"What should we do?" Ino asked her friends. She was talking about Shikamaru and Temari. They were obviously in love with each other but were not taking any action. This was annoying Ino to her limit.

"Do we really have to do something?" Tenten asked Ino. They were all on Sakura's patio. Tenten was snacking on some chips.

"I don't think Temari-san would be very happy…" Hinata added.

"Who cares? I think she'd be happy if I helped her anyway!" Ino said.

'She would say 'I don't need your help!' if you asked her.' Everyone thought.

"Then what do you say we do, Ino, master of all pranks?" Sakura asked her best friend. Ino sat down and thought.

"How about we trick them into seeing each other? They won't go to see each other willingly." Ino said.

"How would we do that?" Kin asked. Ino was annoyed.

"Hey, I thought it up that far! Why don't you guys help me?"

'Because you're the one who wants to do it…' That was everyone else's thought but they didn't want to make Ino too angry so they decided to do it.

"Konoha doesn't have a lot of romantic spots." Sakura sighed.

"I've been having trouble trying to find a spot for a date with Sasuke-kun."

"Naruto-kun and I go to the Ramen stand…" Hinata said.

"Yeah, but that's because it's Naruto we're talking about. Shikmaru is a whole different story." They discussed for a while when Tenten suddenly said,

"Hey…I know the perfect place." Everyone turned around.



Tenten led the girls to a spot at the top of the building.

"I once came up here and saw Shikamaru laying there. She pointed to a small structure. I talked to him a little bit and he said it was his favorite spot to just lay down and watch the clouds."

"But this isn't romantic!" Sakura whined.

"But you know, if Naruto Ramen Stand, then Shikamaru Place to stare at the clouds right?" Kin said. Sakura sighed.

"Guess so…" Hinata tried to comfort Sakura.

"The thing that matters isn't the spot…but the feeling about the spot right?" Hinata smiled hopefully at Sakura.

"Yeah, I guess so." Sakura replied. She turned to Ino.

"Shikamaru will be easy, but how will we get Temari to come over here?"

"Of course Sakura…" Ino tried to give a dramatic pause. "The Cell phone!" Ino took out her pink 'Strawberry' cell phone. It was the newest one in Konoha.

"If we use this, I can call Text Temari and pretend its Shikamaru."

"But wouldn't she find out it wasn't his cell phone?" Tenten asked.

"Fine…how about we take Shikamaru's cell phone and use that to text her?" Ino said angry that she was outsmarted.

"Sounds good to me." Kin replied.

"But a lot more dangerous…" Hinata added.


My second story with more than one chapter! This time I will focus more on Shikatema.