Joris was wandering the halls of the Semper Vexo, his prayers done with for now. Prayers were unnecessary for Khorne; the only words he wished from the lips of his followers were war cries. For now though Joris would take up Alygias' advice and seek out the only other former Imperial, or at least modern former Imperial, and have a talk.

He had at first checked the nursery, but he had found only Hamilcar there, asleep with a storybook open on his lap, a good three quarters of the orphans tucked away napping. Joris lingered for a moment at the door to the nursery, staring at the child that he knew he shared an intertwined fate with. Sighing and shaking his head, he turns away to find the person he originally set out for. He did wonder though what sort of storybook a Nurgle Obliterator would read to children. It would probably be something like 'The Littlest Nurgling'.

Chuckling, he thought up all sorts of stories for Chaos tots: 'The Cowardly Bloodthirster', 'The Ugly Daemonette' and 'The Forgetful Lord of Change'.

Eventually his enhanced ears caught the sounds of children laughing and clapping their hands with glee, and following the audio trail, he found Perry in one of the holds with the remaining children. The wide open space, mostly empty as the ship had not picked up any cargo other than the orphans on this run, was perfect for the Raptor.

She was out of her armour, wearing a basic, unarmoured body glove, which really showed off her mutations. Her physique was long and lithe, her muscles compact and wiry, essentially what would be expected from a person that was also part bird. Her hands were disproportionately long, while her feet were completely mutated into digitigrade bird's talons arranged in an anisodactyl configuration like an eagle or hawk.

Currently Perry was leading the children on a merry game of tumbling, leaping and jumping and rolling about the mostly empty cargo bay, the children happily laughing as the tried to keep up with the frenetic pace of the strange woman. Quickly though they all fell behind as the incredible athletic Perry began pulling off stunts that they simply could not match. Finally noting that all of her charges had fallen behind, huffing and puffing, Perry gave them a bit of a show.

Leaping from packing crates and empty cargo containers, Perry put on a grand demonstration of acrobatics for the children. Finally she finished off by running up a wall for three or four metres before launching away from it, performing a back flip and then landing lightly on her feet.

Joris adds his meaty applause to the high pitched cheering of the children, drawing Perry's attention.

"Ah, you want talk Perry?" She asks.

"Err… yes, I would like to talk with you," Joris says, knowing that the upcoming conversation was going to hurt.

Turning to the children, Perry says cheerily, "Perry talk red man now, go pest blue man."

With a chorus of agreement, the children file out to go find and annoy Alygias as per Perry's instructions. Once they were all gone, Perry begins to climb and clamber about the room, apparently incapable of staying still for a conversation.

"So what want Perry?" She asks.

"Well… as I understand it, you were a former Sister of Battle, a Seraph in fact, before joining Chaos and I heard from Alygias that you had quite the story to tell," Joris says in explanation.

"Perry right send children annoy sorcerer," Perry says with a crooked smile while effortlessly walking a beam, her mutated feet easily grasping the surface.

"Oh, if you don't want to talk about it…" Joris says, trailing off uncomfortably.

Jumping over his head, Perry cackles and says, "You not fight hard, funny for Khorne man, no?"

Frowning, Joris replies, "I fight well enough when the battlefield is appropriate, and I fear that wars of words are not something I currently excel at. I fear that 'Blood for the Blood God' would be inappropriate at this juncture as well."

Cackling even harder, Perry sits down on one of the crates and says, "Perry finds funny boys, don't think? First Hammy, then sorcerer, then you. Perry tell story funny red man, Perry tell story."

Getting up and pacing back and forth, Perry begins by saying, "Perry like orphan, Perry orphan. Not orphan first, few orphan first. Take years, maybe all fingers, few toes, of years. Perry first aerie hive, tall hive. Perry family defend hive, defend planet, no have time Perry. Perry fun hive, Perry learn move hive. Move hive old, city old, man old."

