RECAP "Aro does not want the world to know that Vampires can re-produce

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Chapter 14:Mental games

RECAP "Aro does not want the world to know that Vampires can re-produce. If someone were to find out, I can only imagine what the result would be. Therefore I was told to kill your children, but I knew I couldn't do that with out doing away with YOU first."

"Huh." I said bewildered. "Now what?"

Slowly Jane sunk into a low crouch and little by little she began to circle us. I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths hoping to calm my nerves and dim the confusion that now clouded my mind. I needed to find a way out of this…but how?

Unwillingly I opened my eyes and to my utter dismay Jane had only gotten closer to Edward and I.

Her mouth lazily twisted into a wicked grin as her eyes traveled from me to Edward and back again.

Suddenly she stopped moving and straightened.

"You know what?" she pondered in that sickly sweat voice; "Bella dear I think I'll make you suffer a little…after al you know how much I like to play my food." She purred the last part her eyes locked on Edward.

I mildly registered Edward wrap his arm protectively around my waist and pull me behind him blocking me from Jane's glance, but the rest my mind was in shock as I realized that her aim was to kill the one man I had ever loved right before my eyes.

"No!" I whispered. This couldn't be happening.

In a fast blur she was standing directly in front of us and I had to peer over Edward's shoulder to see what she was doing. She immediately began to circle him but with every step Jane took, Edward took one as well, making sure I was behind him at all times.

"No." I muttered again shaking my head. I could sense Jane gathering her energy. "No. No. No." my head snapped up and my eyes narrowed- I knew what I had to do.

At the last second I threw myself in front of Edward; "NO!" I screamed. I emptied my mind and focused only on the task at hand.

As Jane's power came spinning towards us I quickly reflected it so it hit her instead of us. But it rebounded with such force that I was pushed back into Edward's hard chest and we both tumbled to the ground.

We landed on the meadows cool grassy surface, our legs entangled. Edward was lying on top of me, his head in the crook of my neck; breathing deeply. I distinctly heard Jane scream and I tried to sit up. He felt me stir and lifted his head to look into my eyes.

To this day his sweat scent still made me disorientated and although we were equal, vampire and vampire, I still felt bare under his gaze.

His eyes held so much emotion that it almost hurt to look into them; confusion, pain, sadness, anger and something I could not identify…love? Possibly…only time would tell.

"Bella…" he murmured my name softly. I was half aware of the fact that we were leaning into each other, but before our lips could touch three things happened simultaneously.

A group of people crashed through the trees and into the clearing,

Jane let out a blood curdling scream

And a hot searing pain shot through my temples making me gasp loudly and clutch my head in pain.

I felt Edward cautiously pull himself away from me and stand up before he swooped down and in one fluid motion gently pulled me into his arms, holding me bridal style.

Instinctively I buried my head into his chest, whimpering slightly as a another stab hit my temple.

I heard Jane scream again and the pain in my head only intensified making scream along with her. Her power was too strong and it was pushing at my conscious barriers. Even amidst her pain Jane was still trying to torture Edward an I. if I did not remain strong soon we would both get hurt…

"P-Put me down." I breathed softly to Edward.

"Bella you ca-"but I cut him off before he could say anything else.

"-Put me down. "I said again, this time with a little more strength.

He did as I had asked to, but as soon as my feet touched the floor I regretted ever asking him to let go of me.

The world seemed to spin circles around me and the ground blurred under my feet. I felt my knees give way beneath me and I distinctly heard a familiar voice call my name, but it was too late, I was slipping under. The black water was pulling me under its surface, but before I could disappear completely I felt two strong arms wrap around my torso and I heard my son's voice at my ear.

"Mum can you hear me?" he asked, his voice strained.

When I didn't respond he tried again, but as much as I tried I couldn't answer him.

"Mum, please!" he pleaded. "Please…" he whispered. I could feel his body begin to shake slightly with silent sobs and I wanted to tell him that everything was ok but as much as I wanted to, I couldn't.

I felt Zack lower me onto the forest floor and ten take my hand.

Off in the distance I heard Alicia call my name in an anguished cry and I tried to open my eyes.

I sensed her at my side as she took my hand and gently held it to her cheek.

I was swimming hard against the black water, trying to stay above its surface. Using all the strength I could muster I opened my eyes. For a moment all was black but before my mind could even register the fact that I couldn't see, my vision was restored.

They weren't looking at me, no. instead they were looking at each other, grim faced. Tears were streaming down heir cheeks and I leisurely wiped them away with my shaking hands.

They were staring down at me in awe and I tried to smile but it came out as more of a grimace.

Jane screamed again and I gasped loudly as I felt another painful tug on my mental barriers.

I needed to stop her, but gain I was met by the same question; How?

Unexpected, a weakness appeared in Jane's mind. This was my opportunity.

Taking the chance I plunged further into her mind, making her experience the utmost pain; torturing her, using her own power against her.

And then nothing…the pain, the screaming- it had stopped.


I watched as my son ran up to Bella and pulled her into his arms, whispering frantically, his whole heart and mind full of dread.

How I longed to go to her, to stand by her side and hold her close, but no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't.

As I watched my angel scream in pain, a flash of old memories played across my mind.

Tyler's van spinning towards Bella in the school car park.

James hunting and attacking her.

The look of shock on Bella's face when Jasper had lunged for her at her birthday party.

But the one that stood out the most out of all of them was the one I have tried countless times to forget; that fateful day when I left…when I left for the second time, the only good thing that ever happened to me. Bella.

Oh how I have missed her, and now sixteen years later she shows up again…

I shook my head and looked back towards her only to find her daughter, our daughter, by her side and holding her hand.

"I love you my angel." I whispered. "And I swear I will do everything in my power to win back your trust." My voice shook slightly, with sadness or anger I did not know.

I couldn't help but think that what had happened just now was my fault. If I hadn't tried to kill myself, Jane would have never been sent to watch over me and Bella wouldn't be in any danger…but unfortunately It had already happened and I had no such power to change the past.

Suddenly Jane stopped screaming and as I looked over at Bella she seemed to relax. Her eyes were now open as she tried to sit up.

Cautiously, I walked towards Jane and slowly crouched beside her.

She was staring wild eyed up at me and when I placed my hand on her shoulder she flinched slightly.

"Jane?" I asked.

Never taking her eyes off me she sat up and pulled her legs to her chest, looking more like a lost child than ever. Her gaze quickly panned the meadow curiously until finally her eyes came to meet mine.

"Jane?" I asked again.

She rubbed her head as she seemed to be concentrating on something; "W-Where am i?" she questioned.


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