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Szayel snarled as he looked upon the mansion in the horizon. The perfectly white pillars were perfectly aligned. There was a giant blue door that stood at the entrance with matching shutters. The arrancar let the wind blow through his pink hair. He was officially on a war path. After nine months of watching his "test subject turned mate" in recovery he had enough pent up anger to tear his father in law limb from limb.

Ishida hadn't slept for nearly a month because of his father. That damn Ryuuken had tipped his arrows with spiritual poison. No wonder it took nine months just to get Ishida back to normal! In fact Ishida was still healing and being purified. As of right now the quincy was in his apartment floating in an oversized tube of light blue purifier that the pink haired arrancar had to specifically develop to combat Ryuuken's poison. The poison had destroyed most of his "test subject's" internal organs that were now being recovered thanks to the purifying liquid that Szayel had developed.


It had been right after he had brought Ishida home after he caught him. Szayel was hoping for a short recovery time for the quincy so he could continue annoying and teasing him. As much as the arrancar hated to admit it he found that making his test subject mad was the most amusing part of the day. It would have been a short recovery time if not for the poison, but after three months of an unresponsive but alive Ishida the pink haired arrancar decide to do some experimenting. So all of his lab equipment was teleported to the quincy's tiny apartment. He stole the money so Ishida could keep the apartment, so Szayel should be allowed to take a couple of liberties. After that Szayel gave the test subject a full body scan and found that the poison was eating away at Ishida's internal organs at a very slow rate.

It took an additional two months to make an effective treatment. The worry the pink haired arrancar experienced in those two months was enough to kill him if it weren't for the fact that he was already dead. He had to listen to his test subject whimper in pain when he tried to test his medicines on the teenager. Then he had to watch as Ishida was becoming deathly pale. In fact if it weren't for Szayel feeding Ishida his spiritual energy the quincy would have died months ago from starvation.

Then finally Szayel had succeeded. The demon watched as Ishida's eyes fluttered open. Success! The arrancar didn't waste any time smashing their lips together. He wanted his test subject to get mad at him. That away he would know that his test subject was functioning again. Ishida awoke and didn't even know what was going on, it wasn't until he heard a very possessive voice whisper "Mine." And registered the sensation of fangs digging into his neck that he was truly awake. As for Szayel maybe it was because he had found something to cure Ishida with but when the quincy awoke Szayel felt this dark hunger like he had never had before. He wanted the quincy. He saved the quincy. The quincy was under his protection and therefore the quincy was his. It was this train of thought that lead him to lick the quincy's neck and sink his fangs into his test subject.

The teenager tensed up from the unexpected pain and tried to push the arrancar off of him but his arms felt too heavy from all the months of being in a coma. Szayel licked the blood that came pouring out of his quincy's wound while wrapping his arms around his mate and pulling him closer.

The sudden show of affection was scaring Ishida a bit, but he couldn't move that well. It was like his arms were made of heavy jelly and his body just wasn't functioning the way it was supposed to. The quincy opened his mouth to tell his stupid "visitor" the get the hell off but it just came out as a dusted gasp. His mouth was so dry! Thankfully Szayel noticed his test subject's predicament and wordlessly got off of him to get a glass of water.

The teenager immediately tried to reach for the water, forgetting that his arms weren't working correctly and making him accidentally fall back into the bed. Szayel smirked at his test subject's response.

"You know with you like this I could do whatever I want….." The pink haired arrancar drawled with a perverted gleam in his eyes. Ishida then became worried, what did Szayel have in store for him? Would he rape him?

"But be happy I like you." The arrancar finished as he saw the worried look in his test subject's eyes. Ishida let out a sigh of relief that he didn't know he had been holding. The quincy knew then that Szayel wouldn't do anything TOO sadistic to him. The arrancar sat the glass of water on the night stand and reached down to the quincy. Ishida's eyes looked hungrily at the water. Szayel wouldn't be so cruel as to withhold water and food from a person, would he? The feeling of helplessness started creeping up on Ishida. The pink haired one wrapped his strong arms around Ishida's back and hips easily moving him back into a sitting position. The quincy continued to stare longingly at the water. It was lucky that Szayel wasn't feeling particularly cruel today as he picked up the water and lightly brought it to his test subject's lips.

The young quincy greedily drank all of the refreshing liquid only to be reprimanded by the demon.

