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This was part one of a contest entry for DA. Hopefully you like. This is how I think Mello and Matt met. Two-shot

Just Listening


Matt was surprised when it started to rain all of the sudden. A lot of the kids actually started running down the stairs after they heard the first few drops. His emerald eyes watched in scared amusement as they ran down, screaming about how it was raining. It could have been snowing from the way they acted.

He settled himself near his window and watched the rain became harder. The trail of water that went down his window reminded him of his mother's death...of her blood trailing like it. But it also reminded him of how she comforted him when he was crying, and when he was scared of the rain.

"Hey! Gamer!"

Matt turned toward the door to see a boy that he barely knew, dark brown hair and taller then him, stand at the door. He motioned outside, "Come on! It's raining."

"I don't feel like getting wet." Matt answered shyly. He hated it when someone talked to him. All he wanted was to be left alone, but that never seemed to happen, not even in school. Attention was always on him, always. Good and bad.

The boy shrugged, "Your loss!" He ran out, not even bothering to shut the door.

Matt sighed inwardly before standing up and walked over to the door. Maybe now since many of the orphans were outside, he could explore some. Getting that idea, he closed the door behind him and walked up stairs. He already saw everything to see downstairs, but upward he never saw. Not even once!

He trudged upward, looking at different rooms that were open and peeking through doors that were closed, just out of vain curiosity.

He opened a door on the second floor to see a blonde hunched over a desk, a book in hand and a notebook with a pencil on the other side of him. Matt watched interestedly, he knew this kid only by reputation. This kid was trying to beat another kid in being number one...Near right? He was trying to beat Near if memory didn't fail him.

Deciding that he wouldn't want to be caught, he was about to shut the door when he heard a voice.

"You think your pretty sly, opening and thinking you can close it, don't ya?"

Matt froze literally in place. He never heard this kid talk before, and when he did, it was usually out of profanity.


Matt shrugged before opening it all the way. The blonde was still at his book, but not looking at it like he was. He was staring at it like he was pretending to be busy...for all Matt knew, he was pretending.

"I wasn't trying to be sly." Matt said. "And I don't really have to explain myself to you." He winced at his strong words, but didn't really care. Even though he admired the blonde from afar, that didn't mean he was about to lie down and take orders from him...

"Really? Then why so quiet? You really a stupid bitch to think that you can just walk in and walk out unnoticed."

"Don't you mean I must pretty stupid?" Matt smirked. "Because for all I know your the dumbest one. We all know what they say about you. Still in second place.."

"Oh shut up." The boy answered rolling his eyes out of sheer anger.

He decided to switch the conversation around, "Why aren't you outside."

"I'm going to beat that mother fucker even if it's death by pencil." The blonde answered before eying him. It was the first time Matt realized that this blonde had blue eyes...and it was uncommon nowadays. "What about you?"

"I just didn't feel like getting wet."

"You or the gameboy you're so attached to?"

"Maybe both, maybe just me. I dunno, that's for you to decide." Matt answered. He paused before twisting his hair when he said. "Do you ever listen to the rain Mello?"

Mello paused for the longest time before shaking his head. "No...why?"

"Did you have anyone that cared about you?"

"Why are you asking me this shit?" Mello demanded of him. "And how the hell do you know my name when I have no fucking idea what yours is?"

"Well, people call on you a lot to answer questions, same with Near. Me? I'm usually the troubled one." Matt laughed weakly. "Matt...my name's Matt."

"You're the shy one." Mello smirked.

"I am not shy." Matt snapped. "I just don't like associating with people."

"Therefore that makes you shy." Mello shot back.

"No, it makes me anti-social. Even the second placer should get that right." Matt folded his arms angrily before saying. "Why I came here I have no fucking clue." He bowed sarcastically. "See you later." He was about to walk off when he heard...

"Why do you listen to the rain? If it bugs you so much to go out, why do you listen?"

"Memories." Matt answered.

"Memories of...?" Mello raised an eyebrow.

Matt shrugged. "Of whoever I talked to or something during a rainy day. The rain reminds me of my mother, and maybe it'll remind me of today..."

"Haha," Mello shook his head. "Yeah sure. Dream on."

"It's true." Matt said shrugging. He opened the door and closed it, leaving Mello into his own thoughts.