Night 17

Maddie awoke to the dim light of the lamp, barely illuminating her surroundings. Her hands reached out and felt the couch on which she was lying.

Slowly she pushed herself up, until she was comfortably upright and leaning on the pillow that had been put against the arm. She sighed and let her head sink into it. She couldn't remember much…

Then her head shot up. She immediately regretted that action, gripping her head and wincing. It felt like her head had been pounded against a wall a good few times.

She tried to ignore the pain, and instead reached for the woolen blanket that had been covering her, throwing it off. She slowly put her feet on the floor, and when she was able to steady herself, stood up.

Slowly she walked around, not enjoying how helpless she felt. However, Maddie was determined to find Danny.

She found him rather soon, but only after almost tripping over his legs. He had been sitting in the armchair next to the couch, probably watching over her.

Maddie smiled at the snoozing boy. His head was held up precariously by one hand, elbow resting on the arm. His chest rose and fell gently, small soft snores coming from his nose and mouth.

This was her son.

Maddie carefully tucked a piece of his hair behind his ear, which otherwise would've been tickling his nose and making him sneeze.

Maddie paused a moment and looked at the piece of hair. It was the an incredibly dark black, with a soft sheen to it. Maddie rubbed it in her hands. It still felt the same as when she had given birth to him.

Maddie let the piece of hair fall back, and finally regarded the whole teenager.

She took in his gawky structure, which she had been telling herself recently would very soon give way to a more adult figure. The messy hair, which was his signature, the way of knowing this was Danny. The closed eyes, which, when open, were a regular baby blue, yet also striking when he regarded those close to him.

This was her son.

Maddie hesitated, then placed a hand on Danny's chest. It rose and fell with his breathing. It made her relieved. He was breathing.

And then he'd open his eyes, and they'd be blue.

And his hair would be black.

And underneath his shirt would be cuts and bruises, but she'd finally understand why.

Maddie sat down with a muffled thud on the couch.

This was her son.

She continued her train of thought.

She now knew that at some point his hair would be white.

She now knew that at some point his eyes would be green.

She knew that underneath his black jumpsuit, his body would be paler, but it would be the same cuts and bruises.

And she'd finally know why.

This was her son.

Somehow while she was unconscious, she'd found peace of mind, she realized that now. All this time she had spent with Phantom…

It had almost prepared her.

Maddie knew all was forgiven.

And she knew she'd also forgive him.

Her eyes closed happily, and she embraced her child.

This was her son.

"Mmm…Mom?" Came Danny's muffled voice.

"You have a lot of explaining to do young man." Maddie said, faking strictness through the hug.

"Wha-What?" Danny stuttered.

"Don't think you're going to get out of telling me how and when this happened, mister, no way." Maddie said again strictly.

"Wait, What?!" Maddie could practically feel his eyes widening when he realized what she meant. His body went rigid.

Maddie smiled and loosened her grip.

"Well…" She said softly.

"You probably won't have a lot to tell me, considering Phantom has done a pretty good job of it." She said, and pulling away from Danny, for the first time in a long while…Maddie grinned.

And Danny, through his shock and confusion, his eyes gave way to something deeper, and he, from the bottom of his heart…grinned back.

And as they hugged once more, Maddie knew things would not be the same. They usually weren't anyway, but things were going to change a bit, maybe not a lot, but a small amount.

But Danny would always be Danny.

Maddie sighed, knowing tonight sleep probably wouldn't be an option.

But there was always the next night.

And the next.

Maddie sighed again, this time happily.

This boy…this part-ghost something-or-other, with changing eyes and hair, changing attitude, the power to fly and walk through things, and be a completely different person…a hero…

This was her son.


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