"Slow down, if you don't you'll get sick."

Ishida let out a growl but slowed his pace. Before long the glass was empty, but the quincy's head still felt fuzzy. Szayel let his attention be drawn to some of the water that that was slowly dribbling down his test subject's chin. He couldn't help but be mesmerized by the liquid or how it looked on the quincy. Szayel didn't hold back as he licked off the water, cleaning his charge. Ishida could feel the bite mark pulse just from contact with the pink haired one. Was it hot in here or was it just him?

Szayel couldn't help himself. He wanted more of what was his. He began gently sucking on the teen's neck to see if he would start mewing like he did that one time and Szayel wasn't disappointed. Ishida embarrassedly tried to push his legs together to hide his "problem" but like all of his other limbs his legs were also not functioning. Not that he could think too much about that with his arrancar's tongue distracting him. Wait? His? When did he start thinking of the pink annoyance in such a way?

"I see something is still working to its full potential." Szayel smirked as he brought his hand to rest on Ishida's groin which was fully erect.

"Shut up…" Ishida said with as much voice as possible, obviously flustered.

The said" pink annoyance" was finding Ishida's skin quite delectable. It was creamy like well…cream and the way his test subject was gasping when he lapped at Ishida's neck did nothing but drive the arrancar on further. Szayel slid his hands under Ishida's night shirt and threw the garment off. He kissed down the quincy's stomach, making sure to outline the ribs that were poking out with his tongue. Suddenly he stopped to take off his shirt. Ishida couldn't help but be a little self conscious when comparing their bodies.

Szayel's toned abs were the fist thing he saw and the slightly tanned skin compared to his deathly pale skin and overly skinny body was a bit intimidating. But for some reason despite where this was obviously going Ishida didn't feel like complaining. That bite mark continued to pulse, making Ishida's groin do the same. It was like he didn't know how to feel but the sheer curiosity was driving him from saying no.

The pink haired menace looked down at his soon to be mate. His test subject seemed complacent enough. Szayel pulled out a bottle of lube from his back pocket and began to pour a liberal amount onto his hand, while using the other free hand to pull down Ishida's boxers.

"What are you doing?" Ishida croaked out. The arrancar let out a little smile.

"Honey, don't worry it's going to feel good. I HAVE been taking care of you in the last five months, haven't I?" Szayel answered in a sickly sweet voice but it was oddly not mocking.

Ishida gave him a look that clearly said "I don't trust you but it hurts to much to use my voice so I'm going to let you do what you want." Szayel smirked and wrapped his lubricated hand around Ishida's constantly throbbing manhood. Ishida tensed, he wasn't expecting this. The slippery substance felt cool but it was warming up with Szayel pumping along Ishida's member with his hand. Ishida had jerked himself off many a night but he it was different when somebody else did it…..not bad but different.

The pink haired arrancar used his other hand to jerk them off simultaneously. He then felt Ishida tense up, and being the sadistic bastard that was he clamped his hand around Ishida's erection, effectively stopping the quincy from cumming. Ishida let out a whine. Szayel then applied some of the lube to Ishida's entrance and began to stretch him. Ishida didn't know what to think at first. It felt strange but than the pink annoyance hit something within him and Ishida moaned in pleasure, wishing that he had the strength to force the arrancar to remove his hand so he could orgasm.

After Szayel toyed with his test subject while stretching him, he watched Ishida's expressions go from pain to bliss. The arrancar then pushed himself into the quincy's tight entrance. He was in bliss, Ishida was so warm wrapped around him. Szayel started slow and soon the quincy was matching him in pleasure. It was times like this when being a scientist with a knowledge of human anatomy really came in handy. Making sure to hit the quincy's prostate each time. Ishida was more like a doll since he couldn't move his muscles very effectively so he didn't really have a choice to change the rhythm or not. But he did get his revenge by tightening around the pink haired one. Soon the two came. Szayel leaned over Ishida and noticed that the quincy had fainted.

It was then that Szayel learned the symptom of the medicine he invented. It caused unpredictable episodes of fainting.

End Flashback.

It had been a rough four months after that with Ishida's fainting but Szayel took care of his test subject with an unnatural devotion, but now Ishida was now at home resting in the regeneration tube where he would be for the rest of the day. The arrancar had found out that if he had Ishida absorb the medicine in his skin, other than injecting it or swallowing it, the side effects were less severe. Ishida was making a lot of progress and soon his organs should be completely rebuilt.

