one day edward and bella were smexing in this room. and then mary poppins came in. so then edward goes "what are you doing here? weren't you my nanny"
and she goes "i'd like to make one thing quite clear"
and isabella says "wtf"
and mary says " i never explain anything"
so then edward goes to get his pants off and he's takes too long. so mary says "spit spot"
and bella says "oooh you sexy beast bite me"
Edward says "hey smex with us" and she says "I have no intention of making a spectacle of myself, thank you"
he just stares at her with his dreamy eyes and she's like "sigh if we must, we must"
and then she said "let me get the umbrella and we'll really have some fun"
Meanwhile jaela and jacob were smexing too and then bert comes in. he was only wearing his boxers which are made of chalk so luckily or unluckily it wasn't raining in the room.
and jaela said "hey there hot stuff, wanna chim chim cheree your way over here"
and then bert said "blow me... a kiss, and that's lucky too"
and also he said "yesterday i was a chimney sweep but today...i'm just for you"
Then jacob said "I Want to be in glad company tonight!"

Then back at the other room Edward says to Mary, "You want to try some of what I'm drinking"
and then Mary was drunk so she said "rrrrrrrrrrrum punch. quite satisfactory." and then she hiccuped. and she whips out spoonful of sugar.
so edward gets totally naked and mary gets out her tape measure and edward's like "what's that for?" and mary's like "i want to see how you measure up"
and then she says"Just as I thought"
then mary snapped her fingers and her clothes came of magically and folded themselves to be continued.