Summary: Five times humans were injured; five times their Autobot friends overreacted. Short fics about Mikaela, Sam, Will, Annabelle, Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Ironhide.

Five Boo-Boos


"Mikaela! What has happened to your auditory receptors?"

"Huh?" Mikaela scrunched up her facial muscles and raised one optic ridge, but otherwise made no move to answer his query. Oh, Primus, she's really gone and fragged them. Ratchet categorized communication with the human as a lost cause, and quickly decided for a more direct approach to discovering the severity of her ailment: examination. He delicately used a thumb and forefinger of his left hand to stabilize her cranium, and was reaching with his right to brush aside her fibrous head covering…

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Mikaela's old denim pack gave a resounding clang as it hit the cement floor Ratchet's med-bay. The echoes bouncing around the huge Quonset hut, she reached up to grab at Ratchet's fingers, futilely trying to remove them from her head. Ratchet ignored her, tipping her cranium to the side for the better visual.

"Ow, ok, that's really uncomfortable. What are you so interested in?" The female gave up trying to remove his fingers, and instead began investigating the left side of her face with her hands. Is she truly unaware of the damage she has sustained? I did not believe humans could offline pain receptors…

"Mikaela," Ratchet began, and her optics snapped up to meet his own, "Ah, so you are not as damaged as I initially believed. I'll forget, for now, that you did not answer my initial question. You are profusely leaking from what appear to be identical punctures on your auditory receptors. How did you go and get an injury like this, girl?" Mikaela's hand now found the rusty plasma adorning her auditory receptor. She brought the appendage in front her optics, smearing the liquid between her fingers and once again scrunching her facial muscles, even more severely now than earlier.

"First, let me go. Second, don't ever grab me like that again without asking first." Ratchet released her.

"Don't order me around my med-bay, youngling. You're injured, you're in my med-bay, you're in my care, you follow my rules. Answer the fraggin' question, or I'll just strap you to my table and perform a full scan to ensure you've not also failed to mention injuries elsewhere." Ratchet had learned that their culture made the humans shy away from full frame scans whenever possible. The girl shifted her weight to one leg, placed her hands on her pelvic joints, and, suffering a brief optic spasm, released air from her lungs in a recognizable sigh.

"Nothing is wrong with my ears, Ratchet. I got them pierced again last night, and probably tugged on the stud this morning when I got dressed. It's just bleeding a bit. I'm fine." Mikaela tilted her chin down, pointedly staring up at him. "Besides, didn't you notice that I, oh, I don't know, had already been walking around with hoops in my ears? How did you figure I wore those things, huh?"

Ratchet contemplated this information for a moment. He did recall noting the pieces of metal and plastic dangling from her auditory receptors at their initial meeting, and now that he thought, the several times since that those decorations had changed. "I was not aware that the holes for those attachments were artificial. And humans…pierce themselves regularly? For what purpose?"

"Decoration? I dunno. I enjoy wearing earrings, matching them to my clothes, collecting old vintage pairs…My grandma first made me get my ears pierced to make me more "feminine," and, well," She shrugged. How does puncturing holes in a person made them more female? Humans…

"You do not need any medical attention? Truly?"

"I'm fine. Really." Mikaela picked up her discarded bag from the floor, unzipping it to reveal a multitude of human sized tools, "Let's get to work."