Now time for revenge for the one who put his test subject in this state. Ishida's father immediately came out when Szayel increase his spiritual pressure to a crushing force that easily toppled the mansion that the hospital director lived in.

"Who are you?" Ryuuken deadly asked. Too bad that tone didn't work with this arrancar.

"Just some completely normal and unrelated person……"Szayel smirked. Before Ishida's father had time to try to intimidate the arrancar further, Szayel raised his hands activating the trap that he set for the quincy elder.

Ryuuken looked down to see a giant circle below his feet. For some reason he couldn't move and it felt like all his spiritual power was being drained. He tried to move….to speak….anything!! But nothing was happening.

"Sorry? Are you ok? You know you seem to be pretty adept at using poisons so I though it would be nice of me to kill you like you intended to kill your son. You have five minutes of being in that dimension that I created, and every second you're in there the pain will increase. Good thing you live far out in the forest so no one will her you." Szayel evilly explained as he wore a sadistic smile. He stayed there for the whole five minutes and watched as Ryuuken screamed and begged in pain. Soon his body began to decompose quickly in the time altered dimension and blew into the wind.

Szayel didn't feel sorry for him though, that's what happened when someone messed with what was his. The arrancar went home and watched his mate inside the tube wearing a long white shirt and a white skirt. For the time being they would stay here, who knew what they future held once his test subject/mate got better. Szayel put his hand to the glass and let out a small smile to his barely conscious love.

Ishida cracked his eyes open from inside the tube, and let out a small smile. Yes, he loved the pink haired bastard. Szayel had done more for him than anyone had in his life…..but he sure as hell wasn't going to let the arrancar know that. Ishida lightly brought one hand up to match where Szayel currently had his hand on the glass. The blue liquid was restricting but the air mask kept the quincy alive. He would be back to full health soon. The two looked at each other unaware that the same thought was going through both of their heads.

"I love you and you are mine."

"Love you, Honey" Szayel mouthed with the biggest perverted smirk Ishida had ever seen. The quincy let a sarcastic smile tug as his lips since he couldn't talk in the liquid but he knew one this was for sure. He was so getting fucked tonight.

Ichigo slammed into his family's house. Damn it! He needed some peace! There were just so many fucking kids!! Not that Ichigo didn't like kids….he loved kids, but when he had only had an hour of sleep in a whole week he was bound to get a little pissed and Grimmjow the bastard was getting so over protective over his children that it was becoming a nuisance. It had only been a week since he and the girls had the children. Though thankfully by a series of unfortunate events the whole "space limit" that the perverted statue had imposed had been disabled. Ichigo smiled when he thought about it.

Flashback: eight months ago.

Ichigo was going through the mood swings badly. And no. He did not want sex! No matter how much his idiot did. It was pretty strange, one minute he would be ready to fuck anything that moved (Grimmjow) and the next minute he wouldn't care in the least if he never had sex again. So in order to get everything in order they had sent the girls on ahead to Heuco Mundo while Ichigo decided it would be best if they checked in with his father. He knew that his Dad didn't care where he had been but his sisters had a tendency to worry about him, especially when he was gone for prolonged periods of time like he had been.

"Ichigo!! My son!! Here comes daddy's upper flying kick!!" Isshin said as he lunged at his son. Ichigo easily dodged the kick and Grimmjow glowered at his father in law and without warning slammed the idiot in the opposing wall. Ichigo just shook his head. Had he been expecting a normal family reunion?

"EEPP!! How DARE you throw daddy in such a disregarding manner!! I deserve to be handled gently!! You oaf!!" Isshin yelled while fake tears dotted his eyes.

"Don't you dare try to kick him!! What the hell type of father are you anyway!!" Grimmjow yelled back.

"I'm a good father!!" Isshin screeched.

"Yeah, sure, good at being a dummy!" Grimmjow yelled back.

Isshin looked aghast. "TAKE THAT BACK!! DADDY IS NOT A DUMMY!! YOU…..YOU……YOU…..MEANIE!!" Isshin screamed as he pointed at Grimmjow.





