Summary: Maddie can't sleep one night after a astonishing experience with Danny.

I'm not entirely sure with the time passed, which enemies are known, etc. Just go with me on it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom. Short and simple.

Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, What was That?!

Maddie Fenton sighed, crunching the covers close up to her. She was snuggled up closely (I'm sorry for the image) next to her husband Jack Fenton, whom was snoring quite peacefully (and loudly). Good thing Jazz had gotten her nice earplugs for Christmas.

Maddie was quite comfortable, and right about now was the perfect time for her. You see, being the wife of a very… well… egotistical man (who in a way, refused to let her do any of the invention making, big thinking work), didn't give her much time to think. She was always cleaning up his messes, fixing his inventions, etc. Of course, Jack was a wonderful husband and she did love him very dearly. There were times when he was a very sweet, loving man with intelligence and a big heart.

So that's why she was lying down in her bed, very comfortable, and awake. This was the time she liked to use to think. Probably not the best time, with her feeling all sleepy, but at this moment, she was thinking very clearly.

So you see, she wasn't sighing because she couldn't sleep, but because of a problem that kept nagging at her, feeding her worries, and an undeniable feeling that she was, and always had been, missing something.

It was her son Danny.

He was always a good kid, very bright, very kind, and always truthful. He was a bit clumsy, and he was quite thin, but otherwise an average, carefree boy. That all changed a year ago.

The carefree, twinkling eyes of her baby boy were gone, and more than anything, Maddie wanted to see them again. Sure, a couple of times, like during summer, And at the end of Christmas, instead of being sad, he seemed overjoyed, but…they weren't there as often as she felt they should be.

She couldn't deny it, Danny was growing farther and farther away from her. She really had never wanted that to happen. She had of course known it happened to every teenager, but she had a sickening feeling sometimes that maybe, just maybe, t wasn't a cause of puberty. Maybe she, herself was causing it.

But that wasn't just it. Now when she saw those baby blue eyes, she saw a storm raging inside them. They looked troubled, and distressed, and…mature? Was that even possible in a teenager? Once again the confusing thoughts.

She knew that maybe if she took the time to sort them out, kind of like ectoplasm samples, maybe she could figure out what all this was trying to tell her. She knew one thing. Her son was hiding something from her. And even at the risk of being called nosy, or being completely shut off from her son's life, she knew that she had to find out what it was.