Later, Temari came to join the others in Tenten's room.

"So how was your date?" Ino asked Temari. Everyone started to panic.

"How did you know that?" Temari looked at everyone. She figured it out.

"You guys spied on me didn't you?" Temari said. She realized what they had saw and started to pull her fan out.

"No! We didn't spy on you! We set you up and made sure that it went well!" Sakura said. Temari stopped.

"You even set me up?" Temari asked, her anger started to grow.

"D-don't hurt us! We didn't mean to hurt you Temari-san!" Hinata said covering her face.

"Well..." she said looking at Hinata. "You did help me.." She said. "Fine. I forgive you. But you better not do that again." Temari said and glared.

"We promise!" The other girls said.

"But you're lucky Temari, you are the second one with a boyfriend." Sakura said. Kin was Zaku's girlfriend.

"I know. Thanks." She said.


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