jigoku Tsuushin. The site will come up as a black screen with a white box in the middle. The words 'We will exact your revenge' are on top of the white box, where you type in the person's name. An hourglass will appear and turn, fizzling out. Then you wait for her to reject or accept your case. It's very rare for her to reject a case, but it's been known to happen. It happened to Anko when she tried to use it on Orochimaru, but someone's already targeted the snake."

"What's the revenge?"

"The people who met her revealed that the revenge is that the person is sent to Hell."

"Woah, that's a scary thought. If someone dislikes you so much, they could easily send you to Hell."

Naruto turned on her heel, leaving the conversation behind with a calm face. Who knew what she was thinking. Her two teammates, Kabuto and Mizuki followed behind her to wherever she was heading. The Suna team was left behind, but they were all thinking about the conversation they had just overheard.

Later that night, a laptop was turned on in the main hall. The person typed in the website, watching as the error page appeared. When midnight appeared, the website was refreshed. A flame appeared in the middle of the screen before becoming smaller and blacking out the screen except for the infamous white box. The words 'We will exact your revenge' appeared on top of the box just like everyone said it would.

She said the name as she typed in, her face glaring in hatred at the screen, "Sabaku no Kankuro."

She clicked on submit and the hourglass appeared and fizzled out. She waited patiently.

"You called."

Startled, Temari whipped around and gaped at Naruto.

"Y-you're Jigoku Shoujo?"

"I am Enma Ai. Take this."

Naruto held out a black straw doll and Temari tentatively took it. Other than the conversation she overheard, she had no idea on what was going to happen.

"If you truly wish to eliminate your antagonist, you must pull the red string. He will be ferried immediately to Hell."

Temari was terrified of the prospect, but began building her resolve.

"However, once I have delivered the revenge, I must have you make restitution to me. When one person is cursed, two graves are dug. Your soul will also fall into Hell, forever wandering in pain and suffering. Well, that's after you die."

"I will also go to Hell?!" Temari gasped out in horror.

She wanted Kankuro to go to Hell. Her brother didn't really care for Gaara, never even tried to bring back their brother. Now Gaara was lost to them both. She should've tried harder, but Kankuro did nothing!

"I will wait. When the time comes, I will pull the string," she whispered.

Naruto nodded and disappeared. Kankuro wasn't the most important part of the mission, that was Gaara's role, but Kankuro still had a part to play. Temari would wait until after the invasion. Somehow, she knew Enma Ai wouldn't say anything about the plans on Konoha. Temari had a feeling it was already being taken cared of.

Naruto felt the call of someone immediately. She frowned, wondering if she could get away without anyone noticing. Seeing the others preoccupied with eating, she silently made a kage bunshin and switched with it. Disappearing once again, she reappeared in a very unlikely place.


The small voice startled and sent a small thread of fear in her. She even felt a bit of sadness.


The little boy sniffled and wiped his nose with one hand. He looked up at her with watery eyes and his tiny figure shook.

"Naru-neechan, you're Jigoku Shoujo, right? Please help me, Naru-neechan."

"What happened, Konohamaru?" Naruto asked, more in the persona of herself than Enma Ai or Jigoku Shoujo. She knelt near the little boy and pulled him into her arms.


At that moment, Konohamaru reminded her of the little boy who everyone blamed and hunted. The same little boy who looked at her for help just like Konohamaru was doing at that moment. Takuma was so helpless and reminded her of herself once upon a time.

"Uncle Asuma always ignores me. He doesn't mean to, but he does. And it's all his fault that my otousan died. If it weren't for him, then otousan would be here right now," Konohamaru sniffled.

"Pull it, Tsugumi. Send Hajime to Hell. It's his fault your mother died. If it wasn't for him, you'd still have your mother."

Naruto swallowed thickly, her memories threatening to rise to the surface. But then she pushed it down and pushed Konohamaru away enough to look at him in the eyes.

"Konohamaru, do you understand what you are asking? What you are risking?"

'Please don't make me have to send you to Hell.'

"Do you understand that you will be sending Asuma to Hell, and when you die you will also?"

'Please, Konohamaru. I don't want to do it. Don't condemn yourself like this.'

"Do want to go to Hell when you die?"

Konohamaru sobbed and tears came rushing down his face, his hands scrambling to wipe his face clean.


Naruto breathed a sigh of relief.

"But I want otousan! Asuma-ojisan doesn't even care that he's dead."

"Do you know that for sure? Maybe Asuma-san is just trying to be strong for you or doesn't want to think about it too much because it hurts. Talk to him, Konohamaru. Promise me, you'll talk to him first at least. Before you think about doing anything."

Konohamaru nodded reluctantly, still wiping his face and trying to stop his sobbing. Naruto hesitantly handed him the black straw doll and felt another calling her.

"I have to leave, Konohamaru. Remember our promise."

Naruto left the Sandaime's son there, teleporting out and into a more familiar place. Seeing who was calling her, she artfully took the person before the others' very eyes, without them seeing her.

"Yuuhi Kurenai, you called me," Naruto said stoically, much more in control of herself than just a little while ago.

The genjutsu mistress looked a little uncertain, but determined. Naruto observed her new client and waited for her to talk.

"Jigoku Shoujo, I request to send Hyuuga Hanabi to Hell," Kurenai said formally, her eyes firmly staring into Naruto's.

Naruto cocked her head to the side, "Why?"

Kurenai looked shocked for a second, not expecting the question, but quickly composed herself. She hesitated, but then went on.

"Hinata is my student, as you know Naruto-san. She tries very hard, but Hanabi always puts her down. It hurts Hinata every time. Hinata tries hard to be a good sister, but she feels bad every time that brat talks down to her. Hinata not only feels inferior, but as if she's always letting down Hanabi. That girl will never learn, and Hinata will always feel bad behind her sister's shadow. Hinata won't be able to move pass her sister if Hanabi will become upset at Hinata's progress either. In any way, Hanabi stops Hinata from being happier and stronger."

Naruto stared deeply into Kurenai's eyes, seeing the utter belief and adoration the woman had towards her student.

"Take this."

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