As if in demonstration, Perry makes a three metre leap between two containers effortlessly while Joris tries to parse her speech. The lack of transitive verbs, conjunctions, and worst of all most identifiers was driving him batty. He seemed to understand that she was saying that she grew up in a hive world and with her parents both in the Guard or PDF she had a lot of time on her hands as a child. 'Move hive' seemed to mean the various acrobatic ways of moving in urban areas, something that was indeed old.

"Greens come, greens fight Perry family. Greens win; Perry family, not family. Greens lose, new family come. New family say Perry learn fight. Perry no fight first, Perry move. Perry like move; learns like fight. Perry learn fly! Perry love fly! Perry Seraph, good Seraph. Fly, fight, Perry good Seraph, bad Sister. Perry proud! Perry fly, why no proud?" She explains.

Nodding, Joris says in summary, "So Orks invaded, killed your family in the fighting, and then you were taken in by a convent of the Sisters afterwards, training and becoming a Seraph."

"Perry says that! Perry flies, Perry falls. Fight pointy-ears, fight dick, huge dick. Perry scout, find pointy-ears, vox no work. Perry returns camp. Camp many Sisters. Perry landing, dick shoot exhaust, jet go off course. Boom! Perry crash Penitent Engine. Saw comes loose, flies away, cuts open shower tent. Hundred Sisters showering, now no private. Perry see pointy-ear laughing, Perry remember pointy-ear. Perry owe pointy-ear broken spine," Perry explains, growling at the last part.

"Perry heals, not heal enough. Not fast, not strong enough, not Seraph after. Perry no flies. Perry no fights. Perry train baby Sisters. Perry train, Perry jealous. Perry wants fly, wants fight; no fly, no fight," she says, a bitter look on her face.

Perking up, she then says, "Chaos comes, fight Sisters. Perry fights! No good, no heal enough. Perry captured, Raptors laugh Perry, Perry no fly. Perry kills Raptor, takes armour. Chaos gods, let Perry fly, Perry serve. Perry kill more Raptors, Perry laughs. Perry flies again! Armour no good, no Perry, big. Perry turns ship around, Perry find old Sister armour, takes. Raptors annoyed, Perry kill more Raptors, makes gods smile."

Pausing in these obviously pleasant memories, Perry does a back flip before continuing, "Perry fights, Perry flies, Perry not know years. Raptors very angry, not like Perry Raptor. Perry no care, kill more Raptors. Sisters very angry, not like Perry Raptor. Perry no care, kill more Sisters. Happy time, fight, fly. All Perry wants."

"Perry finds Hammy. Hammy weird, Hammy shelter children. Make Perry sad. Perry like children. Forgets universe make orphans. So Perry joins Hammy. Perry fights, flies, for children. Less fun, more fulfilling. Still kill Raptors, Sisters, others, kill for children now. Meet funny sorcerer. Maybe children join Perry? Maybe Perry meet Raptor not want kill?" She explains.

"And that's your story?" Joris asks.

"Perry story. You no like, shove off," she tells him, grinning.

Shrugging, Joris says, "Can't be worse than my story. Huh… I wonder if anyone else in this merry band of misfits is an orphan."

"Hammy no orphan… technically. Hammy three thousand, family dead now, but not dead he first marine. Born Medrengard, born slave. Fight good, Iron Warriors make him Iron Warrior," Perry says.

"Ah… well then I shall have to ask him his story," Joris says with a nod.

Turning to leave, he is stopped by Perry jumping to the ground in front of him. Peering at him closely, she says, "Hammy no like talk. No bother Hammy. Hammy bother you. Red man bother Hammy, Perry bother red man. Red man hurt Hammy, Perry kill red man. Hammy Perry's. Get Perry?"

Nodding, Joris says, "I'll just go somewhere else then."

"Good," Perry says before returning to her acrobatics.

Joris had certainly got himself involved with a lively bunch.