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Just Listening

Its been three weeks, six days, thirteen hours, fourty minuets, and three seconds since Matt had decided to sneak around in his room. Its been that long since Mello even decided to talk to Matt. Why he even bothered, he didn't even know. But what he did know, was that he was curious. Curious to what the sound of rain could possibly make to bring memories. Memories of what though? Mello had asked him that, but only got confused in a way.

This time, it wasn't raining, but hailing. Something that Mello did NOT enjoy. Each hit of the roof with the block of ice reminded him of every hit that was landed on him by his drunken mother and father. Every slam of hail that hit the window felt like a slap across the face. And even though hail came with rain, he couldn't help but to remind himself that the water was just like blood, trailing from himself down to the floor.

He walked down the hallways, wincing and nearly skidding at every hit of ice. Although half of the orphanage was outside, playing, and waiting for snow. Mello was NOT about to join them, knowing that the ice that was going to hit him, was going to feel exactly like a pinch or a slap. And he didn't want to be cold anyway.

He reached the living room part of the orphanage to see the crimson haired boy sitting near the crackling fireplace, gameboy in hand. His eyes concentrating on the screen. Mello blinked, "Aren't you going to listen for the rain?"

"No, not when its hailing." Matt answered. Mello had a feeling that Matt knew who it was without looking. "What about you? Are you trying finally?"

Mello scoffed. "Yeah right, I don't listen to sissy things like that." He winced when a big sheet of ice started to hail down faster. The feeling of punches and slaps were starting to annoy him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, but it seemed to make it worse.

Matt's voice snapped him out of it. "Your listening to the hail."

"I'm trying not to." Mello answered simply. "Why the fuck do you care what I'm listening to anyway?"

"Because that's how you get to know someone. You know what they listen to. This isn't peaceful is it?" Matt wasn't expecting an answer, for he pressed on. "You know, the fireplace can block some of it out. At least you won't get cold." He scooted over.

Mello blinked at him for the longest time, "Why do you want to get to know me?" He asked raising an eyebrow suspiciously. He had a lot of enemies in the orphanage, and if Matt was just trying...

"Because I want to be your friend." Matt said.

Was it really that simple?

Mello paused, watching him. "What?" He asked. "You want to be my friend?"

"Your a loner, I'm anti-social. You want to beat an anti-social person." Matt concluded. "Don't you need someone that knows the anti-social way to help you?"

"Why should I accept your help when I know all to well that you can playing me into a trap?" Mello demanded. "Well?"

"Isn't it simple?" Matt asked, pausing his game. Mello was taken a back when Matt looked over at him, a big grin on his face. "Because you know I'm too blunt for my own damn good. And you fucking well know it."

"Stop trying to act bad ass." said Mello, clearly amused at his language. "Your acting sucks."

"Well, hanging around you may teach me then wouldn't it?" Matt asked him sincerely.

Mello paused before deciding to sit down. It was getting cold and tiring just standing up, when a fireplace was going. Right when he sat down, the hail seemed to sound farther away, the rain didn't sound so vicious anymore.

"True..." Mello said softly. "That is true."

"So friends?" Matt held out his pinky.

Mello stared at him for the longest time before also holding out his pinky. "Friends." He agreed.

And damn good ones too.