Pain, Canes and Suffering
Ch. 2

By killing the time that kills you Sexy plexi, Jack Johnson

Wilson arrived home after hearing that House had left early. The reason behind it was obvious, pain. He walked in to find the usual scene, him walking around in circles, pacing around the apartment to try to rid the pain. There once was a time when they joked that the pain would eventually kill him, previously the thoughts were laughed off but now that idea was getting to feel more and more real.

Wilson decided to go into the situation light heartedly and see where it got them.

"Would you quit doing laps? The NASCAR season is over."

"Training for next year." He said between breaths.

"How much Vicodin did you take?"

"Enough to kill a small horse."

He shook his head at House's comment. Even in pain he could joke about it, and a joke giving his recent track record was a good sign.

"Seriously. How many?"

"At least three since noon."

Wilson thought, great it's now almost five and he's had more than enough for the night at his rate. This made him think, are the new doses working?

"What else makes it better besides walking? Heat? Ice? Cutting it off?"

He knew that last one was a bad idea after he said it but he couldn't take it back. House stopped dead in his tracks and glared at Wilson from across the room.

"Don't you dare joke about that."

He continued pacing.

Usually Wilson had an idea of what made the pain subside but playing dumb occasionally worked to lighten the mood. Obviously it wasn't working today. He was torn between trying to get him through this pain, which could piss him off or giving him his 

space and returning to see how he was later. He went for the latter.

"I'm gonna take a shower. The door's open if you need anything." All he heard was a "yeah yeah" behind him accompanying the step thump of House's labored gate.

After a twenty minute shower Wilson was clean, warm and relaxed. Returning from the steamy bathroom clad in sweatpants and a t-shirt he found House uncomfortable and still in pain on the couch. He approached the back of the couch where House was massaging his thigh in a vain attempt to alleviate the pain.

"House." Wilson didn't really know what to say. Diving into the usual discussion about pain seemed stupid and redundant. So just saying his name seemed like the only thing left. Unsure of what he might reply with Wilson just waited until he was ready to respond.

"Two hours. Two hours I've been like this and it still hurts." House kept his head down and his hands working. Wilson walked around the couch and approached him. Kneeling beside him he tried to comfort him.
"Let's unfold you and try to relax. You're too tense and that doesn't help a muscle spasm." House looked up and his watery blues met the dark browns, he threw in the towel and obeyed. No matter how much he hated admitting he needed help, pain always overcame pride. With time House was horizontal on the couch, leg propped with a pillow and Wilson's massaging hands taking over.

Eventually his breathing evened out and Wilson could feel his muscles relax not only in his thigh but his entire body. Exhaustion finally took over. Wilson managed to get him into bed just in time for House to get comfortable and sleep well for once.

Wilson rolled over and found the other side of the bed empty. Worried about more breakthrough pain, he rose from the warm bed and padded out to the living room. Again, House was sitting in the middle of the couch and looking much different than the last time he was in that position.

"What's up?" He didn't look like he was in pain this time, lucky for both of them.
"Tense in my shoulders. Stiff, made it difficult to sleep."
Wilson stood behind the couch and began to massage along House's shoulders. He could feel the knots from all that stooped walking with his cane, and the pacing he had done earlier didn't help. Between sighs and grunts House tried to talk. "You know you 

don't have to do this. I would have been fine."
"Shut up and take advantage. It's not everyday I feel like being this nice to you." He said it with a smirk, the kind House can hear in his voice.
"Aw you always feel like being nice, you enabler you." Once House started to relax and begin to fall asleep they both decided that it was time to turn back to that once warm bed. House had the last words before the returned to a peaceful slumber. "Let's take tomorrow off."