Ichigo sighed and just went to go sit at the table. He had a feeling those two would be at it a while. At least he would have REAL food here. Ichigo was having a killer craving for pickles with squash and chicken juice mixed with egg salad. So typically it surprised him when he was raiding the fridge that he saw Urahara coming to greet him out of his father's room. Really what was he doing in there?

"Ichigo. I'm happy you're back." The shopkeeper drawled as he balanced the statue in one of his hands.

"Gee, thanks now get that damn statue away from me." Ichigo said as he pulled out the mayonnaise to make the egg salad.

"Well, you don't have to be rude. Especially when I have something really amazing to tell you." Urahara said while putting a hand over his heart and feigning pain. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Alright, I'll bite. What is it?" Ichigo asked in a conspirator voice.

"Well, Alright….me and your father are engaged…" The shop keeper whispered to Ichigo. The teenager nearly fell over in disbelief. You had to be kidding. This was only proven true when Urahara held up his hand and he had Ichigo's mother's old ring on his ring finger.

"Well!! Congratulations!!" Ichigo yelled as he gave Urahara a hug nearly suffocating the poor shop keeper. Thankfully Ichigo's "happy mood" had suddenly come.

"I'm happy you're taking it so well." Urahara said. Ichigo nodded as his "gossip mood" then kicked in….call it something he earned from hanging out with pregnant women all day.

"So! How did you all get together!" The teenager excitedly asked.

"Well at first we accidentally spilled our blood on the statue. I really was mad at your father because he left me for your mom when we were teenagers. Then Yoruichi came and got us therapy sessions and we worked everything out, then one day he just came home and proposed! You know maybe this is all my karma coming back to me. From now on I want you to call me "mommy!" Urahara gossiped. Ichigo sweat dropped.

"Hey speaking of them, we should probably check on the two idiots." Ichigo suggested, trying to get away from the 'mommy" subject as quick as possible. With that the two got up and were met with a strange sight in the living room.

"What about this asshole!" Grimmjow yelled as he was sitting on top of Isshin with a victorious smile on his face, holding a dirty sock to Isshin's nose.

"No! You evil Jackass!! I will not surrender!!" Ichigo's father yelled as he flipped Grimmjow off of him. The teal haired arrancar stumbled back, hitting Urahara and knocking the statue out of his hand, which smashed on the floor.

"Oops." The arrancar stated. Suddenly for some reason everyone felt freer.

End Flashback

And that was how the "space limit" was broken. It wasn't five months later that Isshin and Urahara were married. Ichigo moved to Hueco Mundo with Grimmjow and everything was going fine. Ichigo had a little girl and Grimmjow was an oddly devoted father with all his children. Halibel and Rukia each had a little girl that they were taking care of. Uliquiorra still had Aizen as a slave who he claimed to love. Grimmjow couldn't help but scoff at how the stoic one would cuddle with his slave, that and the stoic arrancar often rented Nnoitora out to the weaker demons. The peace treaty was still going strong and everything seemed to be fine.

Ichigo laughed as he remembered Grimmjow molesting him in their kitchen. It was so animalistic and rough. The way Grimmjow growled when he was pounding into him and the way he whispered dirty words into his ears. Ichigo's cheeks went a flame as he remembered their sex earlier that day….but he was so tired. Grimmjow had volunteered to watch the children so that gave Ichigo a day off. Though sometimes when Ichigo would be rough Grimmjow would get scared for some reason that Ichigo had no clue of. The teenager cautiously opened the door, looking around in case his father had one of his, "My son's home so I get to kick him because he didn't bring my adorable granddaughter to see me" kick.

Thankfully Isshin wasn't home and Ichigo actually got his twenty four hours of uninterrupted sleep. It seems miracles would never cease to happen!

Unohana watched suspiciously at the door. She only had a limited amount of time to do this and it must be done. In the sterile room a small child lay in the hospital bed. The child had bones sticking out from it's hands and had numerous cut marks from the repeated exploratory surgery. The female doctor let out a pained sigh. She felt guilty that she had to be the one to do this, but the soul was just in suspension. Hinamori's child had been sold to Soul Society for the soul purpose of being tortured to find out more about the arrancar's in case the peace treaty ever fell through. Unohana had to wonder if it was worth it. Hinamori's depression that she was just coming out of or the fact that they kept this soul trapped….well not for long.

