"This may be the wrong time to mention it, but I'm afraid of heights!" Glitch yelled as Raw pushed him. Glitch grasped the zip-line for his life.

Raw took off on the zip-line after Glitch. He soared over the gorge. Although he was quite frightened, he knew not to show it while the Longboats were near by. Raw landed gracefully on the ground after Glitch.

Across the gorge, D.G. readied herself. She gripped the pulley tightly. From the bushes, and army of Longboats ambushed them. They quickly surrounded Cain, D.G., and Toto.

Cain, with jumped onto the platform behind D.G. and pushed her, "Move it Deeg!" He turned to the small dog on the ground, "Come on mutt!"

Toto jumped into Cain's arms. Zero lunged onto the platform and Cain kicked off over the gorge. Zero turned to the Longboats angrily and took a blade from one of them. He turned to the cable and sliced the line.

Midair over the gorge, Cain looked at the whimpering dog, "You shape-shift and I swear I'll drop you!" The line snapped. Cain, D.G., and Toto fell from the line.

The line fell against the side of the gorge. D.G. hit the gorge full force with her arm, snapping her bones into pieces. She screamed from the pain and her grip was lost off the pulley.

From below, Cain could hear D.G.'s impact. He raised his head in time to see D.G. falling past him. Toto barked loudly. "Deeg grab the line!"

D.G. quickly grabbed the line. Her hand burned as she continued to fall. Just before the line ended, D.G. came to a stop. Her hand throbbed and her arm seared in pain, hanging lifelessly against her body.

Cain looked below, praying D.G. had grabbed the line in time. He released his breath, not realizing he was holding it. She hung below him, nearly fifty feet from him, but at least hundreds above the rushing water.

"Deeg, are you alright?" Cain asked.

D.G. looked up, "Yeah, but I think my arms broken!"

Cain winced at the thought of D.G.'s arm. The sound of her impact replayed through his mind. She can't hold onto the line with one hand. Cain looked at Toto, "You think you can climb to the top?"

Toto barked and shape-shifted back. "We'll get you two up before you know it." He started climbing up towards the top.

"Glitch, you and Raw need to start pulling the line up!" Cain yelled.

"Is everyone alright?" Glitch asked.

"Not exactly. Start pulling!" Cain replied. He immediately began feeling the line rise. He was surprised to know that Glitch and Raw had that much strength combined. Cain looked back down at D.G. D.G. was looking below them, into the gorge.

"Don't look down kid!" Cain called.

D.G.'s head immediately shot up. "I don't know how long I had hold onto the line Cain."

"Hang on kiddo. I'm coming down to you." Cain called. He loosened his grip and began sliding down towards D.G.

By now, Toto had reached to top. The line was rising more quickly. However, now seemed to notice the line was breaking at the top. Each thread of the line were slowly coming apart.

Cain hung several feet above D.G. now. His hand hung nearly two inches above her hand. "Grab my hand Deeg."

With her broken arm, D.G. reached for Cain's hand. She stretched her fingers as far as they would go, but she still came up short. "I can't reach." Slowly D.G. started to panic.

"Don't give up D.G. Reach!" Cain lowered himself again. They were nearly to the top of the gorge edge.

D.G. inhaled deeply. She reached up once more. Their fingers touched. Cain tried to grasp D.G.'s hand. His hand grabbed hold of D.G.'s broken hand, causing her to wince.

"D.G.! Cain!" Glitch cried.

Cain looked up. The line snapped again. Cain and D.G. both lost their grip and plummeted towards the rushing water. D.G. hit the water hard. It immediately captured her in its tight force and pushed her down the river. D.G. surfaced and gasped for air.

"Cain!" D.G. called. But her voice was drowned by the roaring water. Her body slammed into the rocks. D.G. tried to grasp one, but the water pushed her too quickly. The suction below her dragged D.G. back under the water.

The freezing temperature numbed her body, making it harder for D.G. to move. The water pushed at her, forcing her in one direction. She slammed into more rocks, remaining underwater. Her lungs burned for air.

D.G. found to bottom of the river. She pushed off, aiming for the surface. Her eyesight blurred rapidly. She could feel herself slipping out of consciousness. As she broke through to the surface, D.G. was enveloped in a bright light.