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Chapter 1: Birthday Secret

Bella's POV:

Today is my 35th birthday. However, as I am a vampire I still look 19. This day holds many painful memories for me. It is the sixteenth anniversary that celebrates the end of my transformation into a vampire. It is the day that my husband Edward left me, and it is the week that I found out I was pregnant with twins whilst a vampire…

At that moment I heard my sixteen year old twins Alicia (Alice or Ali for a nickname) and Zachary (or Zack for short) coming down the stairs, as usual, arguing. Although the little debate was being fought out in whispers, I could still hear every word they were saying as clear as day, thanks to my enhanced vampire hearing.

"No we should tell her now!" Alicia said urgently.

"Why now? Let it be a surprise," Zack retorted.

I took this as a chance to make myself known. "Let what be a surprise?" I questioned stepping out of the kitchen and into the hallway.

"Um, hi mum!" Alicia stated in a shaky voice.

"Happy birthday!" Zack said cheerily coming towards me with his arms open.

I walked into his embrace and squeezed him gently. "Thanks." I said softly.

After Alicia had given me a hug too, I stepped back with a small huff.

"Now, will anyone tell me what's going on around here? Over the past week you two have been acting really strange and…quiet."

No answer. I looked up to find them exchanging a glance. I raised my eyebrows.

"Right," I sighed, "you guys better start getting ready for school."

"Yeah, about that." Alicia said "Part of our 'surprise' is that you come to school for the rest of the term with us, acting as our older sister."

"What?! No, wait!" I said flustered "Wouldn't it be just a little weird if I hadn't been at school for two weeks and then I just show up?" I asked.

"Well, we put your name down when you enrolled us at the beginning of the year, and when we first went to reception to sign in, we kinda said you had your appendix removed and you were in hospital-"

"-and that you wouldn't be back until today" Alicia hurriedly finished off for her brother.

"So let me get this straight," I sighed. "I'm your older sister, who has supposedly been in hospital for two weeks because I have had my appendix taken out. Have I missed anything?"

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