The female shinigami took out a small needle and injected it into the body. Even though the body and the mind had been separated, the drug bonded them only for a moment before it would stop the young arrancar's hybrid heart. The child turned it's head to Unohana and gave a small smile and mouthed a "thank you" before dying and going on to be reincarnated in the human realm.

The doctor quickly left the scene after that, knowing that she had corrected a wrong.

Gin smiled as he watched his beautiful uke from below. This was just too good to be true! It was amazing! End of the world amazing!! Gin moved from the side of the bed to continue to watch this "oh so adorable" moment that his young captain was having. The fox shinigami knew that Hitsugaya had a hard day yesterday with training the new recruits and some of them were pretty much acting like assholes to the young captain because he had spent some time in Hueco Mundo.

In fact thinking back on it, it was awfully suspicious that the ice captain went straight to his room after work without even telling Gin hello, but that was ok if it meant Gin was seeing what he though he saw.

On the bed layed a very tired Hitsugaya in a dead sleep, his spiky hair going in all directions on the pillow and his light blue sleeping attire sliding off of his shoulders from being slightly too big. But what REALLY caught Gin's attention was the light pink teddy bar that the ice shinigami seemed to have a death grip on while lightly biting the tip of the bear's ear. All in all it was utterly adorable. Plus, Gin knew he shouldn't have put regression past the kid.

Then Gin got an amazing idea!! His uke would thanks him later! Gin quietly crawled on the bed. Now, usually Hitsugaya was an extremely light sleeper but when he was exhausted nothing could wake him. The silk sheets didn't make a sound. The fox shinigami carefully pulled Hitsugaya's legs apart and oh so quietly removed the younger's pants inch by inch. The ice captain didn't even stir. Really this scene was just too cute for words. Gin suddenly wished that he had a camera.

Slowly the fox shinigami lowered his mouth onto his mate's member. At first the flaccid manhood did nothing but with enough suction especially to the part that was just to the right of the tip, the cock was standing at full height. Gin smirked at his uke's reaction. Yup, he knew all of the younger's hot spots.

While this was going on Hitsugaya was moaning in his sleep. A light sheen of sweat was starting to cover his body and he twisted in an unconscious attempt to get out of his night clothes. This only managed to loosen them a bit but it gave Gin a look at the flushed pale skin underneath, nearly making the older drool with want. Gin could feel his own body temperature heating up with each moan Hitsugaya emitted. Suddenly the older found himself jealous of the bear for being so close and cuddly with HIS mate. With this suddenly jealously Gin propped the younger up.

"Hmm…what?...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH!! YOU EVIL MMMPH." Gin easily silenced the infuriated younger with a forceful kiss. Hitsugaya let out a growl. This was NOT how he wanted to be woken up…ad he didn't want to make his teddy bear watch such a horrible act! The ice captain could feel Gin's erection poking him in the stomach. In a last ditch attempt to save his teddy bear's virgin eyes, he used all of his strength to flip them both to the side of the bed.

"Eeep" The poor ice shinigami didn't have time to register what was happening due to just being woken up from his sleep, but somehow Gin had used his strength to pull Hitsugaya to his knees at the edge of the bed. Thankfully the teddy bear was turned the other way so Hitsugaya was safe…..from all but his seme. Gin seemed intent on getting off tonight as he thrust into his mate's tight entrance. The ice captain tensed for just a minute before the spell took away the pain. With Hitsugaya already pretty hot and heavy from the anger and the blow job he immediately tightened around his stupid seme.

Gin was in bliss. Hitsugaya was so tight and warm around him. So tight in fact it hurt. The fox shinigami tightened his hold on Hitsugaya's hips and began to thrust erratically. Hitsugaya put all of his energy into the sex and really felt it. His own erection straining now with the way Gin was pumping it. The two continued as the bed rocked with the force of the thrust. The two came. Gin inside his uke and Hitsugaya on the sheets. They both nearly collapsed from exhausting and from the energy they expended on their daily sexcapade. Of course Gin was the one to break the silence first.

"I didn't know you slept with a teddy bear."

"Shut up!! And don't ever wake me up like that again!! Do you hear me!! Mmmphf…." The young ice captain was once again silenced by a kiss. He let out a growl and allowed Gin to pull him onto the ground. Well on the bright side at least his teddy bear was still innocent.


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